Monday, May 01, 2006

Leadership Quiz

What do you think? Hitler? Stalin? Mao?

I found a personality quiz at, and here it is. I think it's broken in my case, though it seems to sum him up really well.


I think it's really broken in my case.


eyesallaround said...

OHMGosh, that's funny. I was Einstein... probably because I'm a loner.

I like that new handicapped thing on the letter verification.. cool.

Pastorius said...

Whenever I think of Dag, Gandhi comes to mind ...

as the other side of the universe.

Charles Henry said...

I don't know, Dag; you *do* lead by example, and morals **are** important to you, and you certainly don't suffer fools lightly.
Seems a good match to me...

I took the 45 question test as well,
and you'll be happy to learn that all these thursday night meetings you've been in the presence of a potential...
Mother Teresa?! :\

Gandhi and Mother Teresa, teaming up at No Dhimmitude!

Pastorius said...

Well, let us be clear, Charles Henry, Gandhi was a charlatan, a snake-oil salesman. He pulled off a PR victory against the British because they were too moral to beat the pathetic Indian people back.

Without the good will of the British, there is no way Gandhi would have won.

He had the kind of victory a child has when it pulls all the toilet paper off the roll, and the adults just can't punish him because he's too cute.

Gandhi's prescription for the Jews in the face of Hitler was to let Hitler kill them, until he came to his senses.

Whether the Jews had followed the lead of Hitler, or of Gandhi, they would have ended up in the same boat.

that ought to tell you all you need to know about Gandhi and his morals.

I will say it, although it is not an acceptable thing to say;

I hate Gandhi, and the world would have been a better place had he never lived.

Pastorius said...

Mother Theresa is, from what I know, more someone I can respect.

jonz said...

Haha yes, I've done this post before and I come out as the Pope. Which still has me confused...

American Crusader said...

Good God, I came up as JFK. I never would have guessed that.

Charles Henry, I don't think you visited my site before so thanks for dropping by.

dag said...

When I came up as Gandhi I had to assume the people who put it together have no ideas of who he was and what he waas really like. The key must have been "do-gooder." I'm not exactly emaciated. But it is funny how one can have a self-image that seems to be totally at odds with the view other hold of oneself. Hey, maybe I am thin. I can live with that.

My friend and partner at the office here came out as Lincoln. Some people in this field think of friend as a lunatic commie. I think of him that way sometimes. But we have customers here who are Communistists, real ones who write for a newspaper with hammers and sickles on the front page. They are very nice people who would likely come up with scores showing them to be buddahs.

I certainly don't think of myself as Gandhi-like, as a do-gooder. Many's the time people have written to complain that I am a rightwing religious bigot and as being no better than bin Laden. I have my photograph up where I look like Jean-Paul Marat. Im my mind I think of myself as Fred Astaire.

The point is to ask myself how others see the things I post and how they see us in general. What do our enemies think of us, and how right or wrong are they in their views? If our own see us in wildly various ways, are we missing something or are they?

If we, decent and normal people to the best of my experience in these years of writing and reading, come across as other than how we see ourselves, who's confused? Looking at the post immediately below to see a man who puched a six year old girl in the face one is inclined to say we don't care what they think of us, we are enraged and maddened to extremes. Their opinions are valueless. And when we see liberals coming up as Saddam Hussein, do they shrug it off as a joke and say it's broken? I don't. I think the test is dead accurate in their cases.

I'll confess for the record that I am likely a "do-gooder." I feel it's my duty to do good for those I can, like the child below, regardless of othter people's cultures and what have we. I say nothing is to severe in punishment. I say to do good is to be reasonable and just in harm. To stop evil bastards from hitting children is a good thing to do. To stop them by being sophisticated and organised is to be effective, and that oftewn requires violence and extremity, the like of which our Marat followed through on to such an extent. Yes, he was a monster, and no, I don't think of myself as such. But his medical background made him think in terms of disease and surgery. I too look at evil as something to be destroyed and cut away and cast off. Those looking at the blood and the pain might not see it as such, but I see it as do-gooding.

Mybe I'm all wrong.

eyesallaround said...

I see you as a sort of GK Chesterton... Intelligent, yet humorous and thoughtful... and never boring.. but often over my head:>)

freedom said...

Hi Dag!
You left a message on my blog, ANTI-DHIMMI,
asking if I was your friend from Jihad Watch. Well no, I'm someone else. :)
BTW got you linked at my blog.
Keep up the good work!

Pastorius said...

I think of Dag as a force of nature which happens to be eloquent.

truepeers said...

I don't know Daghdi, sounds like there might me something to it. It pegs me as an Einstein: "You are a detached intellectual whose ideas saved/will destroy the world. You lead with your mind exploring the unknown and helping to invent the future of mankind."

dag said...

Yeah, that's kind of my opinion of you. And one of the great things about our Thursday evening meetings is that I can sit and listen to Truepeers and Charles and others and have a personal relationship with them that would otherwise not be anything like it is.

How good would it be to sit with the lot of us and talk and plan and remake the world's course among us! We do that in Vancouver, and others do it elsewhere. It's a good thing to sit weekly with Einstein and Mother Theresa and others and listen and learn and enjoy in the company of people I like.

We could lose this war against fascism, of course, but my guess is that there are far and away enough decent people to make short work of it if we decide to. That's part of our problem. Most are still hoping against hope that we can find some way to deal reasonably with our enemies. There is no hope in my opinion. There is a great effort to make, and I am pleased and proud to be involved with such people as we.