Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yo Mamma!

Below are two recent comments from "Ibn." He asks if I feel scorn toward his Muslimah mother. Obviously I do if I feel scorn toward all Muslims by virtue of them practicing Islam or professing it. This, as Muslims are beginning to realise, is becoming more and more often the case in the greater world, that being dar al Harb, the world Islam and all good Muslims are required to fight against till all are conquered, killed, or dhimmified. If one were to say to me, "You claim to hate all Nazi. My mother is a Nazi. Do you hate my mother?" then I would be forced by the logic of the universe to say "Of course." Muslims, by the bye, do not feel obligated to follow the logic of the universe as the rest of us, poor and unsubmissive kafirs that we are, must do. Happy are we who know that Muslims do not accept the laws of nature because there are no laws of nature, there being only the laws of Allah, and if one thinks of nature as a force in and of itself, then one commits shirk. Yes, I scorn your mother as a fascist by virtue of her being a Muslim. I scorn all fascists. And why do I do that? Because all who profess fascism are fascists, and fascism, a posterior means they are criminals. There are no good Nazis in the universe of Men. In the realm of the Muslim world we discuss phantasy and Islam and evil that knows no bounds. Yes, I scorn your mother not knowing how deeply committed to fascist Islam she might be. A fascist, habibi, is a fascist, even if she's your mother.

Greetings "Dag".

I had run into your long commentary on another blog titled "

In it, you had said "In fact, I have little but scorn for Muslims,"

I take it you mean all Muslims by the statement, irregardless of their political, moral, or ethical persuasions.

My mother happens to identify herself as a Muslim. Given your statement, I would like to inquire as to why you "scorn" my mother.

Thank you

My email is

[Ibn continues:]

I'm sorry. I don't understand your answer. Would you be kind enough to rephrase? ...

My question is simple: My mother, is a Muslim. Do you scorn her, even though you have never met her, by virtue of her faith?

If the answer is in the affirmative, my next question was going to be:

"How can you judge my mother, if you have never met her, by virtue of her faith? What does knowing her faith tell you about her character, and ethical persuasion?"

I didn't want to ask the second question too soon though. Rather confirm the first.

Thanks again.


Am I one of a mere few islamophobic Rightwing religious bigots who complains when Muslims murder at random? Am I like ibn laden? Am I as bad as they are? I might in my own way be every bit as bad as the average Muslim. So what? But regardless of who or what I might be in the face of killers, I am one of a growing group of people who refuse to tolerate the fascism that is Islam. Yes, even the Catholic Church is finding that the Muslim community, the ummah, is psychotic and out of control to the point they are a threat to Humanity that must be crushed out of existence, though they, unlike my lovely self, won't quite go so far openly as yet. Below we will see just how far they do go, which might come as a surprise to some of our more fair minded friends.

What the Islamic Riots Reveal (Part 1 of 2) 5/3/2006

Interview With Father Mitch Pacwa BIRMINGHAM, Alabama, MAY 3, 2006 (Zenit) -

Jesuit Father Mitch Pacwa is a theologian, Middle East scholar and co-contributor to the "Islam and Christianity" DVD series.


The radical groups may represent only about 15% of Muslims but it is an extremely active part, while the great majority are generally unwilling or afraid to stand up to the radicals, because the radicals will kill them as being infidels. That is how bad it is gotten in many parts of the Muslim world. So it is a very risky situation.


Father Pacwa: The vast majority of Muslims do keep themselves away from the religious parties. But, the majority of that majority, while unwilling to fight in jihad, will protect those who do , and that is something that is very important to understand.

While it is only 15% of the population that is radicalized in Islam, you have the majority of the rest who are very willing to hide them, protect them, feed them, and even if they wouldn't actively join them, they would take care of them . This seems to be the study of Tony Blankley in his book the "The West's Last Chance." This is something that is very difficult.


