Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six Pieces of Good News

There is actually a lot more good news bits but there's only one photo so far of six pieces. That should suffice.

Palestinian prime minister Ismail Haniya and president Mahmoud Abbas lashed out Friday at the decision by the United States and European Union to halt direct financial aid to the Palestinian Authority.

"These decisions were hasty and unjust," Haniya said in a press conference following his meeting with Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas.

"The world should respect the choice of the Palestinian people," said Haniya, a senior member of the Islamic radical Hamas movement.

Abbas said that "the Palestinian people should not be punished for their democratic choice."
Respect the "Palestinians" for electing terrorists and then give them money and then watch them commit more terrorism.

Excuse me, I'm off to look for more photos.

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