Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dead-beat Media Tell No Tales

Eight men were murdered in a farmer's feild in the past day or so in Nowhere, Ontario, Canada. The police are saying the followint things to the public about the case.

SHEDDEN, Ontario (AP) -- The bodies of eight men were found Saturday inside four vehicles abandoned in a remote wooded area on a farmer's property in rural Ontario.

Police were not disclosing many details about the deaths....

"We're not in a position to reveal how they were murdered," Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Dave Rektor said.

The Ontario coroner and the attorney general's office declined comment.

During a news conference Saturday afternoon, OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor said it is too early to speculate on motives for the killings.

"At this point we're at the very early stages of this investigation and we're not in a position to speculate on what the motive may be," Rektor said.

Police are not revealing how the eight men died, brushing off reporters' questions about whether the victims had been shot.

Police also sidestepped questions about the deaths being gang-related.
Multiple murder discovered in a rural Ont. field CTV.

Shocked residents were in search of answers, although police were not disclosing many details about the bizarre crime scene.

They refused to make any link to organized crime or confirm reports that each of the men had been shot to death.

"We're not in a position to reveal how they were murdered," Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Dave Rektor told a news conference about eight hours after the bodies were found by the property owner at about 8:30 a.m.

"I won't confirm at this point what the persons were killed by."

[A] tow truck was found parked on the shoulder with a small silver car hooked to the back. The tow truck was marked with the logo "Superior Towing." The owner of a firm by that name in the Toronto area denied that the truck was one of his.

"Whether or not it's connected to anything we're not sure," Rektor said.

Another man whose property borders the dirt road said he was frustrated by the lack of information provided by authorities.

"I've heard more from a friend in Calgary whose daughter was on the Internet than I've heard from around here," he said.

Neither Ontario's coroner nor the Attorney General's office would comment.

Police, whose cruisers blocked both ends of Stafford Line well into the evening, would not answer questions but were stopping cars to ask drivers what they had seen.

A covered transport truck was to remove the vehicles - bodies in tow - and take them to Toronto under the cloak of darkness.

-Fourteen women killed by anti-feminist Marc Lepine at Montreal's Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in December 1989. Lepine wounded another nine women and four men and fatally shot himself. [Lepine was a Muslim who left jihadi hate-rants behind. Somehow the authorities and the media always forget to mention that part.]


It's becoming impossible to care any longer what the legacy media do. If they do report on stories at all they get them wrong or they leave out essential details or they outright lie. The law enforcement agencies are no better. The civil government is worse. Did you know from the media that Marc Lepine is a Muslim who killed women because he learned from his Muslim father to hate women? Did you know that Islam is officially and canonically misogynistic? Do you think that our nations are hijacked by a small minority of extremist ideologues who are corrupting an otherwise pretty good system? No, of course not. We all know we're racist and Islamophic, like the thirteen year old Australians who were raped by a family of Muslims for being sluts. Shame on us. It's all our fault for humiliating Muslims.

Death to Israel.
Death to America
And so on.


Pastorius said...

What do you suspect happened there, Dag?

It seems that if they "aren't in the position to say how they were murdered", then the method of murder would probably give a clue as to what kind of people did the murdering and why.


dag said...

I put this up to show again just how low an opinion the elites in the West have of the people. My guess is that this was a motorcycle gang slaying. It's not a big deal. I'm happy to see these people kill each other off. But I'm disgusted to find that the government and media feel that we the people don't have the sense to deal with simple facts like "They were all shot to death." What is the big mystery? There isn't one. It's a matter of not informing the public as a matter of habit born of contempt.

The point is that bloggers, people without positions in the public eye, bloggers tell the world the truth. Last week a guy burned to death in a Tim Horton's toilet. Still no word about who he was. No, the authorities refuse to telland the media refuse to dig up the truth. It's up to the people in these democracies we live in to make things work. ther's no reason at all to bemoan the facts of our elites' treatment of the people. Simply ignore them and do the work of men and women who have skills and intelligence that they don't generally think they have. We do not need professional liars in the media to further humiliate us. Screw them. We're adults. We can live and work and learn and explore on our own. That's democracy. That's adult living. Did we need the mainstream media to tell us the police won't tell them anything?

Good grief, we have to do things for ourselves.

Canadian Sentinel said...

