Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blowed Up Real Good (7)

Tim Hortons is famous across Canada for making the country's best coffee. Sunday afternoon an unidentified person blew himself up in an inferno he set himself in Canada's largest city at Canada's busiest intersection. Which has to do with jihad?

Tim Hortons is something of a Canadian icon, similar to Starbucks--Canadian style. Canadian military personnel now in Afghanistan have been clamouring for a piece of home away from home, and their pick of that piece is Tim Hortons in Khandahar and Kabul. If this fire-bombing gone well was poitically motivated or jihadi related, we could easily see Tim Horton as the symbol in Canada to attack.

As things now stand, with the Canadian authorities clamping down on furhter information, we will have to wait for bloggers to find out more for us. Rightly so, most people outside Canada won't know Tim Horton from Wimpy. For those who know Canada, this is resonant. We must rely now on bloggers.

Julian Fantino, commissioner of Emergency Management Ontario, the provincial agency in charge of co-ordinating the response to events such as terrorist attacks, did not return phone calls Monday.

Mr. Fantino's office was kept aware of the incident as it was unfolding, said Public Security Minister Monte Kwinter.

Below is a further update from Canadian Sentinel:

It's hard to explain to Americans just how Canadian Tim's is - if apple pie is all-American, then Tim's is defintely all-Canadian. Even if you "don't like their donuts" - it's a bit of a national debate, but everyone knows how they feel about Tim's, Tim's donuts, Tim's coffee ("double-double" just got into the Canadian Oxford Dictionary). . . . They've used "True Patriot Love" (a quote from the national anthem) as an advertising slogan, for pete's sake, and a Tim's is being sent to Afghanistan , at the request of the Canadian equivalent of the American Head of the Joint Chiefs, to help fuel the Canadian soldiers there. So -- you can imagine how people were reacting when this story was breaking.

Some one didn't like the coffee.

An "unidentified some person" exploded in the washroom at Tim Hortons doughnut shop in Toronto, Canada today near Yonge and Bloor streets. Think of Time's Square. Think Charing Cross Station. Think of your busiest intersection. Think of the local coffee shop.

We can ask Mr. Islam, owner of doughnut shop, for his impressions of today's bombing. We'll have to await further details to know if there is any further connection to the religion of peace.

Man dies in explosion at Toronto Tim Hortons

Canadian Press


A man died Sunday after an explosion in the washroom of a Tim Hortons doughnut shop in downtown Toronto, police said.

They did not immediately confirm reports, by radio station AM-640, that a man had entered the washroom shortly before the blast with explosives strapped to his body.

Police said no one else was involved and there were no other injuries. They couldn't say whether the dead man was a customer or an employee.

The blast happened at the shop east of Yonge Street and north of Bloor, one of the busiest intersections in the city, at around 1 p.m. local time. Traffic was tied up in the area and Yonge Street was closed in both directions.

Fire department spokesman Daryl Fuglerud said the man had burns to his body.
[Bombing at Russian subway station]
Several hours after the explosion, a crowd of employees were escorted away from the scene together with Tim Hortons District Manager Amin Islam. They appeared shaken, and some attempted to shield their faces from the throng of television cameras. They refused questions, but Islam said they were doing well.

A Tim Hortons spokesman confirmed the dead man was not an employee, but his identity was not immediately known. [....]

A second loud bang was heard in the area several hours after the first, but police would not immediately confirm whether it was the intentional detonation of remaining explosives on the scene, or an unrelated blast.


One woman who works in the area said the threat of violence so close to home came a surprise to her.

"It's scary - it's like you're just not safe anywhere," said Safina Vig, 29. "Anything can happen at any moment, especially in your own neighbourhood."

Bathroom explosions? Happens once in a while. Cranky customers, you know.

Tel Aviv blast injures 20

Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:17:12 EST
CBC News

As many as 20 people were injured on Thursday when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a restaurant near Tel Aviv's old central bus station, a week ahead of the Palestinian elections.

The bomber was killed and one other person was seriously wounded, said emergency workers.

Witnesses say the bomber wore a backpack and posed as a peddler to get into the restaurant, which is in a crowded pedestrian mall.

Police said he detonated his explosives inside the restaurant's washroom, and speculated the bomb may have gone off prematurely as he tried to set it up.

A man has died in a "wall of flames" in a downtown Toronto coffee shop, after a device exploded inside a washroom, according to police and eyewitnesses.

Eyewitness Jenny Phillips said she heard bangs - like pops from a firecracker - and a scream "that will haunt me forever" as she left the washroom area in the Tim Hortons shop....

She smelled burnt powder, and saw there was a "wall of flames" inside the men's washroom....

Staff Sergeant Don Cole said of the device inside the restaurant. "It's not something that just blew up by itself, it was some device."

Gas can blamed for Tim Hortons explosion

Updated Sun. Apr. 2 2006 8:03 PM ET News Staff

A small can of gasoline is being blamed for an explosion that rocked a downtown Toronto Tim Hortons, claiming one man's life and causing the evacuation of a city block Sunday afternoon.

Early Sunday evening, police said an unidentified man went into the coffee shop's washroom carrying a gasoline container.

According to police, another man smelled gasoline fumes and ran out, yelling. A few moments later the blast occurred.

Investigators do not know what ignited the gasoline or what the deceased man's motives were. Suspicion is focusing on either suicide or arson. They say he was definitely not a terrorist.

