Thursday, May 04, 2006

Most unkindest cut of all.

My mother happens to identify herself as a Muslim. Given your statement, I would like to inquire as to why you "scorn" my mother.

Thank you

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Ibn, our recent "atheist" commentator, asks if I scorn his mother because she's Muslim. After some wasted effort explaining that I scorn all Muslims who pracitice and/or preach Islam I gave it up. If Ibn's mother wants to be a Muslim, it ain't my business. She can do in the privacy of her husband's house any damned thing she cares to, short of mutilating her daughters and such. Yeah, and such. OK, I think the following story is humorous. Shame on me. May the Saudi royal family withold my stipends for a while longer. That'll teach me. Ouch. It hurts already. Double ouch!

Wife 'beheads husband' in Karachi

Police in the Pakistani city of Karachi say a woman beheaded her husband and chopped up his body after he announced plans to take a fourth wife.

Officers said Majeeda Khatoon killed her husband while he was asleep and cut him up, helped by two male relatives.

The dismembered parts were then dumped in a drain in the Gulshan-e-Hadeed area on the city's outskirts.

Police said the woman, arrested last week, had confessed to the crime. Islam permits men to take up to four wives.


dag said...

I hope Henkel Co. might hire me to advertise for them till the Saudis cough up some tharb for me, some blood money.

Henkel, this one's free.

Pastorius said...

I wonder if she had a fatwa?

dag said...

I had a thinwah, but she left me. Lucky for me that's all she did. And I can't even claim to have had three left over to keep me company.

truepeers said...

What do you mean, "behead"?