For one, Islam is not prone to democracy or secularism. There is no such idea of a secular society within Islam. Everyone has to be in some way related to the religious reality and that is part of the understanding of God. So, the majority of Muslims will still not be able to fit into a secular society around them in Europe.

Also, they will have pressure put on them either to convert to radical Islam or to support them, which will be another tension. And that is why a number of the mullahs and the imams in the West and Europe say that Muslims may not vote -- the elections are not Islamic, so no Muslim should vote. They are getting some pressure not to participate.

Also they are encouraged not to marry non-Muslims, except for girls, who are encouraged to become Muslim along with the children. But they typically will send their children to their country of origin to marry Muslim girls .

So this is something that indicates how little moderate Muslims fit in to the non-Muslim world, and this is going to be a situation that is going to continue. And I think it is typical of Muslims that their commitment to Islam is stronger than their commitment to their local government.


Islamic fascism is running out of apologists. Ibn feigns pained feelings in asking if I scorn his mother, thinking perhaps to gain some cheap sympathy from the galleries. Sorry to point out, mate, that you're game is up. You lose. Islam is a primitive fascism, not even a sophisticated nightmare like Nazi-ism. Islam is a 7th century Arabian Peninsula tribal code for savages made into a poligion. It's a worn out rug. It won't even cover a patch of sand any longer, and those who cling to the rotten threads of it are destined to blow away like dust. Yup, your mother.


Ibn said...

Interesting. Although I myself am an Athiest, so I do not care for Islam or any other religion.

Your answer to my question, was a 2 paragraph rant, where 2 lines would have done. "Yes, I scorn your mother because she is a Fascist.", would have done it.

My next question was going to be "How do you know she is a Fascist, who wants to subjugate you?" Was it something she said to you perhaps? Something you read about her?

More importantly, the million dollar question is:
"Do you think there can be Muslims who do not want to subjugate you based on your faith, and thus are not Fascists? "

A final statement, is that one element of Fascism, is to presume one is guilty of something before you have evidence to support it. This is what you have done, in regards to my mother.

You claim to wear "a blue scarf" because you support "human rights". That makes you a hypocrite. But your own statements betray you. Its unfortunate, really. Osama Bin Laden wanted Westerners to abandon their freedom loving culture, and become twisted pretzels of hate. Looks like he's done a number on you.



dag said...

No, Ibn, I hate Islam precisely because I value Human freedom as practiced by free people, and I struggle to preserve what we nhave and to allow it to those who would take it.

You're no debater, but thanks for you efforts anyway.

Yalla, Dag.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Islamophobic! I hope this is a joke.

You value life while you consider yourself a Bush-loving crusader?

Love us or hate us... who cares? I just want to tell you that history will repeat itself. Today, you can say and do all you want. The fact of the matter is that whoever is in power, can call whomever they want a "terrorist" and spread propaganda as they want.

For over 1500 years, when we were in power, we used to call you barbarians and terrorist. Your people came to our countries for education and work. You used to be our cheap labor!

Brother in humanity, I wonder if you know what Islam has contributed to our existance... Please read because Islam will rise again.

dag said...

You are equally unqualified as a debater, mate, but I do apreciate you coming and taking the time to express yourself anyway. I'd be pleased in a real sense if I felt or had evidence or even a hope that the nonsense you wrote above is the result of mistaken ideas or a lack of factual knowledge, for which I would be more than happy to forgive you for, that being the way of one man to another in the course of dialogue and budding friendship. But, all of that is the sign of two honest people debating for the sake of the pursuit fo truth. Mistakes made in that pursuit are honest and expected and valuable if they're sorted out and examined rightly and truthfully in themselves. You show no signs of interest in the pursuit of truth. That, mate, is a punishment you will suffer not likely ever being aware of it. That is a curse upon your life that you make upon yourself. Trying to convince me of your lies won't make your lies true for you. What a shame, mate, that your whole life will come to an end and leave you empty and barren of life tself.