Wednesday, March 08, 2006

European Coup D'Etat Unfolds

The following essay belongs to the day's theme of public resistance to the dhimmi intelligentsia who are accruing powers of dictatorial levels. We look in amazement at the brazenness of the intelligentsia's lies and their utter and complete contempt for the people, and here we'll see just how deep that contempt is. I argue that the European elitists are staging a coup d'etat against democracy.

We are called to revolution by the actions of our so-called intelligentsia. They betray the public trust an the common wealth. We must stop them and roll back all their attempts at a neo-feudalist reaction. Consider the text below carefully and conclude as you will. I argue that we are witnessing the overthrow of democracy by an elitist gang of dictators, that they are staging before our unbelieving eyes, a putsch.

This silent trudge to enslavement and Eurabianisation under neo-feudalists can still be prevented and rolled back. It requires commitment from citizens. The commitment of the elitists is clear in the essay below. If your doesn't match, then you are doomed and so are your children. We are witnessing here a fully developed putch in the works, the overthrow of Western Modernity and its replacement with pre-Modern feudalist social relations, i.e. we will again live the lives of farm animals. There is time to prevent this dictatorship of the elites, and only you can prevent it. Read this entry and consider what the elitists of Europe propose. Match this with your own observations, and decide what if anything you will do to act to stop the dictatorship of the privileged. This is a move to return the world to feudalism. This is what the past 40 years are about. This is again a fascist attempt to destroy Modernity and democracy, the rule of individuals as free people. You have to consider where you stand and whether you will act. This is as significant as anything that we will see in our life-times, and it is up to you, dear reader, to decide your future, the future of your family, and the future of Mankind. This is the rise of our fascist enemy from the ashes of World War Two. This is your time. How will you act? What is your choice? Can you resist this coup d'etat?


Obsessed with Constitution as Europe Sinks

From the desk of Paul Belien on Tue, 2006-03-07 23:09

After the Titanic hit the iceberg it took a while before the captain, officers, crew and passengers realized that they were doomed. The first to realize that the vessel was going down were the passengers below deck. The same is true for Europe today. While the indigenous lower classes have – in a panic, but rationally – begun to vote in ever growing numbers for so-called populist, "islamophobe" politicians, the European establishment politicians and mainstream media are discussing how to revive the European Constitution which the voters in France and the Netherlands rejected last year.

Instead of trying to prevent an impending clash of cultures, the establishment politicians are totally absorbed in efforts to circumvent the rejection of their constitutional project. The assassinations of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh, the bombings in Madrid and London, the French riots, the Danish cartoon case, should have been so many warnings to even the blindest establishment, but all Europe's politicians care about is that when Europe goes down it goes down with a constitution.

Europe's current predicament has two causes. A self-inflicted "demographic winter" is setting in on the continent. Last week the Finance committee of the French Assembly wrote that by 2030 Europe will represent only 8% of the world's population, compared with 22% in 1950. Within the same period the average age of its citizens will rise from 29 to 39 years and the fertility rate will drop from 2.6 to 1.4. The situation is particularly serious in Germany, Italy and Spain. These dramatic figures are all the more worrying as they take into account the large immigrant population that has settled Europe since the 1960s and '70s.

In the midst of its demographic implosion Europe invited in large numbers of fecund people belonging to an alien culture and religion. This in itself was asking for problems. The latter were exacerbated by the second cause of Europe's predicament: the refusal of Europe's ruling elites to uphold law and order and to defend its traditional values and institutions, such as the nation-state. It is this combination of "lazy multiculturalism and corroded civil society" that is killing Europe. The EU Constitution is an example of the corrosion of one of the most important of Western institutions, the national state. But Europe's politicians, including its new leaders, fail to notice and are foolishly exacerbating the situation.

Last Saturday it was revealed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who never made a secret of her desire to revive the European constitutional treaty, along with the cunning French president Jacques Chirac, have devised a Franco-German plan to present the core of the EU Constitution to the French and Dutch voters again. According to the German weekly Der Spiegel Berlin and Paris have been hatching the following scheme to "save" the EU Constitution: The rejected constitutional treaty would be reduced to its first two parts, that which sets out the EU's competences and the charter of fundamental rights of the union. A political declaration would be added and the new document would be put to a fresh poll in both France and the Netherlands. The remaining third part of the text, detailing the EU's policies, would subsequently be ratified by the French and Dutch parliaments, thus completing the ratification of the entire EU Constitution.

Earlier Ms Merkel had proposed to attach a "social protocol" to the failed Constitution in order to "make it more acceptable to French and Dutch public opinion." Europe's leaders would be required to sign a declaration on the "social dimension of Europe" in order to soothe the fears of Socialist voters that the EU will liberalize the economy.

