Sunday, January 29, 2006

Soft Mohammed

Thomas the Wraith made this masterpiece. He writes:

I call this one Soft Muhammad. I don't think this is blasphemous or insulting and I don't particularly care if others think it is. This is the mildest possible cartoon I can draw on this subject.

Note to angry fanatics: please leave insults and/or death threats in the comments or email them to Any interesting threats will be published. For each good threat I receive I will make a donation to either a charity supporting the US troops in Iraq or the IDF troops. Oh what a dilemma!

Note to other bloggers out there: this is all number 2 pencil, ink pen and a few old colored pencils I found in the back of my desk drawer. No Photoshop or computer tricks. Just like the Danish cartoonists.


eyesallaround said...

Nice work! Especially the 5 o'clock shadow. Actually, there's a number of artists out there who I'm sure could put their thinking caps on and come up with something interesting. Maybe we could have an art contest.

dag said...

I hope it's clear that I post these photographs of Mohammed because Muslims must learn the boundaries of civiliaed behaviour; and since they do not have boundaries in the West, because we move aside any time they kill at random, they continue to rampage and murder; thus, to confront them with their limits we must make it clear to our own that we demand limits.

Islam is the problem it is because we in the West allow it to be so. Since most won't do a danmed thing to make the situation better, we here do our part to make it so bad that we won't be able to ignore it any longer.

It might not seem helpful today but in the long term we think this will save lives and bring peace to the greater world. If we don't do this we'll have to do the laundry and mop the floor.

dag said...

Please feel free to send in anything you like. I'm usually available at

truepeers said...

This is a brilliant drawing. It reminded me of this observation of Salmon Rusdie's: The Koran was revealed at a time of great change in the Arab world, the seventh-century shift from a matriarchal nomadic culture to an urban patriarchal system. Muhammad, as an orphan, personally suffered the difficulties of this transformation, and it is possible to read the Koran as a plea for the old matriarchal values in the new patriarchal world, a conservative plea that became revolutionary because of its appeal to all those whom the new system disenfranchised, the poor, the powerless and, yes, the orphans.
The Right Time for an Islamic Reformation

Dag, I'll work on some good insults to test your pocketbook... you dirty Jacobin is going to end up jacked all askew in the dumpster bin if you publish one more...

dag said...

Oh no! There are more. Heaven help us.

CD Baric said...

The picture looks like a guy peeking out of a women's shaved vaginal?

Is that what it is supposed to mean?

CD 'Bar' Baric