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Cops Lost Cop-killer?

Is it possible that a man was released from prison and not deported to Somalia but was instead allowed to continue his criminal carreer to the point that he murdered an on-duty policewoman during the course of a robbery? Am I misreading this story?


Was Beshenivsky suspect passed over for deportation?
(Filed: 02/05/2006)

The Home Office is trying to discover whether one of the supects in the killing of WPc Sharon Beshenivsky was among 1023 foreign criminals mistakenly released from prison instead of being considered for deportation.

According to the Times Online website, Mustaf Jama, who is thought to have left the country, had served half of a three-year prison sentence for robbery after being convicted at Sheffield Crown Court.

Jama, 25, had been granted permission to remain in the UK for seven years after arriving in the country from Somalia in 2000, the website claimed.

But thirteen months ago the Home Office gave prison governors detailed rules about deporting foreign prisoners.

A separate 90-page Home Office circular set out a strict timetable for considering each foreign prisoner for deportation.

Earlier, in a severe embarrassment for Home Secretary Charles Clarke, it emerged that a stream of non-UK convicts was being released into the community for a whole year after the new rules should have come into force.

A Home Office spokesman confirmed that an investigation had been launched to establish whether Jamma was among the criminals who was set free in error.

"We are looking into it but we are unable to provide any further details," she said.

Jama is believed to have been given the right to stay in the UK. But it is unclear when, and no details of previous brushes with the law are yet available.

Police have warned that Jama, thought to have been born in Somalia, may have tried to leave the UK.

Five other men are in custody awaiting trial for the Pc's murder.

Charles Clarke is to make a new statement about the foreign criminals blunder in the Commons tomorrow.

Shadow home secretary David Davis said: "Yet again we see that the levers at the Home Office are not connected to anything.

"The Home Secretary and his ministers need to realise they need to do more than just issue ineffective 90-page circulars."

Was suspect freed in error?


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