Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Problem? What Problem?

I'm not familiar with the site below from which I lifted some comments on Iran and the neo-con conspiracy to further enrich the oil interests by murdering Americans and innocent brown people. Live and learn.

If the poll numbers dip, Bush starts bombing. (7+ / 0-)

Just wait for the run-up to the 2006 "election", if the Bushite scum perceive that they might actually lose the house, they'll start bombing Iran just to get a boost in the polls. Bad for the US and the world? Of course, that didn't stop the Iraq Invasion, no reason to expect it will stop the Iran bombing. September or October sounds about right, "you don't roll out a new product in the summer".

Will bombing Iran be bad for the world economy? Sure, but the Bushite scum are heavily invested in weapons manufacturers, their stocks will soar as the world goes to hell. Not a problem for the Bushite scum, they are sycophantic slime who only care about themselves.

by MD patriot on Wed Mar 15, 2006 at 11:03:14 AM PDT

Tweety said, isn't there a danger people will (2+ / 0-)

think he's insane? (Duh, certifiable.) But get this, Buchanan and Dana Milbanks (WaPo) were amazed that Tweety even had that thought. This country is so freakin nuts. 70% of Americans are pissed at Bush over this war, so he is going to go bomb Iran - start another war?? so he can make Americans happy? "they'll rally" Buchanan said. Jesus christ, please wake me up from this night mare.

what good are nukes if you don't ever usem ?
personally i think that if we use nukes we are sooooo F*cked. But that's what they intend to do. Bolton is SCUM
Rumsfeld is SCUM
Cheney is SCUM
Condy Rice is SCUM Bush is SCUM

Feith, Wolfowitz, Perl, and all the rest are......
they will nuke Iran if our own armed forces don't stand up to them. and that is a slim hope.They don't even care about what might come next. It certainly didn't bother them in Iraq.
But....Hope aint gone yet

Great use of exclamation points, this Bolton truly epitomizes the worst sort of Bushite scum sycophant. Imagine someone so bad that they can't even get past the Bushite-scum filled senate, especially when you consider the number of Bush-loving DINOs like Lieberman, Bolton is really bad.

Bolton is a LIAR.
Bush is a LIAR.
Rice is a LIAR.
Shooter is a LIAR.
Cat-Killer is a LIAR.

That is a prerequisite for joining the Bushite scum team- facile lying.

AIPAC has handed out the marching orders to Congress, and both sides of the aisle are doing their best to set things up so Bush can attack Iran.

The elephant in the room, is the same one that few would discuss (and those that did were attacked with the old canard "anti-Semite") in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. That elephant, is I-S-R-A-E-L. In concert with Big Oil and the MIC (military-industrial complex), the neocons are sticking with their original PNAC developed (in 1998) plan, and the Dems are as guilty as the Repugs for doing their bidding.

Here's just the latest example of some of what these "Israel Firsters" are up to (it would be nice if they devoted as much attention to this nation's business, as they did to Israel's): [....]

Bolton is simply another neocon in the mold of Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, and all the rest, and he dishonors this nation by being allowed to continue to serve as our representative to the U.N. But frankly, the powers and money behind this latest gambit (an Iran attack), is so overwhelming, and the people supporting it so entrenched, I see no way of stopping it ..... just like with Iraq.

Now, having said all of that, and as Juan Cole pointed out in a recent article, Iran is a good ten years from having the bomb, so why the hurry? Because Bush needs the protection of being a "war president", the oil boys want to call Iran their own, and Israel and their supporters are demanding we march, ...NOW!

I turned on the TeeVee yesterday, and on the news channels all the media bimbos were hyperventilating over the "threat" posed by Iran. Slick graphics showed an image of Iran followed by a radioactive symbol, and headlines urged viewers to worry about what we should do about the nuclear threat.

It is essentially a closed case in our media: Iran has nukes and they're going to use them against us if we let them build any. They're madmen. Their ruler is a madman, and he's a tyrant as well. They're out to GET US!

The media have scared the shit out of Americans by fabricating a story from nothing, absolutely nothing, and Americans are too stupid to see through the bullshit storm. The idea that Iran is a threat to our military might is quite ludicrous, laughable even, except that this threat will be used to whip up the masses into a war frenzy.

Make no mistake, we will conquer Iran. Maybe not in time for the '06 elections, but definitely before the '08 presidential election. Bush could probably go in now, but my guess is that he's waiting for another terrorist attack to "get through" to a blue state city before hitting Iran. Without enough troops, Bush may just try bombing the shit out of Iran, killing as many innocent brown people as possible.

"Birds...scream at the top of their lungs every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth...but sadly we don't speak bird." ~Kurt Cobain, Journals

by Subterranean on Wed Mar 15, 2006 at 10:38:06 PM PDT

I wonder if God created the Moon so these folks would have a place to live someday if the rest of us put our minds to providing transportation for them.


Ibn said...

Greetings "Dag".

I had run into your long commentary on another blog titled "

In it, you had said
"In fact, I have little but scorn for Muslims,"

I take it you mean all Muslims by the statement, irregardless of their political, moral, or ethical persuasions.

My mother happens to identify herself as a Muslim. Given your statement, I would like to inquire as to why you "scorn" my mother.

Thank you

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dag said...

Ibn, son of mother, seems happy to look for confirmation that I'm giving his mother a hard time. A general scorn of all Muslims who practice Islam includes by simple arithmetic particular all praticing and self-identified Muslims, not escaping it no matter whose mother one might happen to be.

Ibn ask if I scorn his mother who is a Muslim. Not my business in the lady's particular case. As a Muslimah, a practicioner of Islam, as a promoter of whimmitude, yup.

So, Ibn, what's your problem?

Ibn said...


... I..Im sorry. I dont understand your answer. Would you be kind enough to rephrase? ...

My question is simple: My mother, is a Muslim. Do you scorn her, even though you have never met her, by virtue of her faith?

If the asnwer is in the affirmative, my next question was going to be:

"How can you judge my mother, if you have never met her, by virtue of her faith? What does knowing her faith tell you about her character, and ethical persuasion?"

I didnt want to ask the second question too soon though. Rather confirm the first.

Thanks again.


P.S. Its just "Ibn", not "son of mother". :)