Friday, April 07, 2006


We had another weekly meeting that ended just recently, this being too late in the evening for me to carry on in detail.

Much of our discussion this evening concerned contracts and covenants. We talked of mountain climbing. I'll return to this tomorrow with further details.

The illustration above is by El Greco, "Mount Sinai."

Tertullian didn't ask: "What has Sparta to do with Jerusalem?" We ask that. We must; and we must answer it rightly.

We met last evening at the Vancouver Public Library in the atrium to discuss further our struggle against Islam, jihad, and Left dhimmi fascism, the collapse of the Will of the West. We began our discussion with a feast of Tim-Bits, donuts from Tim Horton's Doughnut Shop, in loving memory of the guy who died, the hockey player whose name is Tim.

Much of our discussion during the evening centred on the idea of an organic national unity in Canada. One might look on this as a model for other nations now submerged in multi-culti phantasies of communitarianism and elitist misrule: if your nation is a political junk pile of relativist ideologies heaped choc-a-block on fragmented voter groups, then whether you live in Canada or not, your public social and political problems are likely those of Canada anyway. We talked about nations. What are our nations? What does it mean to be French, American, German, English, Canadian? Does it mean, should it mean, anything at all? Can it mean something if now it doesn't but could? We are becoming politically involved. We are asking what we might do to transform our nations in positive ways according to organic reality. What has Sparta to do with Jerusalem? What does struggle and focus and aggression and competition have to do with the shopping mall? What does the meaning of a valid life have to do with the 35 hour work-week and early retirement?

What does nation have to do with multi-culti nonsense? And what do we have to do with the meaning of our own lives?

We are in solid agreement that the Left is in its death agonies. We recognize the Left as clinging to its worthless life. We see that once the Left is buried under the rubbish heap of history something must take its place, that some ruling idea will arise. What will that be, and who will make it? History is on the march to a new Jerusalem, and who will lead us there; what will we make of it once we arrive? Who will lead us? Cambyses?

We discussed the nature of contract and covenant. Our metaphorical contract is null and void; we are in need of a covenant. We are about to remake nation as Will. We, the people, are making as we live through this time of change, a new reality of political identity. We and others. As the Left dies and so too does Islam we will live, and we must live as something. We must have a new covenant, an encomium of Man, the ground of the aether: we will make a new covenant among us.

What has Sparta to do with Jerusalem?

Will of Coventry.

We'll return to this over the duration.

The second image is by J. Tintoretto.


maccusgermanis said...

What contracts are you calling "null and void"?

I understand and share a great disappointment, in various western civilizations for their dangerous apathy toward islam. But I prefer a slightly different aim, such as Mt 5:17 "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."

I already live in nation built upon great promises, largely realized. That so many in power, make abuse of their position is nothing that was not anticipated. We were warned that "eternal vigilance" is the price of our liberty. I see no need to remake great nations, but rather the need that great nations should renew their vigilance and energy.

We have apologized for long enough for having been nations of ideas and energy.

dag said...

The reference to contracts is more or less to Rousseau's Contrat Social, a particularly repulsive piece of work, in my opinion.

Compare the social contract, the impossible prior agreement in a Hobbsean world, the unecessary contract in a Rouseauean world, to the world of today's Left dhimmi fascism and mulit-culti victim culture. The contract is a failure on all fronts.

The point to make is that a covenant is required, the same one we had but seem to have broken in our rush to be politically correct, to be utopian and philobarbarist, in short to be dhimmiified.

It's time that we re-affirm our covenant with our nations: with each other, and with our own relationship to our beings as citizens of our lands.

The point is to condemn multi-cultural phantasy and victimology in favor of individuals making a covenant with our lands as members of our lands, as competitive and independent rather than as infantalised victims or gnostic elitsts.

When I pledge allegiance to my nation I want it to mean my nation, not to mean to my membership in some emphemeral special interest group owed privilege by dint of my victimhood.

I like other people, as a rule, but I am not others myself. I am and they are. I have a commonality with my own nation, not with a brotherhood of man first and foremost but with me and mine, and later with others possibly.

Truepeers and I are working on this, and over the duration we'll try to clarify a thesis that we hope will appeal to all people within the bounds of reason and decency. Multi-culturalism is not a good effort for us. Not who we are as victims, but who are we as a nation? Not what are we against, but what are we as positive and good and worth making more of? Do we have a national identity that supercedes our victimhood? I think so. I think our nationhood is excellent, and I want it elevated not diminished. The greatness of our nation is a shared identity and a shared responsiblity. Internationalism and multi-culturealism and moral relativism are probably fine in a science fiction novel but in the real world the stateless man is ineffective. To be all is to be nothing. To be American is to be-- or not to be-- a man of the polity whom one can say is either or is not.

I'll have more to write on this subject later, as will truepeers.