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The Killing Bo.Bo.s

Cranks are a dime a dozen, and most of us have dozens of dollars to throw around for amusement, so there's no great loss if once in a while we encounter someone so silly and repugnanat that we feel we wasted our money hoping to be amused. But let's think about what we find below as something more than an spouting from an over-educated loser with a high opinion of himself. Let's look clearly at a man who represents a deep strain of anti-Humanism that runs through the course of Human history. The "lizard man" we'll look at below is not simply some fool out of place in the concourse of mankind. This man, from what we read below, is typical of the man we will spend the next few days looking at in some detail: He is the man who would be king. His kingdom is Death. He, like the Muslims and Left dhimmi fascists we look at and the fascists of all kinds throughout history, is an anti-Humanist. He is a particular sort of creature. He wants you and all the rest of you to die. He wants to die too. But not really, only intellectually, in some clean and tidy way out of the way, unseen and off to the side somewhere.

Below we'll see the Himmler of Texas in his glory. When we return we'll look at this kind of man in detail to see where anti-Americanism comes from.

Recently citizen scientist Forrest Mims told me about a speech he heard at the Texas Academy of Science during which the speaker, a world-renowned ecologist, advocated for the extermination of 90 percent of the human species in a most horrible and painful manner. Apparently at the speaker's direction, the speech was not video taped by the Academy and so Forrest's may be the only record of what was said. Forrest's account of what he witnessed chilled my soul. Astonishingly, Forrest reports that many of the Academy members present gave the speaker a standing ovation. To date, the Academy has not moved to sanction the speaker or distance itself from the speaker's remarks.

If the professional community has lost its sense of moral outrage when one if their own openly calls for the slow and painful extermination of over 5 billion human beings, then it falls upon the amateur community to be the conscience of science.

Forrest, who is a member of the Texas Academy and chairs its Environmental Science Section, told me he would be unable to describe the speech in The Citizen Scientist because he has protested the speech to the Academy and he serves as Editor of The Citizen Scientist. Therefore, to preclude a possible conflict of interest, I have directed Forrest to describe what he observed and his reactions in this special feature, for which I have served as editor and which is being released a week ahead of our normal publication schedule. Comments may be sent to Backscatter.

Shawn Carlson, Ph.D.,
MacArthur Fellow,
Founder and Executive Director,
Society for Amateur Scientists


Here's Pianka's website:


Here's Mimm's web page:

Here is the story we picked up from IBA:

Scientists cheer holocaust wish

Texas academy honors professor who wants 90% of human race exterminated by Ebola

Posted: April 2, 2006 5:45 p.m. Eastern

© 2006

What would happen if a world-renowned scientist and evolutionary ecologist told hundreds of his colleagues that 90 percent of the human race needed to be wiped out by exposure to Ebola or some other deadly virus?

Apparently, according to a scientist who claims to have witnessed such a remarkable event one month ago, the fiend would get a standing ovation and an award.

Forrest Mims III

That's the story being told by Forrest Mims III, a member of the Texas Academy of Science, chairman of its environmental science section and editor of the Citizen Scientist.

The speech Mims heard was delivered by Eric R. Pianka, a lizard expert from the University of Texas. It is recounted in detail in the latest issue of the Citizen Scientist.

"We're no better than bacteria," Mims quoted Pianka as saying in his condemnation of the human race, which, he claimed, is overpopulating the Earth.

The only way to save the planet for the rest of the species is to reduce the human population to 10 percent of its current number.

Eric R. Pianka

"He then showed solutions for reducing the world's population in the form of a slide depicting the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," writes Mims. "War and famine would not do, he explained. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. Pianka then displayed a slide showing rows of human skulls, one of which had red lights flashing from its eye sockets. AIDS is not an efficient killer, he explained, because it is too slow. His favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world's population is airborne Ebola (Ebola reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. However, Professor Pianka did not mention that Ebola victims die a slow and torturous death as the virus initiates a cascade of biological calamities inside the victim that eventually liquefy the internal organs."

Pianka notes in the online syllabus for his Diversity and Ecology class that the deadly form of Ebola – Ebola zaire – that has killed nine out of the 10 people infected currently only spreads by direct contact with infected blood, while Ebola reston, the close relative that currently kills only monkeys, is an airborne virus. Evolution, he says, will in time result in an airborne form fatal to humans.

Mims notes that when Pianka finished his remarks, the audience of fellow scientists and students burst out in sustained applause.

During a question-and-answer sessions, the audience laughed approvingly when Pianka offered the bird flu as another vehicle toward achieving his goal. They also chuckled when he suggested it was time to sterilize everyone on Earth.

"What kind of reception have you received as you have presented these ideas to other audiences that are not representative of us?" asked one member of the audience.

"I speak to the converted!" Pianka replied.

Mims said he spoke glowingly of the police state in China that enforces a one-child policy.

"Smarter people have fewer kids," Mims quoted Pianka as saying.

Following the question-and-answer session, Mims says "almost every scientist, professor and college student present stood to their feet and vigorously applauded the man who had enthusiastically endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population. Some even cheered. Dozens then mobbed the professor at the lectern to extend greetings and ask questions."

Mims notes five hours later, the Texas Academy of Science presented Pianka with a plaque in recognition of his being named 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist.

"When the banquet hall filled with more than 400 people responded with enthusiastic applause, I walked out in protest," he writes.

Mims, an electronics author, has written some 60 books that have sold 7.5 million copies.

Maybe Pianka didn't say any of the things reported above. The point isn't whether he did or not; our concern is to know about the mind of the man who did or would or does. We'll look at that mind next.

Photo of work by C. Brancusi.


truepeers said...

Unbelievable. If this is for real and people are really applauding this shit, and the elites and the system allow it... it's a sign we must respect and pursue of the end of their system

dag said...

I'll follow up today with more on this attitude toward the world of "the masses" to show that there is a contunious line from Plato to the Lizard Man of hatred toward Humanity, and that that line is toed by our Left dhimmi fascists.

There is nothing new in the Lizard Man's approach to Humanity. And he is not rare at all. We'll see more later.

Anonymous said...

Dag: So you hate Pianka and want to suppress his right to be heard. Seems to me you are the problem. You wouldn't know a rhetorical argument if it came up and bit your leg. Long live freedom of speech. Blippo.

dag said...

Blippo, I think your were reading tea leaves or tarot cards rather than anything I wrote. What exactly did you read? Did you read the copy above at all? Did someone tell you something that you felt you might like to respond to?

Blippo, please don't come here and make comments if you won't read the texts. It annoys me, and it makes you appear foolish if not stupid. I will thank you silently for not returning here.

Regards, Dag.