Saturday, March 11, 2006

We shall not want....

Maybe it's the industry I work in... but no one seems
concerned about what's going on. They seem to form
their opinions from network news and E-Hollywood.
Opinions straight up from NPR if they are the type to
really stretch. Maybe New York and 9/11 are too far
away. I suspect they find me tedious, laughable or
delusional on the subject of Islam- its history, its
present and future. They watch sci-fi horror movies
but can't imagine the power of a Caliphate with the
tools of Western technology-- cameras everywhere,
RFID, books burned, music forbidden, women enslaved.
There is gender apartheid at public facilities in this
very county to accommodate Islam. If I point out there
is more similarity between Hitler and the president of
Iran- a man whose declared goals are the destruction
of Israel and a worldwide Caliphate- than our own
president, they laugh. One friend said to me, " Why
do you forward these news articles to me? Are you
trying to tell me that if I kill an Arab, you'll go
out with me?"

I went to the area called the "Living Room" at the
downtown Seattle library. It's the the unfriendliest
public space I've ever seen. It looks like an airport
waiting room- chairs facing out in lines or facing
outwards from each other. Fluorescent lights. And
fluorescent colors. I always feel a little sick and
dizzy when I go there, especially when I look for
books in the book spiral with sloping floors.
Anyway- no one came. I think I'll choose another
library, or a cafe near one, for next Thursday. I
looked on are over a hundred on a
waiting list in this area for an LGF meetup. I can
post an invitation in the comment section of LGF.
Remember Daniel Pearl looked up at the camera right
before he died.... and smiled. Maybe it was for his
wife and family. But maybe because he knew the
terrorists won't achieve their goal.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm in it
for the long haul, too.

This letter comes to us from our friend Fleur de Mystere.

9 comments: said...

Thank you for the flowers, Dag.

truepeers said...

we are many in it together for the long haul, Mademoiselle(?) Fleur. BTW, just curious, but what kind of gender segregation is Islam forcing in the US?

Anonymous said...

I worked in an office where at some point this guy made some reference, just in passing, to his 'leftist-leanings'.I didn't think to much of it, ok, he was an angry lefty, thats cool. Moonbats have their world view, a narrow view yes, but its not totally invalid.

Anyway, some time later this guy shows up to work wearing a t-shirt with a large image of Osama Bin Laden on the back! Now this guy was a senior employee, and he proudly went about his tasks like it was nothing strange. Most people were too polite to say anything, I complimented him on the shirt and said " YOU'RE MAD".

That was my first encounter with the post 9/11, LLL mentality. Its as if that terrorist event has disturbed these people, and they have lost a sense of proportion or objectivity.
I guess it's easy to dismiss them as self-rightious fruit-cakes, like a Bennish, or a Hillary, but I think they need to be exposed for what they are, traitorous, if we are going to win this thing.

Most people I've spoken to understand that Islam is evil and seditious, at the very least, even if they aren't fully aware of the complex machinations of the jihad we are following on these blogs. What's it going to take to wake them up?? Hell knows.

eyesallaround said...

Van Gogh... Beautiful... And to think his grand-nephew (?) ended up with a slit throat in the street... carved up like a Sunday ham, for expressing his creativity. How the world has changed!

Infidelsky said...

Okay, Fleur. You sold me. To think of you, sitting there alone (and no doubt sleepless) in Seattle makes me say to myself, heck, if she can do it, so can I.

I'm on the end of Long Island , New York, and don't know a soul around here who feels the same sense of desperation and foreboding that I do.

When I was younger, I always wondered how I would have behaved had I been around during the time when Africans and their descendants were enslaved, tortured and murdered with impunity. I wondered about what I would have done while the Holocaust was occurring in Europe and newspapers relayed reports of the ongoing horror. I can't pretend to know what my actions would have been.

But I do know that looking away is easier. Am I living in the "interesting times" of that Chinese wish?

This Thursday or next ( dependent on getting a babysitter) I'll be out there with a blue scarf, at a yet - to - be - determined location. Sure, I'll sit there, probably alone, but at least I'll know that I've started, I've ACTED. Who knows how I would have behaved in those other dark times? But for now, I know I'll have done the right thing.

truepeers said...

Right on Infidelsky. The first step is the hardest. Keep in touch with Dag, who will let others know your place on Thursday night.

dag said...

Good work, Infidelsky. From sea to shining sea, from France to Australia, from New York to Washington, from Alabama and Illinois and Canada and points beyond we are making a stand by sitting down in public.

This movement will take a long time to make real progress but it's working as we sit. When it happens it will be overwhelming. You might not be able to find a sitter for all those who would go instead to meetings with Blue Revolutionaries. That time will come. We will win this war ourselves, as individual people and free citizens.

t-ham said...


I live in Rockland County, a bit too far for either of us to go for a cup of coffee, I too sit and wait for the first person to nervously walk up to me and....whatever. I sit in the McD's on Rte 9W in West Haverstraw, Thursday afternoons from about 12:30 to 2. My work requires me to sit at that time.

Bring a good book, that way the time isn't a loss if you don't make any new friends. Bring your patience too. I've sat several Thursdays now, but I'm stubborn like that.

I've been thinking of ways to selectively spread the word. I'm going to try making up some kind of notice and post it at a local Senior Citizen Center. Appeal to them personally by referencing their participation in the great fights against Fascism of the past.

I'm sure some of them might have a spare Thursday afternoon.

Anyway, be determined, be stubborn, be ornery.

dag said...

Tom, you're stuck in the middle: Waterdragon will meet in Toronto. It's just a matter of time before all of us connect. And when it starts, when we all start meeting and find we have common cause across the world, then the world will change and open up and become a better and freer place. It takes you and others, and from you comes this greatness.

I have this vision of people everywhere just giving up the evil of Islam and joining the rest of the world because there's no hope of continuing their madness. I see people sitting down in exhaustion and apologizing for their past craziness. And I see everyone welcoming them back to Humanity. That'll take a lot of pressure, and we can apply it by meeting and voicing our disgust with their behaviour as it is now.

When we take the fun out of them bleating about their "victimhood," tehn they'll face reality and accept it as it is. But we have to take the fun out of it. Islam has to be known as a very uncool thing. When it is, then people will give it up. There won't be any reward for their behaviour but scorn and derision, and they'll stop. So we sit and change public opinion one person at a time. It'll accelerate. No one can keep goodness down for ever. It comes out no matter.