Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bat Ye'or's Eurabia Now in French

Those interested in and concerned about France and Eurabia generally will definitely want to turn to the two posts linked below. They are of immediate interest, and regardless of world public opinion regarding the French elite, we must keep in mind they don't represent the French people any more than do the yoots, the Communists, and the anarchists. Keep in mind that all across the Western world we are in a state of civil war. Here are two pieces that show very clearly where that war is headed.


Oberon said... Wafa Sultan and watch her Al-Jazeera interview on ifilm........magnificent!

dag said...

Thanks for the tip.

There is a great deal of copy on the Internet now about Ms. Sultan, much of it inspiring and also depressing. The lady is in danger of being killed for speaking out against the savageries of Mulsim life. However, it takes this kind of eye-opening incident to make all of us aware of our duties to protect all people guiltless people from harm: that wherever a woman resides, she is within the protection of our polities simply because she is resident, and we will not stand by idly to watch another attack her. Every man on the planet should come to her rescue if she's threatened. At best, one might hope that those around her will say to each other and to themselves: "I will not allow this community to be ruled by thugs and killers. No one can get to any one here except through me; and I will fight."

When we have proven and definite confidence in our fellows that they value our comunities and our lives as citizens and residents, when we know that others care enough about our cities and our nations that they will come to the aid of the oppressed, then we'll again have real lives in real places. When those in my community and in my nation know that I will not stand by and let others harm you, regardless of who you are, where you come from, what you say, then we'll have communities worth living in again. But if you're afraid to speak against evil because I am a coward, then we have nothing I want any part of.

If we won't fight against evil because we don't even understand that it exists, then we won't defend those victims of it. If half of ours make excuses for killers, then Ms. Sultan is indeed a very brave person to make any claims about anything. Her neighbours themselves could well be complicit in harm done to her. That should not even be conceivable. It should be our natural response that she is protected as we are all protected by our states and our neighbours and our own values. It's shameful that we live in communities where half of our own would justify and apologise if she were harmed.

No, not here. We accept boundaries and we defend them and those inside. Those who would attack the guiltless are in deeper shite than they can conceive. Doing evil is not allowed. No explanations. No excuses. There's no place for evil here. Ms Sultan, those like her, they are free here because we will not allow harm to come to her and to our communities. There's no place here for evil.

I go on about this because people are afraid to speak in public. I am not. Nor are my mates here. We raise our voices and say aloud: we do not accept evil. We have to say this out loud and in public so others can hear us and repeat it too. Not everyone is as brave as Ms. Sultan. Those who are brave have to know that there are men nearby who will defend them when they who are brave speak up like she did.

You can speak out against the evils of Islam and dhimmitude. You can speak and I will be there to smash the crap out of anyone who tries to harm you because of it. Everyone should know that every man will defend that speaker. We shouldn't even have to think about it. We do have to wnder, and my mates and I and others around the world meet weekly to say in public: "Speak. We will defend you."

In time there wil be many and thousands and millions who will shout this, and then there will be a freedom again to speak against evil and to fight it. And we will win this battle against evil.