Tuesday, May 02, 2006

You may be treading on someone’s dreams.

Stogie and I and others are in agreement regarding the nature of our reactions to the story of the child beaten by the imam. There are those who are in disagreement.

  1. Yom Says:

    Oh come on, an idiot commits an injust act and the whole Muslim community is blamed.

    The imam is not divine, for all I know, he may not even be qualified to teach.

    Enough of your verbal diarrhea ok?

  2. John G. Says:

    you are wasting your time pleading for reasonable,rational thought on this site.The majority here are blind to anything except their own fantasies and fanaticisms. That apart, mind you, they are probably nice, pleasant people away from here but they have some problems separating their desire to free Europe from the threat of cultural vandalism and the excitement they feel discussing fantastic ideas to achieve that aim.
    So, just remember, don’t be too critical, you may be treading on someone’s dreams.
    John G.


Stogie said...

Both Yom and John G are off base in their comments. I don't think anyone blamed the whole Muslim community, but then, we don't have to. Islamic culture is shot through with injustice, oppression and violence, especially against women. This is just another confirmation of that fact.

As for John G, what fantasies and fanaticisms? Typical liberal, you speak only in broad generalities. That's because you haven't got a single thing you can refute.

eyesallaround said...

I think the point is, these acts are never condemned by the mussies. In Christianity, we condemn the priests who rape little children. In islam, not a word of condemnation. That's the difference in a nutshell.

Notice how the 2 comments instantly go on the defensive... and it's not just "an idiot" if you come to this site for a while you'll get the picture. This is one instance of many, and none condemned by islam.

Ronald Barbour said...

Dag thanks for posting the article.


I have link from my Blog.


dag said...

No knowledge of Islam, no facts of history, no idea about the primitive world they laud. None of that empirical understanding nonsense for these folks: they rely on feelings, on sentimentality, on who knows what; but it ain't reality from where I live. Instead, these conformists rely on trends, on intuition, on what their friends say. These people are so clueless that I only post their comments as matter to ridicule. Their insipid cliches, their inane shallowness, their contempt for Humanity comes out in each line. They have attitude, they have pose, they wear the right clothing at the right art openings. And come next season when the fashions change they'll be there with us saying they were there all along.

Robespierre write of them: "The clerks of death."

T.S. Eliot writes of them as the Hollow Men. Good, and a fine joke all round. These posey things have nothing inside to feel anything, "feeling feelings they ain't got," as Lawrence writes. What a terrible punishment for a man to suffer: not knowing he's nothing.

The best part of the joke is that Eliot and Lawrence knew how empty they were. I meet these creatures, some small step above from tinkling John G.s and puppet yoms. The real nasty bastard fascists like Eliot and Lawrence know how dirty they are, that they're filled with dirt. And we know that once I finish beating them they fawn and grovel like the buggered boys they long to be.

We have to do our best and suffer our parts with these extras anyway.

Jane said...

If you think this little girl goes to a scarey school, you should see what's coming for kids in Vancouver schools. Duck tape.
A bill has been introduced to the legislature prohibiting discrimination, "intentional or unintentional" in schools. The bill lists about 20 types of discrimination -- based on religion, political beliefs, etc., etc. -- that a kid or their parents can be nailed for. If anyone doesn't see themselves covered by the long list of categories, they are assured by the bill that they can still lodge a discrimination complaint.
I heard about this bill, introduced the other day by MLA Lorne Mayencourt, and I tracked down an article about it in XtraWest, a paper that's given out free in his West End constituency.
Canadians have to stop being so spineless. A leaf gets blown every which way in the wind so its not surprising we have one as a centrepiece of our flag.

dag said...

Thanks for the tip, Jane. I'll d what I can to track down the article and I'll post it here.

People don't seem to realise that Canada is a police state. Let's do what we can to get that into the open.

Anonymous said...

Trust me when I say we know that already. We are taught to believe in the government and those who enforce the laws made up by clueless smucks. Instead, something should be done to get Canadians off their collective asses and do something about it.

dag said...

It is a sickening thing to read comments from the likes of Yom and John, men who blithely dismiss the suffering of a little girl for the sake of furthering their p.c. credentials on the Internet. They care not a whit about a child beaten, not about a kindergarten of children killed, not a school full of children raped and tortured and murdered or about anyone or anything but the thin gauze of the right response to please their friends in public.

We here in Vancouver do what we can in protest against the regime of "coolness" that makes it likly that writers will dismiss the lives and persons of others for the sake of the pose. We meet openly and let the world know that we are determined to make this evil at least unpopular.

We sit openly in the public library in Vancouver one a week and talk openly about Islam and Left dhimmi fascism. We make ourselves known as those who will not be silent. There is a need for witnesses to be openly opposed to the beating of children. We sit, we talk, we are seen. It's not much, perhaps, but we are open and proud of our resistance to the norm of sentimentality and cynicism. It's a start.