The Franco-German plot seems already to have met with the approval of Belgium, which throughout its 175-year history has always been a French vassal (apart from the short periods when it collaborated with Germany). Belgium's Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt, is an outspoken proponent of a federal European superstate, a "United States of Europe," which will be a Greater Belgium. Yesterday Matti Vanhanen and José Socrates, the Prime Ministers of Finland and Portugal also called for a European Constitution based on the existing draft. Earlier Miguel Angel Moratinos, the Spanish Foreign Minister, made it clear that Spain also wants the Constitution implemented.

Another cunning old Frenchman, former President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, also wants a revival of the rejected Constitution. Mr Giscard, the chairman of the group that authored the European Constitution and an anti-democratic conspirator, said in a recent lecture [pdf] at the London School of Economics on 28 February that the "rejection of the Constitution [by the French and Dutch voters] was a mistake which will have to be corrected." Referring to earlier EU referendums on the Maastricht and Nice treaties where Ireland and Denmark were forced to vote over and over again until they accepted the texts imposed by the EU, he said that "if the Irish and the Danes can vote yes in the end, so the can the French [and the Dutch]."

"The Constitution will have to be given a second chance," Mr Giscard added, because the electorate, he claimed, had voted no out of an "error of judgement" and "ignorance." He stressed that Europe's leaders would not be stopped by the people: "In the end, the text will be adopted." He also said "We want a political union," adding "it is no longer a case of debating what we want to do, but determining how we do it." He said that an "urgent task" for the EU now is to "carefully prepare a realistic timetable and binding commitments with a view to establishing the European political Union." He made it quite clear that "It was a mistake to use the referendum process, but when you make a mistake you can correct it." He also predicted that the Constitution would be a stepping stone to further integration later, arguing that "adoption of the Constitution will not be enough to complete Europe's political union," and that the Constitution is for this generation, but for the next generation "there will be something else."

It is unclear why an otherwise sensible woman such as Ms Merkel is willing to play the game of the anti-democratic and corrupt Mr Giscard and save the Constitution he authored. Does she wants to prove that as a woman she will be able to succeed where the men failed? Or is she eager to divert attention from her own domestic problems, such as the increase of Germany's unemployment rate to 12.2%, with over 5 million now out of work. Next week, at their meeting on 14 March, the EU finance ministers will probably decide to give Germany one more year to bring its budget deficit below the maximum set by the EU. Germany set the deficit rules in the 1990s, but last year it pressured the EU to relax them because it can no longer comply with them.

The French political class, however, has not yet reached an agreement on how to proceed with the EU Constitution. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French interior minister and presidential hopeful, is reluctant to put the Constitution to the voters a second time. Instead he would prefer to adopt only those proposals of the rejected treaty which enjoy a "large consensus." This is the so-called "cherry-picking" approach, which is designed to lead to a "Constitution lite." The cherries that Mr Sarkozy wants to pick include the new system of weighted votes, a restriction of the national veto, the creation of an EU foreign minister and increased checks against over-regulation by national parliaments. He stressed, however, that he does not favour a new French referendum on the Constitution, saying "I will not be the one who will tell the French that they have misunderstood the question." Mr Sarkozy is currently touring Europe to promote his idea for a "mini constitutional treaty" (and also to enhance his international prestige for the 2007 French presidential elections).

A recent survey conducted among the Brussels establishment of Eurocrats – EU politicians, journalists, lobbyists, NGO chiefs and bureaucrats – shows widespread support for constitutional cherry-picking. Of those questioned in the survey 70% believed that such moves towards a "Constitution lite" would not be undemocratic.

However, there are also "hardliners" who insist that the Constitution is dead since the French and the Dutch rejected it. Outspoken proponents of this position are Poland and the Netherlands.

Last January the Polish president Lech Kaczynski said that the EU should draft a new text because the one currently on the table pushes for more integration than the citizens are willing to accept. "That constitution created a certain hybrid, which was not a European superstate yet, but was not that far from it," he said. Adam Bielan, the spokesman of Law and Justice (PiS), Mr Kaczynski's party, said that Europe should focus on more pressing matters rather than "waste time" trying to revive the "dead" Constitution. "The Constitution must be ratified by all. The decisions of France and the Netherlands have closed the matter," he said. Ben Bot, the Dutch Foreign Minister, also said that the Constitution was "as good as dead." He ruled out the possibility of the Dutch parliament ratifying a treaty which the people had rejected in a referendum.

The staggering duplicities of our public intellectuals must now be clearly understood for what they if one has digested text above. We are on the march to feudalsim.

It's difficult to suddenly assimilate the facts of a war declared on democracy. That is exactly what we witness above. The volley fired is the signal that democracy is under attack in a blitzkrieg as of now. for any who have missed the signs and signals previously, this is the sound we needed to hear, the sight we needed to see, the idea we had to grasp to understand the prior movements of our enemies. We are witnessing the end of Modernism and democracy. We are under attack from our own governments obviously and undisguisedly.

