Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stogie sums it up.

There is a mental illness around the world today that is a seeming expanded version of classical anti-Semitism, a form of mass insanity I like to call "anti-Semericanism." It's a mass idiocy, a fad of ugliness and evil, not different except in scope and scale from anti-Semitism. It's so phony, so manufactured for the sole expression of false feeling for the sake of feeling anything rather than the innate banality of the self in the face of Modernity, that one is left disgusted by it. This anti-Americanism is so cheap and stupid and automatic and dirty that one must wonder just how empty people can be to pick this up as their hope of meaning and value in their personal lives. To them I rely on Stogie to provide a visual expression of my contempt for them:


kevin said...

Anti-semetism has infected the Atzlan movement as well. You'll have to wash your eye's after seeing this

Stogie said...

Yaaay Dag!

Kevin, I checked out that Atzlan site and see you are right.

dag said...

I'm discouraged by the fascist revivalism in Mexico as seen in the page Kevin links us to.

I first encountered this group in Mexico City in the mid-1980s at one of the universities. At the time it was a pseedo-nationalist organisation more akin to the Irish "Blue Shirts" than to the Nazis as it is now. Mexico was and is a multi-ethnic place outside Mayan Chiapas and isolated parts in the south. The movement, such as it was, meant to raise up a myth, a la Sorel, to provide a new identity for Mexicans based on the illusory manufacture of Axtecs. It was embarrassing to see grown and affluent men and women at a major university extolling the virtues of Human sacrifice and cannibalism. At that level of society it was a harmless intellectual fad. But now, 30 years later, the fad is the norm among too many naive and illiterate people who think it's reality. That is the crime of the intellectuals.

It isn't even a crime originated by Mexican intellectuals. As is so often the case, this fascism is imported from Europe by Europeans. This is, once again, a philobarbarism imposed on the people that makes them insane. Once they become insane they must then suffer the tortures of insanity and the punishments of whatever their behaviours demand in response form the rational.

The Left has corrupted the Latino population with phatasies that drive them to violence and suicide. It is murder. Rather than impose by reason the progressive ideals of the West on the primitives the Left has undertaken a campaign of returning the primitives to an age of uber-primitivism, one that didn't exist, and that would be worst than the ages that did. Many Mexicans are so confused about the history of Mexico that they think the Left version of Axteca is good. This is a murderous agenda on the part of the intelligentsia. I get angry when cynical and diseased minds of the Left send peasants to die in sqaulor and to murder in states of manufactured rage only to satisfy the whims of the bored middle-classes in the West.

Unlike people like Ottawa Core, I know peasants directly, have relationships with them at a personal level, and I can write honestly that I do what I can to give them some sense of progress in which they, like any Human, can live their lives freely and productively.

I hate people who dehumanise others. There are people who are evil, and it's prudent and rational to kill them as quickly as possible. Some of those evil people are the Left controllers who torment the primitives of the world to the point they implode. The ideology of philobarbarism is destroying the peasant world for the sake of the Left philobarbarists. Twisting the minds of peasants and tormmenting them with resentments and hatred toward Modernity and unleashing them on the world to be slaughtered is a crime. It's murder. To charge up a young idiot lkie Rachael Corrie and to send her to her death is murder. When I see Presbyterians doing that, and when I see the dead and the mangled and when I too am attacked by otherwise peaceful and docile people, then I want to apply Indian punishments on those who are the root cause of this mad behaviour.

The peasants are not fascists to begin with. They are made mad by Left philobarbarists. Now it's so out of control we will very likely have to stomp on entire nations to bring them ot heel and to turn them back to Modernity by force. All this needless killing only because intellectuals from the West had nothing better to do than cause trouble for the sake of having something to do with their time.

Yes, hanging is too good for them.