Friday, May 05, 2006

On Philobarbarism

We have to make fine distinctions in our language to hone our thoughts and our actions based on them. Let's look again at pairs of words: sentiment/sentimentality; science/scientism; morality/moralism/ religion/religiosity; legal/legalistic, to sort out where we go wrong in our sometimes assumed good intentions. We might be too harsh in suggesting that those who are sentimental are also and even perhaps only stupid or cynical or oppressive and vicious. It might well be that sentimentalists are simply badly informed about themselves and life as we live it. Some might be naively bound to evil ideas but be surely convinced their opponents are evil for being at odds. Sincerity, no friend to me, is the standard excuse for the evil behaviour of so many who do so much evil, they being in our time our naive Left fascist dhimmis as a rule.

Where the effects of oft genocidal philobarbarism reign unchecked, in Palestine, for example, the critic of philobarbarism is dismissed as a Rightwing religious bigot. By whom? Oh, let's identify the Presbyterian Church of the USA. Creating conditions that lead to genocide, whether from misplaced and polluted emotionalism or from sheer and murderous cynicism, the result is the same. And so, roughly, is the right treatment to correct this path. Simple ignorance or sophisticated cynicism, the result is the same in that the dead pile up and more arrive daily. The pursuit of sentimentality prevents any end to it till sentimentality itself is destroyed in practice.

Sentimentality is of degrees. One might think of it at its least in the form of a pre-printed Hallmark Greeting Birthday Card: "You are so wonderful that you are special." It's demeaning to all involved, and yet it has its place for those too timid or stupid to write their own timid stupidities on a piece of paper. It does keep the economy revolving at no dear harm.

Let's turn to an example from technology for something a bit more realistic if somewhat creepier:

"Medical schools have gone out of their ways in the past decade to foster a respectful attitude toward gross anatomy lab cadavers. From what I've heard it would be quite difficult, in good conscience, to attend one of these workshops and then proceed to stick a cigarette in your cadaver's mouth or jump rope with it's intestines.... Many of the students gave their cadavers names, 'Not like Beef Jerky. Real names,' said one student." Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. (pp. 38-39.)

While Roach's book is very funny there is not a thing humorous about sentimentality. Allowing one form of collective dishonesty to run rampant is to allow the opening for all others till the collective is rotten inside and out and intellectual honesty is an unknown quality, one that when it might show an occasional appearance is hated and driven out with mad passion. Look at any reasonable critique of the plight of the Gaza Bedouin to prove this point. Or, in the case below, let us turn to the masturbatory antics of a teen-age girl rapt by philobarbarism in the self-created illusion of non-people, Canadian native Indians. It is unfair perhaps to single out one hysterical and sexually dysfunctional teenage girl to make a point but hers is perfect in its lack of sophistication. Below is pure philobarbarism without even a patina of rational sense.

Ottawa Core said...

[A]s to your thoughtful considerations to alleviate the problems encountered by our hosts (the original people of Canada): a. the current approach, read your history again, is one of absolute bloody annihilation and lustful plunder. Letting the Europeans onto this rock, South and North America is fraught with genocidal glee. Each and every encounter our government (our civilized culture's manner of acting for the greatest good) towards an absolutely foreign entity generated more and more hatred, distrust, and abhorrence. We cannot be the nice guy now or anytime in the future. We are murderers and thieves. A piece of paper, representing a treaty from your brutal master allowing you a speck of land you once wandered freely for thousands of years is foolish and comical if it didn't have so much power to kill behind the native's point of view of our absolute domination over their entire lives. How else could your lives be played out knowing anything you do under this 24/7 rule of law (more self serving paper to state the right to murder and rape more of your people steal more of your land) will land you in trouble. Play along. Wait for the messiah.

The "Indian" race are, from what I have experienced and read, one of the greatest, most enduring, most learned of god's creatures. They have a special place. We all know it. It is their land, to steward as they wish. We must learn from their honour and courage to withstand the greatest warring tribe known to man: The white race.

Our only hope is to get down on our hands and knees and beg for forgiveness from our brothers and sisters of the red race. The healing will come. Not because we deserve forgiveness but due to a better race's power to overcome any and all we can do.****

The generous among us will argue that this critter will someday mature and find something better to emote about. I, conversely, assume that she will likely find employment with the Foreign Affairs Dept. in Ottawa. Therein lays the problem we face so directly and immediately today in the Modern West. The sophisticated philobarbarist is in charge of our foreign affairs relations. And everything else. The collective masturbatory phantasy grows till most are involved in it-- to the embarrassment of those who see it for what it is. It is dishonest, it is revolting to be dragged into it, and it ain't never gonna be the real thing. Yet the phantasy prevails because too many feel that "it feels right." Our public discourse and the results therefrom are at best sterile. I argue that our vitiated and phantastically ugly social discourse is evil and murderous in effect.

But what is honesty? What is a real social discourse? We can begin right here with this post. We can turn to Jacques Barzun, The House of Intellect. New York: Harper Torchbooks; 1959. :

"Manners are minor morals which facilitate the relations of men, chiefly through words. When those verbal relations are deliberately staged, for no other purpose than pleasure, men find themselves engaged in an intellectual exercise that is one of the delights of life. Manners, therefore, are not solely a clue to the deeper moral assumptions of an age, they are also a strong or weak guardian of Intellect at its most exposed.


