Saturday, February 04, 2006

Parents: The Root Cause of Terrorism


Nilk said...

More for your amusement.
the Chief Bastard has posted over at A Western Heart

AWH is one of my daily reads, as is Mike Jericho. Lots of good stuff there.

Anonymous said...

are these innocent kids going to deprive us of our beloved pork and its piss!

Anonymous said...

No not my child! My child will grow up to fly an enolagy or a B52 or an Apache to shower Afghan villages with Cluster Bombs!

We are too cowards to fight man to man weapon to weapon!

Undead Ed said...

How come your blog keeps disappearing?

It is my favorite. I especially like it when you quote all those different philosophers! They be so smart.

Undead Ed

Anonymous said...

We are weak because we are too moral. I know that I, for one, would be against killing that baby.


dag said...

Who wants to cause any harm to anyone for no good reason? Honestly, who is that savage and disgusting? Well, folks, that would be the baby's 38 year old father. Does this baby have any opinions that will lead her to murder civilians? Not yet. She will. Her parents are going to drill it into her that she has to kill infidels. Is that the kid's fault? Or is it something people should prevent from happening? I'm no genius, so I simply rely on looking at the kid, looknig at the parents, looking at my favorite baseball bat, and concluding that one or the other needs his head arranged differently.

Anonymous said...

your are criminals global criminals not civilians! You have the Red indians and the rest all uprooted children and adults
don't fool your selves.

your contributions here show how criminal bastards you are
we will see to it that you pay for it

You sons of pigs who slaughtered the jews and threw the Zionists on us and equipped them against us?

I'm not here to show you your record and register of crimes but to tell you you'll pay for all your crimes soon!

Anonymous said...

"...she has to kill infidels"

Tell your mass media to stop their forgery if they have freedom of thought and expression they shouldn't manipulate they should translate the heroes speeches correctly and honestly!
No body wants to kill infidels and christians and jews for nothing and not every one of them
learn something about history then react properly!
i'm not to teach you history I'm to tell you be careful!

dag said...

After some long and considered discussion and thought here we have come to the honet conclusion that you should go fuck yourself.

Yes, Fuck Islam.

Anonymous said...

Fuck your mother and sister and aunts you fucked pig

Anonymous said...

This is proof how coward you are if you have the slightest manlihood tell of your whereabouts you pig I'll send you to hell your last destination as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

You dirty scum you invalid mean piggish race you son of pig
you dare offend God's servants you piece of Pork you porky blood and flesh!

Anonymous said...

How many pigs had fucked your mother and daughters and sisters and all your aunts and cousins before they got married!
You holy free fucked!

Anonymous said...

you're a damned cursed infidel!

You're not worth of the dirtiest Pig which feeds on its dirt!

you eat it it's your diet

you mean criminal

clean your flesh and blood before you speak of manners and ethics

Are you a school master and you work in education

you bloddy bastard what children do you teach such culture and civilisation!
I bet you molest them at school!

You'll be tried one day I'll assure you you rat in the sewage!

HeatherRae said...


Dag, dude...

You've really brought out the idiots. I mean, all they can say is, "You pig fucker, you!" And call you various animals.

I feel so sorry for pigs. It's not their fault that geography and environment caused them to be declared "unclean" by the Middle Eastern's really not their fault (You should totally read a book called "Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches." Very good insight into why cultures do what they do).

If I didn't already have enough reason to never, ever become a Muslim, I know that one reason would be that I really like pork chops and I don't think I feel like giving them up to every psychotic lunatic that comes around the bend.

There's also the fact that Muslims are insane. But that's a completely other story.

Well, dag, you know you've hit the bigtime when all the loonies are sending you death threats. ;-)

Give 'em hell. I'm going to go back to eating my Danish yogurt now.


dag said...

You're making me hungry, HeatherRae.

And I can claim to have read Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches. Also read other books by Harris, though his former is my favorite. I understand your point, though I'm sure few Muslims could even if they read the book in question.

Thanks for dropping in.

dagger said...

As a member of Dag's bodyguard, I may affirm that it is Dag's intention to show crazy people that they are crazy by driving them yet further crazy;

We are still struggling to see how this strategy will work; when will the new revelation come?

I feel compelled to note that tonight we are having a double portion of fried bacon sandwiches;

I wish it didn't have to be this way. I wish you could realize that you don't have to be angry, that you can be born again.

Undead Ed said...

I am eating a huge Dagwood Sandwich which includes generous helpings of ham and bacon.

