Friday, February 03, 2006

This is not a Pipe. This is a Cartoon of Mohammed

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Voltimand said...
If I draw a tree and call it Mohammed is it a picture of Mohammed? If I put the name "Mohammed" (or better: "this picture of a tree is a picture of Mohammed") under the picture, is it a picture of Mohammed? If, having done so, I erase the name "Mohammed," is it a picture of Mohammed or a picture of a tree? I would argue that there is no difference between the tree and the picture of some human-like person with the name "Mohammed" or interpretive surrogate phrase under it.

I put these interesting conundums in order to isolate the utter arbitrariness of the notion of "picturing Mohammed." How much of the "idolatry" involved is the consequence of something intrinsic to the picture, and how much of it is a matter of someone drawing a (potentially rather complicated set of semiotic) conclusion that it is a picture of Mohammed and therefore "idolatrous"?

From another perspective: Does anyone know what Mohammed looked like? If you don't know what Mohammed looked like, how can you be sure that a picture of "Mohammed" is a picture of Mohammed, and therefore idolatrous?

This is worth thinking about, because it isolates the functioning political point in this whole silly business: something will make you mad if you decide that that something is something that will make you mad. It it wasn't the picture of "Mohammed" or a Koran down the toilet, it would always be something else. Muslims are angry because anger is what they do with with their lives, and of course anger is like one end of an electrical cord: it must be connected to another terminus for the anger joice to flow.


Anonymous said...

Dag, brilliant, beautifully, simply, brilliant.

dag said...

Thank you. I blush. I grin. I laugh.

Kifaya said...

Reformations is possible. But only after those guys up above holding the ominous signs are "taken out of the picture"....for good.

dag said...

I refer to the photograph of the young child and her (out of shot) 38 year old father: how does one reform a religion that prompts a man to destroy a child like that? There can't be any compromise in that situation.

Anonymous said...

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Chairman eDog said...

If I draw a tree and call it Mohammed is it a picture of Mohammed?

And if a dog pisses on it in a forest when no one is around, does it make a sound?

Hey, anonymous. You like extremism, how's this: the US and Israel have enough nukes to render Mecca and Medina uninhabitable for 1000 generations. That's 1000 generation of souls foresaken by Allah because they never made the hajj. We can effectively topple one of the five pillars of your faith with the touch of a button. So take your extremism and shove it up your ass (check with the Koran for which hand you should use in so doing). We can waste all day with talk of God's will, but should you push us hard enough, should you threaten our lives and liberty and the civilization you've so long envied to the point of mass murder, then it's our will with which you should be most deeply concerned.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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dag said...

I'm an idle lover too, but I draw the line at Mohammed.

Anonymous said...


someone had to do it....