Sunday, January 29, 2006

Every girl deserves a harlequin romance. Most girls settle instead for guys who are fairly reasonable. Some don't settle for anything at all: some are sold off to a cousin or the guy in the market. Some are nine years old, and it's not a romance, harlequin or otherwise. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was sold off to a relative. Irshad Manji escaped with her life by evading her father and his knife. Aisha wasn't so lucky. She was sold off at six years old to Mohammed, the great man of Islam, the prophet who raped his then nine year old "wife." It ain't culture. It ain't religion. It's child molesting. It's slavery. And often, it's Islam sanctioned murder. There will be those who claim it's all a lie, others who'll claim exceptionalist allowance. Not me. Not you. We have to stand up and say "No more."

Again we'll stand up for Human rights on Thursday by meeting at McDonald's diners across the world. We won't all have the same cconcerns in common. We can meet to discuss that. We can meet to decide who we want to work with. Our goals are the same even if our approaches are different.

Know Islam. No Whimmitude.

If not every girl will have a harlequin romance, then every girl must still have the hope, if she so chooses, of something almost as good: a man or woman she decides wants instead.

Islam is not special. Islam destroys women.

Attend a meeting of people who value women over cliches. Let's put a stop to the madness.

Thursday, McDonald's. 7-9:00 pm. Your town.


eyesallaround said...

Irshad Manji is a brave woman. Her book is terrific. She may have more than one, but the one I read really hit the nail on the head.

dag said...

Enslavement is to murder a person for the whole of her or his life.

There might be an Irshad Manji under every chador, but really, even if there's only some giggling bimbo in there she has as much right as anyone to live her life as she will. And men, they too have a right to worship that bimbo, to adore her and find her the most beautiful and lovely girl in the world. Without that romantic interlude people don't have a chance to come to a mature feeling of adult love. Muslims are so twisted by their religion that they never get anything at all but murder and enslavement.

The world is for girls and for guys to get to give to them.

I think it's Rosa Luxemberg who said "I don't want a revolution I can't dance to." I look for the day when we dance with Muslim girls and guys, all of us laughing in the sunlight.

Anonymous said...

Islam shouldn't let women and children fight us!

Because that is too much for us cowards!

I'm frustrated why God blesses them with victory and heaven and we with death cold frustration pork and pigs' piss and hell!

Unless the POPE issues for us some remission decrees!