I am also enjoying a nice side order of Muslim dog.

How come Muslims are so gutless, Dag? They seem to have no problem murdering helpless Christian school girls. How come they never win any wars? I can't count the times the Jews have kicked their asses all over the Middle East - it must be really embarrassing to be a Muslim!

Undead Ed

HeatherRae said...

You're having a double portion of fried bacon sandwiches?!!


Where's mine, dammit?


I love your blog, dag. It makes me all happy and shiny inside.


dag said...

Thank you all. I'm feeling like the Israeli Army after a six day war. Tired a bit but happy. Like winning a war against Muslims, this isn't terribly hard work but after six days one wants a nice cold brew of some sort.

Undead Ed said...

That's perfect!

A nice cold beer to go with your bacon sandwich while petting your dog Mohammed.

What a perfect way to end a day.

Goodnight all,

Undead Ed

dag said...

And we'll return with the morning sun. Good night to all of you.

Regards, Dag.

Bacon bit on corn flakes? Well, why not?

Anonymous said...

to hell with you!

I hope you'll wake up on hells angels beating you!
sooner or later it's true!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your piggish diet all!

After death you'll have nothing to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Pigs are the root cause of Piggishism!

HeatherRae said...


Have you noticed how the oh-so-brave anonymous-types keep consigning us to hell? For eating pigs?

But pigs are good. And they're actually quite intelligent and can make good pets under the right circumstances. And quite clean when they're given the proper environment (they only roll around in mud and crap when it's the only way to keep cool, as they don't do well in hot, dry climates).

And, when it comes right down to it, God made pigs. Oh, and there was that whole line where Jesus said that it isn't what you put in your mouth that makes you filthy, it's what comes out of your mouth (i.e. the words you speak) that makes you filthy.

I'm going to have my ham sandwich for lunch now. :-D


P.S. Since people are consigning me to hell, can I consign them to hell, too?

Anonymous said...

Whoa brothers and sisters!

Salaam to everyone! We are way off topic here!

I just have 2 questions about the girl:

1) Is she married?
2) Is she for sale?


Undead Ed said...

"1) Is she married?
2) Is she for sale?"

You should also ask if she is a virgin.

You know how Islam is about females.

Undead Ed

dag said...

Abdul, as you well know, girls are for sale in the Islamic world whether or not they are married. One may legitimately sell ones wife to another after the obligatory three months of keeping her locked up to ensure she's not pregnant.

Last offer I had was a young girl for the price of $2,500 U.S. She comes without front teeth. Lovely, huh?

Anonymous said...

go and buy them and free them since you are such a generous reverent christian!

choke them up in their villages with embargoes and sanctions and UN resolutions and gather all the piggish NATO EU UN..PIGS unlimited.........and
the piggish mass media to disfigure the image and prepare the piggish sentiment for hatred and joy over burning the moslems


from a distance: because you cowards don't dare face Holy Fighters face to face!

Destroy their villages with tornadoes cruies missles napalm...
and all Nobel Prize explosives

then land your crusade regiments loaded with weapons "yeah we are the piggish heroes!" and give the wailing child sitting next to her torn burnt and disfigured family's bodies a piece of cookie :

We liberated you, here is a piece of cookie jesus loves you he saved you!

and tell her :"pretty soon we have a job for you to produce money for us and products to consume!"

So piggishism works!

fill your mothers breasts with silicone and her ass with artifitial farts and sell love and tenderness! Would she say no!

Yeah jesus loves you!

Anonymous said...

Well your insults are getting a little better!

fill your mothers breasts with silicone and her ass with artifitial farts and sell love and tenderness!

That's much more coherent than:

you piece of Pork you porky blood and flesh!

Next time try this on the infidels:

Blasphemers! Blasphemers!
May the fleas of 1000 camels nest in your pubic hair!

I must confess I love the word: "Blasphemers!" It always reminds me of Omar Sharif yelling at Peter O'Toole in that movie with all the lovely sand. And who could forget Jose Ferrer as the tuberculoid Turk officer who wanted to "do-it" with Peter O'Toole? Geez more muslim decadence. But in an ironic twist on the screenplay, the real T.E. Lawrence was gay! But back then they called it "a confirmed bachelor", so the real Lawrence might have accepted Jose's offer, but maybe not, he wouldn't want to catch tuberculosis.


dag said...