It could actually have been an Islamic slaying of their "Caucasian" members. After all, JuF has many white male members within its ranks, and there are actually indications that Tim McVeigh was somehow connected to AQ and maybe even Al-Zawahiri, who had visited Oklahoma in 1995 prior to the APM bldg. bombing.

Equally possible is the gang-related angle.

The tow truck? Y'all must understand that organized crime owns many prominent "legitimate" businesses, facilitated by the previous Librano admin, which pretty much left the criminal & terrorist orgs alone... professional courtesy and all. I personally have received intel as to a prominent business which is owned by organized crime. Got it from a Liberal, actually, who himself actually knows those people. His cavalier candidness was a shock to me... I then knew we in Canada have a serious problem with widespread infiltration of criminals and terrorists which is just waiting for detection and rectification, but won't be easy or happen quickly.

As for the slaying of the eight, we can expect MSM silence, in contrast to the extensive, top-story coverage of the Lepine massacre and the Pickton farm mass murders.

Anything possibly jihadist/Islamist related... expect as little coverage as they can get away with.

I learned about Lepine's being a Muslim and all from Small Dead Animals nearly a year ago.

It's amazing what we learn from citizens who blog that we don't learn from the MSM or the authorities.

Still no news on the Tim Blast... and, added to the fact that the outlet is owned by a man named "Islam" only adds to the list of questions being asked.

If there was no connection to terrorism, then the authorities/MSM have a duty to PROVE it with the evidence they have. Their silence on most of the incident and evidence can only be motivated by political correctness.

We might be finding out more... perhaps from bloggers and from the Northeast Intel Network, which should have more intel from their investigation in their newsletter, which one needs a subscription to see, but which one cannot legally post from due to the terms of use agreement. Previous issues of the Intel Alert are available for view by subscribers.

From my three months of subscription, the intel I saw was eye-opening. It's worth the $100/year, in my opinion, to have the exclusive intel.

I'm going to renew my subscription.

Together, let us keep watching and reporting. We're actually effectively a citizen counterterrorism network. And that's not a wishful fantasy, as the blissfully-ignorant, gambling-with-their-and-others'-lives left would dismiss it as, and has.

Pastorius said...

It could be a motorcycle, but then it doesn't make sense that the media would hide the facts of the style of the murder.

The media hides the facts for reasons of Political Correctness. At least, that's the reason they hide them here in the U.S.

It could simply be that they have a reason for hiding the facts which is strategic to capturing the killers. Sometimes, that's the reason.

I saw a picture of the crime scene (shot from helicopter). The bodies were all in cars.

That is not very Muslim-sounding. It this were done by Muslims, the deaths would have been gruesome and displayed.

On the other hand, there is reason to suspect JuF, as Canadian Sentinel says, because they are usually located in areas like this place.

I find the Tim Horton's case more interesting.

Aisha's lost doll said...

Dag, regarding your final paragraph and comments on the MSM, I may be mistaken, but I seem to detect some slight flickering of neural activity at that ultimate multiculti moonbat rag the Guardian.

Are they awakening from their dhimmi coma?



dag said...

My guess is that this mass murder is the work of motorcycle gangs. The motorcylce is for a long time now only a symbol of the gang not a means of transportation. Cars and a tow truck in a farm field are classic signs of a motorcycle gang. Look to Sonny Barger, founder fot he Hell's Angels to see the determined roots of workingclass criminal attitudes, and then trace the development of the gang into high finance: they don't go far or deep. The Angels and those offspring who idolize motorcycles are generally those who attend car shows rahter than motorcycle shows. They don't, like more sophisticated criminals, attend investment seminars.

And then compare them all to the tone of the following piece, the sullen and thuggish voice of a lone man who has nothing to back himself up:

"Your words are full of hate. You do not know what you are saying. Learn before it is too late my friend."

These are sentences from a fool who can't string together his words well enough to make a coherent thought. He, Muslim Unity, doesn't have the mental power to plan his sentences beyond the simplest grunts, let alone organise a meeting of eight men and those needed to kill them and escape undetected. On the basis of that alone I suggest this is not anything to do with Islam or Mulsims. And to find eight Muslims who own vehicles is unlikely, they mostly being city folks who own houses but no vehicles.

No, I'm fairly certain this is a common criminal killing; but given that, why won't the police and media say so? Or anything at all? I argue it is because of a deep and embedded contempt the elitists have for the people. I'll look into more of this today, citing 19th and early 20th century authors who express the common hatred of the elite for the masses, the latter being you and me.