Friday, February 03, 2006

Muslim Credit Card


Jauhara said...

I dunno, dag, the interest rates on this card is a good arm and a leg.....possibly a torso.

dag said...

Right-o, and yet our Muslim cousins never seem to leave home without one.

Anonymous said...

The flame of Allah will burn you sooner of later!

You might die in accident arson or so!
After death they'll burn your corpse, they don't feel but Allah(swt) will give your soul life to feel and suffer!

and on judgement day!

Come hear you criminal! Where to can you escape!

Anonymous said...

I escape to George Bush!

I gathered all this hate to Moslems because of my love to my God America!

I'm blind of American atrocities but sympathise with America any way!

live a coward and a criminal and die so and go to hell ok! Why not.