Tuesday, January 31, 2006

.Carrefour France Aids Jihad, Attacks Denmark.

Not all French are scum. Not all French are scum. Not all French are scum.

Please, French friends and citizens, stand up and fight against this outrage now. Show your visible displeasure at Carrefour. Do it now before the world thinks you are scum.

Danes try to calm Muslim rage

By Dan Bilefsky International Herald Tribune


The Danish government stepped up efforts Tuesday to curb the damage caused by the publication of cartoons in a Danish newspaper linking the Prophet Muhammad to terrorism. But the moves failed to allay Muslim anger as retailers boycotted Danish goods in the Middle East and protesters in Gaza set fire to photos of Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The economic fallout continued, with the French supermarket chain Carrefour announcing it was pulling Danish goods from its shelves in Arab countries.



eyesallaround said...

Good grief,, Incredible. What a bunch of damn s**t heads.

dag said...

I have much faith in the French people, though little in the ruling classes. We know what happens to the ruling classes when they dally in the pleasure palaces too long and neglect the people's will. Yes, ask our friend Jean-Paul Marat, to whom I bear a striking resemblance.

Sebastien said...


I had no idea about this. Thanks for the post. I have forwarded this to occidentalis.com.

France-Echos unfortunately is no more for maybe quite a while. I will let you know if it re appears


Anonymous said...

You're lost! Give up give in! Surrender! Revolution against whom????

The wretched nations you have been using them as slaves robbing them slaughtering them!

Now you'll stant trial you global criminals!
And after death the angels will kick your asses and drive you to hell!

What have you been doing all those centuries?

Fooling ourselves! Believing our forgeries and fake and lies!

Only eating and drinking and farting!

Just like animals!

Anonymous said...

We chased the Romans to France!
We chased the Byzantines to Constantinople!
We chased the Crusades to Vienna!

And now we will get you fro the far to the further!

to cool down:

Enjoy your Danish Piss and Danish Pork!

Anonymous said...

Volks lets get piggish!

Down to supermarkets and devour all the Danish piggish products
Danish Piss"beer"
Danish Pork"S..."

Let's get piggish to the bones