Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vive le Bleue!

TruePeers, of YARGB, and Dag, of No Dhimmitude, are promoting the Blue Scarf Revolution: This Thursday at 7 pm local time, I will be meeting Dag of the No Dhimmitude blog, for a discussion of free speech, multiculturalism, and Islam, at a McDonald's restaurant at Main and Terminal in Vancouver, British Columbia (the McDonald's on the southwest corner, not the one across the street in the train station).

Thanks to Dag's blogging and to the Revolution Bleue movement in France that has emerged in response to elite media and government crack downs on Republican free speech, in the wake of the recent riots and the more general desire in many western countries to ban anti-Islamic and other forms of politically-incorrect speech (on this see, for example, Wretchard's recent post), there will be people meeting around the world in McDonald's restaurants and wearing blue scarves to identify each other and to show sympathy with those in France who are wearing blue scarves in public opposition to their present regime.

While we Canadians are yet unsure if we share fully in the goals of the French blue scarves - a recent anti-Masonic comment at their blog raised eyebrows because of the proximity of anti-Masonic and antisemitic rhetoric historically... but Freemasonry in France is a frankly political and anti-clerical movement, perhaps deserving some criticism, we don't know - it strikes us as nonetheless important for westerners to get out in public and find their voices in face of the various postmodern ideologies that would limit speech in the name of the supposed victims of free speech.

And it is important for people to discuss this issue in terms of the ongoing conflict between the west and Islam - or Islamic radicalism, if you prefer.

What, for example, is the duty of western men and women to the Islamic women who are forced (in our opinion) to wear extreme forms of head covering, like the Burka, in our westetern cities, a symbol of their more general oppression under Islam and related forms of family life?

How do we contest the multicultural ideolgies that would defend "the choice" to wear the burka, as a "right"?

This question of defending women enslaved by religion, family, and multicultural ideology is the specific topic for our meeting this Thursday. If you cannot join us, have a look at Dag's blog - especially his archives for last week - to gain some sense of the larger blue scarf movement and consider organizing a meeting at your local McDonald's. Just get the word out in the blogosphere when you will be at McDonald's, and see if any blue scarves show up. It worked for Dag.

Dag chose McDonald's as our meeting place, not simply because they are ubiquitous and you can sit for hours with a cup of coffee. In their ubiquity McDonald's also symbolize a western secular alternative to the sacred meeting places of the Islamic world. And because the target of our discussions is not simply Islamic radicalism, but its present tactical marriage with imperialistic western multiculturalism, McDonald's is the perfect symbol since it is so often a scandal for the elitist anti-American leftists who know what is best for all of us and who would restrict our free speech and stomachs accordingly.

Of course, it is when the mouths are closed that violence is most certain, and the present moves to restrict free speech are sure to reduce the security of Muslims in the west, not strengthen it. Because we are not against Muslims as people (we are out to love and defend the better side of humanity in all of us) but simply want a venue to meet and criticize aspects of both Islamic religion and postmodern western ideologies, we expect and will welcome into our meetings people of all faiths and backgrounds.


dag said...

Thanks to Truepeers for that write-up. This will be up for the day, and we wish to have you copy and paste and post it around the globe to attract friends old and new to a meeting of your own.

Please leave a message here for others to find your location.

We had our first meetings last week, in a half dozen or so cities across the world. We do make a difference, and we can do more if we so choose.

Good luck and I'll keep this updated.

Best wishes, Dag.

maccusgermanis said...

b'ham, alabama hooter's (small revision, hope it doesn't cause trouble) Brook Highland

dag said...

Will be at Mc.D at 7:00 this evening. Please join us.

Neil said...

McDonalds - a "secular alternative to the sacred meeting places of the Islamic world". A sad state of affairs, no?

Anonymous said...

well there's at least plenty of our source of piggishsm!
Unless they mix it for us with BSE Beef!

HeatherRae said...

What's the story of the Blue Scarf Revolution?

dag said...

Go to and keep yourself informed. We will welcome you. It's fun and educational and you'll find out what we have to say about fighting back. Will come back to this post later tomorrow with more details.

Anonymous said...

I attented to the last "Révolution bleue" meeting, lasting one hour, in Paris and heard there about the "Blue scarf" abroad [outside France]. There was, say, at least 1200 people despite of the weather. So, I found this blog.
[note : "vive le bleu", not "le bleue"].

About Franmasonry in France :

It is built of secret associations having rituals, hierarchy, and strong group relationships, which may drive their members to follow their mutual interests first and too far. The internal hierarchy may interfer with different hierarchies in the non-secret life. No different roles separation : spirituality, views about society and politics, power, including the French Revolution heritage, within secrecy, is their background.
Considering it as a system I do not think it can bring very much to the country. They will likely not change, keep being secret, and slowly decline, I guess.

Best regards.

dag said...

It's good to receive news from France. Thank you very much for it.

We welcome any detailed reports on the situation in France, and if those there care to forward them, please do so to me at:

Merci, Dag.