Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Qibla: East to West, West to East

The reason Muslims invented math, geometry, and maps, and the reason they discovered the Earth is "egg shape" is to enable them to face Mecca from east to west and west to east simultaneously, as one will see from the photograph above. It's all very scientific.

The Muslim invetntion of stealing the Indian invention of the place-holder, zero, well, that was for reasons of self-description.


eyesallaround said...

So, when he eats beans does he fart or burp? Just wondering:>)

Anonymous said...

Muslims did not invent any of those things, they just inherited them from the cultures they conquered. Maps are ancient, as is geography, and math goes back at least several thousand years too. The Golden age Greeks knew about a spherical earth 1500 years before Islam existed.

Islam's one and only accomplishment is a belief system that is very effective at spreading itself, mostly by brute force.

Anonymous said...

Just like you inherited
That your God is his own father and his own son!

His mother is his own wife!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to "discover" that Christianity is a religion of incest? Well, we won't go burning your mosques for that. We are smart enough to understand: while a mad dog is raging, a hunter is in cold blood and wins the "game". Now your game is over, Taliban, Osama, Iraq, Iran, Arabia, all those fucking Sharia things will go to history... no, will go to hell! ON 7/7 I WAS A LONDONER, NOW I AM A DANE! SUPPORT DENMARK, DRINK TUBORG!

dag said...

Cheers, mate.