A special note to our in-house crazed habibi, Abu Gamel, aka, anonymous ranter:

There will be some demonstrations against the pork producing Danes on Feb. 13 across the world. We certainly hope you won't be sitting at your keyboard typing nonsense but that you'll be out there on the street showing us how tough you are.

Do us all a favor, if you will, and take a copy-- not, take thousands of copies of Dereks lovely graphic of your pig Mohammed prophet's ugly face to the demonstration and whow your sodomite fellows just what we do to the AIDS ridden pervert you worship. I mean, if you have time and all, you being so busy.

Undead Ed said...

"you cowards don't dare face Holy Fighters face to face!"

You mean like that cowardly little cheese-dick Muslin coward that shot a christian priest in the back while he was praying?

You guys really are such gutless cowards! I fart in your face! I fart in the face of Mohammad! I wipe my ass on the Koran. I always face Mecca when I urinate!

I have invented a new Quicky Store treat - it's called 'Mohammad on a Stick'. It is a large greasy pork sausage rolled in doghair and then deep fried on a stick.

Do you think it will catch on with the True Believers? Maybe if I call it 'Prophet on a Stick', yeah that might work.

Good luck with the Blue Scarf movement Dag.

Undead Ed

HeatherRae said...

These insults are so odd.

Am I supposed to be offended? It's like listening to a 13 year old typing all of the worst words he knows in order thinking he might get a rise out of me.

Dear heart, next time, try using a thesaurus. They're quite handy for finding synonyms of words so that you're not repeating yourself over and over again until my eyes glaze over with boredom.

Seriously, my younger brothers could come up with better insults.


dag said...

It's a pre-adolescent culture, is Islam. Not even juvenile. I hope one of them has the good sense to come here and take our graphics to give to his idiot comrades so he can work them up into fits of stupid rage that will led them to all out war. They cannot reason, so the only responsible action is force against them. We do need just casue, and I think they'll give it to us.

Mohammed is a child-molestor, Dag.

dag said...

Heather, we here send our condolences.

Sincerely, Dag and friends.

Anonymous said...

Undead Ed
keep on farting! Your farts won't blow off the light! Least of all nowadays as its glowing brightly!

Undead Ed strange that a capitalist like you can't market her industry of farts in the western porno market.
it's profitable you know.

Besides, your fart "shot a christian priest in the back while he was praying?"

You mean while molesting children!

Anonymous said...


Never mind it's not a matter of insult it's a retaliation

and you are masters in Piggishism I know

You want to defend your freedom of farting and we won't let you fart on our holiness and in our faces!
I know it's one of your cultural traits but there are red lines!

Anonymous said...


We know the graphics and your piggishism it's not new to us!

everybody knows that

Do you think you can manage to divert any weak moslem with this
cheap and dirty christian piggishism

All your crusade agencies have never managed not even with better methods!

The truth is like the sun

Allah is our God (sub7anaho wata3alou)
and Mohammad is his prophet(sallal lahou 3alaihi wassallam)

Anonymous said...

Help me out Abu,

I'm having a hard time pronouncing
(sub7anaho wata3alou). I tried to say it to my local rug merchant and to nearly every cab driver in town. But none of them had any idea what I was saying.
Perhaps it is necessary to scream it until your red in face, to acheive the proper inflections?

Undead Ed said...

Anonymous said... "You mean while molesting children!"

What would a Muslim know about molesting children?

Oh yeah, that's right. The Muslim prophet Mohammad was a child molester. He liked his females waist high and clinging to dollies while he raped them.

What a piece of filth! No wonder you guys are so screwed up. Can't wait for your turn at the kiddie pool.

I heard that after the 6 Day War that the deserts were filled with Muslim army boots - they apparently threw them off in order to run away faster.

"Run Away! Run Away!" It must really suck to be Muslim.

Do you know how most Muslim war stories begin? "Well, I was running away when...". You get the idea.

With 1.4 billion Muslims in the world, how come we only get one or two suicide bombers a week? Why aren't there hundreds a day? Don't you believe Allah will deliver the virgins and little boy toys as promised?

I understand that many Muslim suicide bombers wrap their dicks in tin foil so to save them for Paradise. I think they are fed to the dogs when they are found - small but nice and toasty.

Have a nice day.

Undead Ed

dag said...

If Abu Gamel above had any sense he'd take these graphics to his imam and ask for advice. Will we get so lucky? I fear not.

dag said...

I tried pronouncing it as well, and the result was that people threw rocks at me. It could be that I should change my socks. It's one or the other.

