Friday, April 21, 2006

Who Owns Indians?

Brian at Canadian Blue Lemons runs the following story on dysfunctional native Indians in Canada. It's in keeping with a number of pieces we've run here, such as Death By Socialism, and a number of other stories like Public Opinion and Tabu.

Caledonia Rebellion is Pathetic

I tend to think that the Indians near Hamilton have death wishes. That they want to be Dudley George, to be the next dead Indian. How cheap and pathetic to want to die to have your life mean something.

The Indians (and I use this word purposefully rather than aboriginal or indigenous as this is the word they use themselves) have been doing this since Riel days - a hundred and twenty years ago - and it hasn't worked. Every evidence is it won't. Ever.

I have no empathy for these people. If they choose to waste their lives, that's their business. If they want to enable others within their group to be addicts, or drunks, or hookers, or just pathetic human beings, that's their choice. Are my ancestors guilty for their problems? No. But my people were granted land in 1760 odd and killed the Indians who complained when mine started buildings houses and barns on what they thought was their land. Tough luck for them. Life ain't fair. All I got from that family branch were genes, never got a sou from that land, neither did they.

Money isn't solving the problem - somewhere around $50,000 per Indian household is spent by the fedguv to supposedly meet their needs.

I wish they would just go away. Live in tents if they want. Live off the land and brew their own hooch. I don't care.

Go to university, and get a job on Bay Street, cool. I'll work with them, welcome them into my home so long as they don't threaten to occupy it.

But right now all I see is a pathetic group of lost souls who want to commit suicide by government. And blame the Whiteman of 125 years ago and government for their deaths.

posted by Brian Lemon

[Y]ou are all racists and dim witted at that. useless to offer insight to bitter malcontents like yourselves . better to pity and resist the urge to laugh. save the "what's your real name" schtick, to people like you,i remain anonymous.

We here in Vancouver meet every Thursday to sit at the city library in the atrium and discuss openly such things as above. We talk about patriotism, nationalism, race, ethnicity, capitalism, theories of progress, and political activism. All Leftists discuss these concerns constantly, but we do it from a conservative point of view, in public, within ear-shot of people who are often terrified of the ideas we openly express.

We speak openly against the prevailing Left ideological nonsense. The point is that. We speak openly and in public. We meet each week to do so, and it is common public knowledge that we do so. Anyone who cares to can know our names and faces. We speak out publicly because there is no need to hide any longer. And in fact, there is a need to be known as normal and decent people in our communities so other normal and decent people can find the encouragement and safety in numbers that will allow them too to come forward in public and say that they are sick of the lies and the phantasies of the Left.

Yes, we encounter on occasion the idiocies of the anonymous. So what? Those people, dedicated conformists and cowards, are watching to see the prevailing trends to decide which cliches they'll spout in public next. The anonymous next year at this time might very well be the very ones who come here with rants about socialism, having no better idea about it than they do about the Left cliches they spout today.

But at the core of society will be a group of normal and decent people who are actively working for the betterment of our nations. The time of the terror is ending. We can and we must openly say we will not indulge the Left any further.

Today I am "a Rightwing religious bigot no better than bin Laden." I know this because I receive comments more or less daily saying so. I also laugh at the foolishness of such comments, and I carry on in a reasonable and normal fashion with my life and my project of changing the emotional and social climate of this nation. I'm one guy, and those of us who meet weekly are individuals like myself, and probably very much like you. When common sense and common decency are slandered as Rightwing religious bigotry, then we know the Left is insane. We need not pander to them, and we need not allow them to intimidate us. In fact, we need to toss them out of their offices. They've played this determinist game too long, and it's tired, it's boring, it's destructive and dangerous. Call us what they will, it's time to rid ourselves of them and replace them with sensible and normal people.

Our intelligentsia must remake itself, and that remaking will come from those who are willing to meet in public, people who have a depth of concern for their nations and their communities and their neighbours and their families to make themselves our new public intellectuals.

To be a public intellectual one needn't be a genius, not a sociology professor, not a government minister: one need be a clear thinking and decent person who is honest. It doesn't take much more than that, and I think this nation is full of such people, that they abound here, and that given the chance they will arise en masse, and that by ruling in place of the gnostic elitists we have now, the new public intellectuals will be a democracy of millions of leaders, each and every one a person who owns his or her own life and cares for it as private property, not as entrusted goods in the protection of the government.

Today, to say you own your own life, that it is your property, that it's up to you to use it and make it into whatever you want to and whatever you are capable of making it into is to be called a Rightwing religious bigot no better than bin Laden. I welcome you.

If your life is your own, if you own it like you own your car or your shoes, then it is not up to the government or the forces of social change to equalise or protect those things for you and from you. Like your shoes, you own your own life, and it is yours to do with.

Victimisation claims are falling on dead air between the speaker and my ears. Human rights? Yes, the right to own your own life. If one is a victim of society, then society is ones competitor that one must adapt to and one must accommodate to the best of ones abilities to make the best of ones life. If people give up exclusive ownership of their own lives for the protection of it from the state by giving it to the state, then one is entirely a victim-- of ones own life. If I take care of my shoes, then surely if I'm sane I will take care of my own life too.

We say such outrageous things in public on Thursday evenings. We say such counter-cultural things out loud in the library. We say such things in a community based-public building of free Human co-operation. We say that by providing for our own lives we benefit all and they us.

We are revolutionaries. We follow the revolutions of Modernity rather than the counter-revolutions of neo-feudalism and statism. We are radicals and revolutionaries, and we frighten people at times, those such as anonymous above, reducing them to rants and spittle dripping. Oh well.

We encourage you to join us on Thursday evening at the library. You might well be in a different place from us. You can go to your own place to meet others like yourself, and there you can express anew the covenant you have with your own life and the life of your community. It's a pleasant and exciting time. We do this weekly, and we'd like you to join us to toss out the losers in charge of our governments today, the ones who buy the props of phantasy for this nightmare theatre of the Left mind. We own our own lives, and we have to accept that that responsibility requires us to work for the freedom to use that right effectively rather than silently and daily give over more control to the Left dhimmi fascists who would turn us all into reservation Indians.

Will you join us? I hope so. Please let us know one way or the other.

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