Monday, March 06, 2006

Canada's Supreme Court Pursues More Multi-Culti Dhimmitude.

One of our few recurring themes is the argument for the universality of Human rights and rational law. Canada, again, falls down in abject dhimmitude when confronted by a multi-culti chimera demanding exception. Below is the introduction to a very nicely written piece of work:

The Kirpan Decision:
The Supremes fail again
by Beryl Wajsman, Institute for Public Affairs of Montreal
Monday, March 6, 2006

"State submission to special interests will do nothing more than heighten irrational feelings of superiority and strengthen unreasonable commitments to particularity. Rather than encouraging social peace, they will incite further irritation between religious and secular, straight and gay, as our legal system struggles to accommodate the inevitable explosions of legislation, regulation and exception.

That every individual has a natural, moral, right to submit to canonical doctrine, undertake religious education or indulge in nonconformist lifestyles is not in question. But on no account should we allow their demands for material support, whether legal or financial, to prevail upon the patrimony of civil society by forcing that society to legitimize separateness and exclusivity in its public law. Catering to exclusive-and exclusivist-communities of interest is an aberration from, and an affront to, all that is best in our dynamic, and continuing, experiment in social democracy."

~ "The Kirpan Decision: The Supremes Fail Again"



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