Saturday, February 04, 2006

Fearless Journalism


Nilk said...

More at Beautiful Atrocitiesfor you, Dag.

Anonymous said...

We are deprived of every means of success and victory!
we are bankrupt after our embargoes, sanctions, UN NATO EU....resolutions...
and all the huge modern weapon arsenal....the millions of manipulating mass media, the on going fabrication of lies.. the help of cooperative traitors..............................................
we couldn't defeat a pair of mojahidin with rusty kalashnikovs....

we have the freedom now to offend their sacrilige!

Anonymous said...

Yeah your right let's fart and piss
We have the freedon to fart!

Priest said...

Scared of everyone who is not civilized and who can discuss differences rationally..........Go MSM.....

dag said...

That, friends, is the beauty of democracy. Every man can sell his ideas in the market place of ideas if he can find a buyer. Our ideas, those of individuals as opposed to the lump sum of dhimmi media, are for the taking or the leaving by those who care. I tend to think we have reached a stage of democracy that will rival the founding of our nations as they were when all was new. We are the new revolutionaries, some destined to be Jeffersons, Franklins, Paines, and cetera.

Kifaya said...

I plan to send this to every editor of every major MSM newspaper in the country right now.

dag said...

They live it. I think the reminder of it would simply make them even more remote from the people they supposedly serve. But then agian, I like your idea. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Scared of everyone who is not civilized and who can discuss differences rationally..........Go MSM.....

You are only warned because of losing your Ham Bacon Pork and Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

That's your culture and knowledge and freedom of expression

Undead Ed said...

Dear anonymous Muslim:

I have some questions for you:

Why do you guys shave your ass and dicks?

How come you guys can't seem to beat the Jews in a fair fight? (6 day war - bwahahahahahaha)

How come you guys murder innocent people that have done nothing to you?

How come most Muslim men have high squeaky voices? An accident with the razor, perhaps? Maybe THATS why you guys shouldn't drink! (lightbulb appears above Ed)

I am off to take my pig for a walk in the Muslim graveyard - nothing like being close to Islam to make him regular as a clock. Better wear my boots.


Undead Ed

Anonymous said...

undead ed

shaving the parts you mentioned is part of the teaching of our religion kind of clean. I know what you're up to.

Six days war???? fair fight????
the Arabs had no air coverage nor anti air craft.

The jews had the best air craft

The weapons the Arabs had were souviet junk
weak and old few tanks old rifles

the whole piggish world helped the jews in logistics and weaponry as well as media and moral support

who are the innocent people who have done nothing in your manner of speaking???????????????????
Give objective evidence!

Enjoy whatever you do now!

We earn Allahs mercy and recompensation

And you earn Allah's "well God's vengeance"

insulting my sacred figures and scripts and holy places can by no means shake my belief nor divert my persuasion

dag said...

"...can by no means shake my belief nor divert my persuasion."

Now he hits on the truth after all this time. But even now he has no idea what he just wrote.

We didn't start this war nor did we pick this enemy, and more's the pity. If I'd had my way we would have had a war with the Italians. Yes, look at them.

They're stylish and fun loving and the produce wonderful things for the whole of mankind from art, music, philosophy, science, religion, discoveries of all kinds; and they do it with elan, with pancache, with joie d vivre. The uniforms they wear are lovely, their tanks are diesigned by people with elegant taste. What a great thing to go to war with Italians.

Oh. No coffee so far this morning. I was still dreaming of Sophia Loren. My mistake. Bat to Abu Gamel, father of a camel.