Monday, May 01, 2006

Corporal Punishment; Islamic Lesson.

2006/04/19 - Tétouan, MOROCCO.

When Nihad, a 6 year old girl, walked on a prayer carpet belonging to Moustafa LAZRAK, a "f'qih" and imam, he beat her.

On April 19th, in Tétouan, Morocco, a "f'qih", whose role is to teach Islam, attacked the 6 year old girl at the Sidi Ahmed El Bekkal School. In Morocco the "f'qih" is a public education occupation in Islamic law: the position is of 'imam/teacher' in Koranic schools.

Moustafa LAZRAK was praying in the early afternoon, in the classroom, although it was time to begin the class. Entering the room, little Nihad inadvertently stepped on the prayer carpet of the "f'qih". Lazrak then beat the child.

Later in the afternoon, after the beating, the school phoned Fatima, the girl's mother, explaining her that her daughter had "fallen". When Fatima discovered her daughter' condition, she questioned the persons in charge, who delivered another version of the story.

The child confirmed the facts. The imam-teacher hit her violently and she fell on the ground.

The mother was alerted two hours later. Fatima drove Nihad to the hospital where doctors confirmed the gravity of the lesions and trauma. The child's family decided to take legal action against Moustafa Lazrak.

Further facts came to light: this wasn't Moustafa LAZRAK's first violent attack against children.

According to a person in charge of Human Rights the Sidi Ahmed El Bekkal school administration pressured the children who witnessed the attack to deny the facts.

Original translation by SUXXES
[Ed. Dag.]


eyesallaround said...

Disgusting pig. What kind of sick freak could do something like that to a little girl. Vicious scum...

Conan said...

Rotten bastards! real brave you fuckin' Islamic scumbag! Grrrrrrrrrrr

dag said...

I saw that kind of thing daily in the Middle East for close to two years. I stll hear, and heard last evening, some fool going on about a friend who was in palestine and now claims: "The Palestinians treated me so well. They were so nice." And I have the scars to prove just how wrong that is. I hate those bastards so intensely that it's a miracle that I don't die of a stroke.

eyesallaround said...

Don't have a stroke! But I know how you feel. I'm going to get a hybrid because I so hate giving even a dime to the damn OPEC mussies.

Last night we were talking with an old jackass from Lebanon and I was telling him how I was going to get the new Camry Hybrid. He said "Ya, but it's just a Camry." I said "Ya, but it gets 43 mpg." I was nice though and didn't add that I was getting it primarily to stick it to the mussies! I hate them too... I would get the Prius (60mpg) but my husband doesn't like it and wouldn't drive it, thus defeating a lot of its purpose.

dag said...

I ride an off-road motorcycle. I wear body armour that makes me look like Darth Vader. My Gandhi image is going all to Hell in a hurry.

This all reminds me of Chesterton's Three Men in a Boat:

I saw three men, triplets in their early forties, all exceedingly fat, sitting one behind the other on a Jawa. Each was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, and each had his fringe of hair blowing back from his bald head. The motorcycle puttered along with these three fat triplicates holding on to each other, and I had to hold on to myself to keep from falling over laughing. Yeah, I climbed the Great pryamid at Giza, but my most vivid memory of Egypt is often of those three fat guys on the Jawa.

Stogie said...

Poor little kid. Anyone who would harm a child for such a triviality is a complete asshole and needs killing.

eyesallaround said...

Sounds like my horse riding days... First I cracked a rib, result = vest. Then I split my head (skin only thank God and a bump), result = helmut. Of course there were the requisite boots, gloves, etc... I looked like robo cop!

The head cracking event was quite amusing in retrospect. Picture a blond with faded jean jacket riding through Dallas with blood all over the back of her head and back... It looked like I was in a drive-by shooting! Would you believe they made me wait 1.5 hours before a doctor checked it out in the ER? Amazing.

I never felt "shocky" until I got home and showered. The smell of blood made feel like I was going to pass out. Strange.

You know you've lived a full life by the number of scars you exit with:>) At least that's what I keep telling myself. LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a big man. How about coming to my house and trying that? Or does your religion insist that you hit children instead of men? Problem is, where are the real men in his country? What a backward society that allows cowardice like this, and then blames the west for its own stupidity. Somebody put this clown out of his misery already!

dag said...

Anon, I'm sorry you've had to wait so long to see your response on the page here. I have to moderate the comments due to my being at a different blog these days, leaving the corpus of No Dhimmitude to sit and be its own thing without my constant attention. As you can well imagine, there are those who would take advantage of my absence to do as they please. I haven't yet had occasion to censor anyone, but I must have some simple prudence as my guide.

Thank you for your response above. I too would like to get my hands on those who beat children. As that's not possible in a larger sense, I continue to work as something of an educator in this field in the hope that the public reader here will come away with some understanding that things are not what they seem in the world of Islam according to the New York Times, and so on, that things are actually very different from the phantasies of the mainstream media. We cannot as individuals solve the greater problem of the culture of violence that it the Islamic world; but we can know about it to a greater extent, and in so knowing we can patiently explain totthe deluded that Ilam is not peace, not even for children under the care of its tenets. If we can beging to understand the nature of Islam as a viilent poligion, a political religion, then we might in unison demand an accounting rather than swoon in sentimental fits at the sound of the word, giving away all critical facilities to those who in reality go so far as to beat up little girls. That has to be our best effort at this time, a simple denial of the lies of the media. In time, perhaps, we will come to be a majority of people who can demand of our representatives a better account of the ways of Islam and some physical accounting may come even from that.

Agian, thank you and thnks to others who come here and leave their opinions and insights and even their raging disagreements. This is still a blog of free expression, the one thing that will allow us to move further toward basic rights for all rather than lies to cover up the sins of the few.