I'll go ask at the mosque. It's not allowed to wear shoes inside, so if they give them back without demanding a bribe I'll know it's the socks. Love that infidel critical thinking stuff.

Anonymous said...

Well, sorry boar, I forgot you only squeal and fart. Forget about language it's a universal means.

undead ed
well I believe 1000000000000000000000000000...percent of all the virgins and the like etc.

You don't believe it because the myth about your god is that he had to be kicked in the ass and be spit in the face an be crossed like criminals at that time in order to save you (who the hell care about saving a pig from piggishism):
Which means you believe he is incapable =dead! And so for you other Gods should be like yours helpless!

Forget about this believing and not believing don't worry we are crazy about getting martyres!

You mentioned something a stick or so you use to masturbate with to agitate Moslems:

I conclude then you're a nun you're not married and perhaps not appealing to men so you're frustrated and you turn your fire or -farts at times- at Moslems...

Another conclusion is that you as a nun don't get married while waiting for God or his son or one of the three or two of them ....
to marry you like all other nuns do;

Don't you believe he'll run out of penises when he had to .... you all?

Run out of virgins!

Anonymous said...

don't bother dag!

you're an intellectual!

stick to sqealing! It's good you are able to at least!

Anonymous said...

"What a piece of filth!"
not like the pig you have been eating!

besides you pigs .... what you and dogs ...etc. eat and eat it again

Anonymous said...


You're an illiterate "Last-Word-Freak"

Very rare indeed

Anonymous said...

Oh, and for sure someone comes along once in a while to help you with your insults.
So where does this all take place? In the "boiler-room" of the local mosque? You have a COMMITEE FOR THE ELECTRONIC JIHAD.

How many virgin boys will you receive for your efforts?

Anonymous said...


Undead Ed said...

Dear Anonymous Muslim Boy:

My God is reason and has nothing to do with a dead Middle Eastern prophet.

I don't have to shave my ass. I don't have to stick my butt in the air 5 times a day to pray. I don't have to molest children in order to get laid. I don't have to jump around and shriek like a crazed weasel every time somebody makes a cartoon. I don't have to burn cars or ambush holiday trains when I'm in a pissy mood. I don't have to wear those prissy little hats or long medieval gowns when in public. I can have a shaved face and trimed eyebrows. I don't have to live in a ghetto or bombed out dump. I don't have to have sex with young boys if I am not married. I can enjoy the companionship of a dog and I can eat pork chops, bacon, barbacue ribs and ham sandwiches. I can enjoy a glass of cold beer, a glass of wine or a couple ounces of single malt Scotch if I wish. I can have normal healthy relationships with women without raping and oppressing them. I can look at pictures, sculpture and paintings of people without freaking out. I can even look at cartoons of anything without losing my mind and burning down embassies. I am so happy I am not a Mulim because there is no Allah and Mohammad was just another murdering religious freak.

My mind is in the 21st century. Reason is my God and logic is my prayer.

I am free! Sucks to be you, habibi!

Undead Ed

dag said...

May you stay un dead, Ed, for many years to come, so long as reason doesn't fail us all and we end up ruled by Muslims. God help us then, even those of us who are atheists.

Undead Ed said...

Thanks Dag and Good Luck with your Blue Scarf movement!

Hope to see you at McDs one of these days - the McRib burgers are on me.

Undead Ed

dag said...

I snort with laughter. Some of my best friends are undead, Ed. Hope to see you there.

HeatherRae said...

Dear Anonymous Muslim Ranter,


Again, this is like dealing with small children. Small, bratty children who need a good spanking and time out in their room (with no dinner, I might add).

I could ask, "Would you kiss your mother with that mouth?" But what would be the point? From what I can tell, people like you have no respect for your mothers, and so I would imagine that you would kick her rather than hug her. You do realize that that makes you a bit of a freak, right?

You have said before that you, as a Muslim, revere Jesus as one of Allah's prophets. Well, do you know what Jesus said? He said, "Anyone who says he loves God but hates his brother is a liar."

So if you hate me, or anyone else, you're a liar when you say you love Allah. And if you think God looks at sin differently, you're wrong. Sin is sin. No sin is greater than any other, and any sin is enough to separate you from God permanently - yes, that means no virgins, no heaven, just a one-way ticket to hell.

But hey, don't believe me. You'll find out one way or another.


HeatherRae said...


Thanks muchly for your kind thoughts.


dag said...

Until next, Heather. Good-night for now.