The reader will have noticed that I did not speak of sociable conversation as the exchange, but as the sifting of opinion. [....]

[T]rue conversation sifts opinion, that is, tries to develop tenable positions by alternate statements, objections, modifications, examples, arguments, distinctioins, expressed with the aid of rhetorical arts-- irony, exaggeration, and the rest...." (pp.60-61.)

When we abandon true reason for feel-good sentimentality then we are left without sentiment. When we falsify our expressions we falsify our relations to others. when we accept and perhaps applaud such tripe as "The 'Indian' race are, from what I have experienced and read, one of the greatest, most enduring, most learned of god's creatures." then we dehumanise each and every Indian on Earth and turn them, real and living individuals, into pornographic images meant for no one and nothing other than ourselves at play. If I merely found this sentimenatalisation of people to be personally repulsive I'd perhaps write about it anyway, being a Right wing religious bigot; Unfortuneately, the philobarbarist sentimentalisng of "Others" leads straight to genocide. To dehumanise "races" as too glorious to real we destroy our relationships with them and make them dependent on our phantasitic desires for more our our own feel-good, regardless of the lives they lose, no matter the lives they take.

To conclude, I do not suggest hanging Ottawa Core from a lampost. I reserve that for our murderous Presbyterian Church of the USA among so many others. This, however, should be a conversation, and I welcome your considered opinions in response.


unaha-closp said...

Presbytarian Church creates conditions of genocide in Palestine?

At most they say things from the sidelines, they have no power and no influence. Posturing for political gain is not new and not evil.

Ottawa Core said...

hey, thanks for the review. very flattering considering its source.

dag said...

One man's opinions.

I don't know if I'd be deeply offended if one were to use me as an example of thinking I deplore. I might question the validity of the arguments, if there were any, or I might just get personally offended. Maybe both. I like to think that if I do something wrong that at least in time I'll come to recognize it and adjust to correct it. It's not particularly important to the world outside myself unless I actually do things that cause others direct harm. If I'm an arsehole, it begins and ends with me. If my actions adversely affect the lives of others, then I'm a criminal. That needs outside intervention. Remorse doesn't quite cut it. Straying beyond the boundaries of good reason demeand a call from the collective of good sense. If that call doesn't come, then harm might well result. Then it's too late. And if the call comes and I ignore it, then I would rightly pay the price of my misbehaviour. It's a personality rather than an ideology that makes that choice valid or not.

truepeers said...

SO, I'm guessing Dag that you might be thinking I'm one of those who would just say, oh well, let's wait for Ottawa COre to grow up. Well, I wouldn't bet tomorrow's lunch on it. It's just that one should not be hung from lamposts when too young, alienated, resentful, and stupid to be fully responsible, intellectually speaking, until they've had the time to prove that they are indeed committed to the big lie. The young can be redeemed, even if the allure of government jobs will mean many won't do the work and embrace the "professional" ostracism it will require. In any case, there are a range of aboriginal punishments perhaps more suitable for such "persons"(a Christian invention, I'll remind y'all), though I wouldn't be too put out by a good tar and feathering.

Jane said...

Maybe Margaret Laurence’s novels should have been banned in the Canadian public school system after all. Books like "The Diviners" left me with the same air-headed view of native people vis a vis white people as Ottawa
Core has.
When I moved from the Ottawa Core to the Vancouver Core, where I have lived for 20 years on the Downtown Eastside -- amongst one of Canada’s largest urban native populations – reality re-socialized me.
I have particularly lost respect for native men, as many native women will tell you they have. When you get down on your “knees to beg forgiveness” from the native man, he will probably suggest that while you’re down there, you give him a b.j.

dag said...

The philobarbarists have directly and deliberately poisoned the minds and the lives of the peasants of the world. Rather than give the peasants the means to improve their lives through the advantages of the West that are universal, the Left has indulged in fascist philobarbarism, encouraged a violent phantasy of superiority of primitivism that has turned the primitives back from progress to self-annihliation.

Rather than demanding of Indians and others some progressive attempts at univeersality the fascist Left has encouraged them to indulge in self-pity and resentments, turning it in time to psychosis and mass suicide.

We are indeed responsible. We are the root cause of terrorism. We, the Left. Well, include me out.

The Left is fascsist, as any fool can come to know clearly by reading the history of fascism, by thinking through the ideologies of fascism, and by seeing for oneself the nature of fascism.

My favourite example of madness manufactured, the perfect analogy for today's world, comes to me from Michael Ondataaje, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid. Someone has a pen in the rear of the dwelling wherein he has raised and breed dogs, over and over, inbred them till they are all mad dogs. Every dog in the pen is a mad dog, and every one of them, so mad as to be a monster, gets shot to death.

The person who breeds mad men deserves to be shot as well, and that includes the Presbyterian Church of the USA leadership. Peasants didn't start out mad. They are made that way.

The Left is responsible for this travesty of life and the harm that falls to all. The Left must pay. We can't celebrate a conversion to Human decency and proclaim that this or that ex-Trot. is now a wonderful person who's seen the light. I suggest that rotten bastard find a lampost and hang himself from shame and horror. If they won't hang their own rotten selves, welcome to me!

Creating genocide has a price tag. I think the price is hanging.