Monday, March 06, 2006

Solidarity Forever

Below is the opening of an essay from Capitalism Magazine. In keeping with today's theme we present this as an example of our need to engage in public discourse regarding Islam and dhimmitude. We must stand up in public and voice our opinions regardless of the social ostracism that might come to us for doing so. We msut say no to the lies and the stupidities of our ruling intellectual class. Here is part of one argument in favor of such public discourse:

Publish or Perish: The Lessons of the Cartoon Jihad
by Robert W. Tracinski (March 6, 2006)

The central issue of the "cartoon jihad"--the Muslim riots and death threats against a Danish newspaper that printed 12 cartoons depicting Mohammed--is obvious. The issue is freedom of speech: whether our freedom to think, write, and draw is to be subjugated to the "religious sensitivities" of anyone who threatens us with force.

That is why it is necessary for every newspaper and magazine to re-publish those cartoons, as I will do in the next print issue of The Intellectual Activist .

This is not merely a symbolic expression of support; it is a practical countermeasure against censorship. Censorship—especially the violent, anarchic type threatened by Muslim fanatics—is effective only when it can isolate a specific victim, making him feel as if he alone bears the brunt of the danger. What intimidates an artist or writer is not simply some Arab fanatic in the street carrying a placard that reads "Behead those who insult Islam." What intimidates him is the feeling that, when the beheaders come after him, he will be on his own, with no allies or defenders—that everyone else will be too cowardly to stick their necks out.

The answer, for publishers, is to tell the Muslim fanatics that they can't single out any one author, or artist, or publication. The answer is to show that we're all united in defying the fanatics.

That's what it means to show "solidarity" by re-publishing the cartoons. The message we need to send is: if you want to kill anyone who publishes those cartoons, or anyone who makes cartoons of Mohammed, then you're going to have to kill us all. If you make war on one independent mind, you're making war on all of us. And we'll fight back.


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