Monday, April 03, 2006

Dreams and Illusions

Sorbonne University president Jean-Robert Pitte:

"I'm very angry about the demagogy, the ignorance and the stupidity of the young and of the French," said Dr Pitte, 56, a geography professor who has taught at Oxford and Cambridge and holds the L├ęgion d'honneur.

"Today's youth don't have dreams, they have illusions. To dream is to want to accomplish something difficult that is a challenge. Instead youngsters believe they have a right to everything and if things don't go the way they want it's someone else's fault."

Tim Blair wryly comments:

Dr Pitte's car insurance just quadrupled.

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steve said...

Dag, I just read your comment on my blog. Thanks for dropping by-- you're more than welcome to see what's going on out there anytime!

Hope life settles down for you soon...

dag said...

Thank you, Steve.

For those who've followed this blog for any length of time it will be known well enough that I have some deep love of the suburbs. Steve takes a picture from his front room daily and posts it at his blog. I find that satisfying and humane. At 1/125 of a second per day we get to view a slice of life in the suburbs of common decency and care.

truepeers said...

In my experience, the nihilism and delusions of today's youth begins with professors just about Dr. Pitte's age. Not that they're all nihilists, but enough to make the moment.