Question 2397

I have a question about gas (fart). If I am right in the middle of salaat and if gas is on the way, can just stop it or I have to let it out. Can we stop the gas? or even though you stop it does air come out? (U.S.A)

Allah (Subhana Wa Ta'ala) Knows Best

Mufti Nawal-ur-Rahman

It's not possible to trust the Canadian media after this particular stary below:

Something smells.


CD Baric said...

It was probably a Krispy Kream Plot.

Islam is the Religion of Peace... and the purveyor of fine coffee and baked treats. Just ask Mr. Islam, he knows.


truepeers said...

Holy Timbits Dag, this is the first I've heard. First thought, in this day and age, is of course Islam. But it could be someone too sugared and caffeined to know when to stop following his models: Tim Horton was a tough guy hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs who, upon retirement, started a donut business. It prospered and one day he was bought out by a corporation with the dream of taking Tim's nationwide, as in fact they have now done. One day, after cashing out, Tim died in a car accident. Soon after, the corporation came out with a donut hole product named Timbits.

This is a well-known story in Canada, always told with a sick sense of humour (sorry if it is inappropriate at this time). Perhaps the bomber is a recent immigrant who, while working hard to assimilate to the hockey-loving culture, heard the story and couldn't believe the horrible cynicism of the infidel corporations, and so he decided to blow it up.

Just a theory, but this could be a sign of the nascent globlal antiglobaliazation left/Islamic alliance.

truepeers said...

But of course Tim Hortons just announced that they would open a store on the Kandahar base to serve the Canadian soldiers there.

dag said...

Well, I'm baffled by the problem: how do they deal now with the "Fruit Explosion" muffin?

Will Canada ever recover?

Pastorius said...

You guys are trying to make sense of the Jihad?


Please, go on. The Jihad has left me with almost no sense of humor, but I do find this funny.

Let's see:

Hockey + Donuts = Jihad
Corporations+ Hockey = Donuts
Donuts + Corporations = Jihad

Well, of course.

dag said...

The point now is that we will likely never know what the guy was doing. How likely is anyone to commit suicide in a public toilet by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself alight? Not very. It's not too likely he'd go int atoilet to torch the place either, not on a Sunday afternoon at the busiest intersection in Canada. The whole thing is weird. But Toronto has a policy of not releasing details of crimes, whether it's people committing suicide on the train tracks or jumping off bridges or anything else.

Our best hope of finding out what was going on was to get eyewitnesses, but so far none have come forward. I have contacted some, but they aren't journalists, and not even very good bloggers. Time will tell us what the story is. We will have to rely on bloggers for it, because I repeat that the governments of Canada are determined not to let out information they feel will upset the order and good government they maintain is their purpose in life.

We bin had. For now we wait to see if we can squeeze more info out of this story if there is more to come. If not we try again when the next one happens, which I'm sure it will.

In the meantime, if some guy toasts his doughnuts in the toilet, well, let's have a laugh at his expense.

eyesallaround said...

I like this one:

Islam - Allah = Communism

I just saw that at "Always on Watch" blogspot.


WRT the story, it sounds more like murder than suicide.

Improbulus Maximus said...

I'm just taking a stab here, but it sounds like possibly the Muslim Brotherhood was trying to send a message to secular muslims to get back in the fold, as it were.

dag said...

We can hope that Canadians look at this more deeply than they have so far. The authorities are seemingly determined to make this into a case of nothing at all. I see it in terms of the incident in North Carolina in which the Muslim drove his rented SUV into a crowd of students. We'll have to wait to find out if the man in question is Mulsim. Bloggers will let us know. The authorities will not.

CD Baric said...

Is it possible it was not just a huffer looking for a gasoline high and a smoke?

Huffers are usually quite brain damaged and accidents are common but usually not very spectacular.

I will be looking forawrd to an explanation - possiblely when the 'victim' is IDed.


dag said...

Yes, toxic solvent huffers are known to frequent the yuppie Yorkville area, and a public toilet is as good a place as any to go for a high. The question is whether we will ever find out the truth, given the nature of paternalism in Canadian governance.

Look to the example of Marc Lepin, murderer of Montreal's engineering students in 1989.

The fact that Lepin is actually an Algerian Muslim who left a jihadi rant suicide note behind is still hardly known to Canadians who feel that he was a "traditional male," as our sociologically minded intelligentsia call him and others who murder women.

The human torch might well be a low-life huffer; only bloggers will let us know the truth. We cannot depend on the media for that.

dag said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Canadian Sentinel said...

Dag, as you requested, here's new information:

The Northeast Intelligence Network is investigating this incident. The similarity to the Hinrichs bombing last fall at Oklahoma U stadium isn't lost on them.

Seems TATP explosives were involved, according to NIN.

Trinket said...

What have you done to your blog?

It doesn't look so good.


dag said...

Looks the same to me. what's up at your end that doesn't look so good?

CD Baric said...

Sorry Dag, just some poor brain damaged huffer looking for someplace warm to get high and have a smoke.

Now he is smoking in HELL right beside The Prophet Mohammed (Flames Be Upon Him)!


dag said...

I'm doing what I can to improve the loading tie with this blog, but in doing that I seem to have wrecked the solaase of the page. am doing what I can to fix it all and carry on. Please accept my apologies for this rough patch.

Sincerely, Dag.