We might find ourselves in a state of shock that our own leaders would betray the trust of our democracies, but such is so. This event, no less that the German invasion of Europe, is too massive to ignore any longer, and it is of a philosophical piece. Because of the spectacular drama of this move we might find ourselves in a state of disbelieving shock. We might choose to ignore this move by the elitists, might choose to quibble or deny the reality of this move to quash our Modernity and to drive the world's population back to the age of feudalism.

Before our very eyes, dear readers, we are witnessing a coup d'etat, as defined by wikipedia from one of my favorite youthful readings:

Coups typically use the power of the existing government for its own takeover. As Edward Luttwak remarks in his Coup d'état: A practical handbook: "A coup consists of the infiltration of a small but critical segment of the state apparatus, which is then used to displace the government from its control of the remainder." In this sense, use of military or other organized force is not the defining feature of a coup d'état. Any seizure of the state apparatus by extra-legal tactics may be considered a coup, according to Luttwak.

If you think that wars and revolutions are a thing of the past in Europe, please consider what we are witnessing today. This is the beginning of war in Europe. Where do you stand? We are facing a coup d'tat. This is a war against the people. What Is To De Done?


Pastorius said...

At least the Euro-elites are attempting their coup via Democracy, by threatening to force their peoples to vote a second time.

In America, we have seen the spectacle of the people voting in laws (regarding illegal immigration) only to be told


that the laws we voted in were unconstitutional.

That seems even worse to me.

What do you think?

bld said...

Dag,... what an expose.
I have received more education in aweek from blogs such as yours, than I could have received with a year at a British university.
What is more, the quality of analysis, the surgical skill and sharpness, of the disection of the body-public would not even be approached by most lecturers in political science or philosophy.
The problem is, certainly in this part of EU (spit) that Mr and Mrs public are braindead from the daily pressure of trying to make head nor tail of it all.
Add to that the grim results of war and the worry of the possibility of rocketing fuel costs and the need for a stable economy, anyone who would stand up would soon be knocked back down.
All our spheres of influence are to some extent limited on a personal level.
As I bang on about the threat that islam poses, so my associates back away and shun me, as if contact with the ideas will somehow impurify their little worlds of regularity and familiarity.
God help us, when the dam busts what will happen?
"What can a poor boy do,'cept the same old rock an roll thing.."
Well if I had jaggers money I would have some choices.
At the end of the day, we are left with our hands our feet our heart our mouths. All these can be finished in a minute at the end of a sharp knife or a jagged schrapnel in any street and without warning.
It is not just Islam, as you show, it is the craven wickedness of the priviledged who can buy their security by capitulation.
They will find little mercy however when the time comes for allahs children to be let off the leash.
I can run to the mountains or hills hide out, steal, hunt, hide, fight before I am done.
Maybe the "scum that always floats" will be able to get on airforce planes out of here and become "new De Gaules" and set up in some place that does not straight away succumn. While we are deprived of all our security, and the fate that we see dished out daily in Iraq may become ours too.
I have started to think that the only defense against this fate will come in the form of another facist experiment, where someone brutal enough will remodel a new final solution.
Will the average European support this move, I think so if that is the only peceived option.
Of course, whatever solution that these new hardmen will offer, can only come up with the same possibilities of removing millions of enemies and potential enemies that was found in Eastern Europe in the early years of the 40's.
Then perhaps a people may turn their backs on the rising smoke columns once more.
What is to be done ,dear dag, must be done sooner than later, for every year passing presents a steeper incline to the tackling of the problems.
Yes, I could reel out quite a list of "solutions" that if effected quickly could smother the fires and steal the enemies armoury. Could't we all?
If I ruled the World,... but I don't, who does.
The main problem is that you have to have a life, or what? Take up with a militia and train for the glory days?
Write letters to our politicians? We kmow they will not listen
No. I think the only saving grace will be the oversteppin of the mark, when the enemies of peace make one bold step too many, then we have the streets of Paris 1968 all over again.
The authorities will simply use that as an excuse to inctrease the iron grip it will need to make society function again.
Even if the public succeds in toppling institutions and hanging traitors as has happened nefore in Europe so many times, even if our Rop friends are driven to the sea and their property appropriated, what then?
I think I agree with Mark, in that only a strong emerging leader, right now, or soon, able to take firm control and take the people with him/her will provide a solution.
I can see the possibility of seperating our Island folk from the European mess and establishing whatever trade we need to survive, whilst cleansin the land of it's toxic polution and I don't mean shit in the real sense, but anyone who is not with the effort, well, turn them loose.
It will be a cruel period that we enter,but what are the choices?
Lay down and allow ourselves to dominated by a coterie of scheming politicos and religius zealots.
The old finished off and women as communal sexslaves to the facelessone's mob?
Is milosovitch really a war criminal?
Or is he the kind of Patriot a country needs when faced with the ultimate challenges of "them or us?"
Does all this make me a nazi?
Now can you see how confused it can be to be cursed with the results of years of European "headuptheass" political suicide.
Well, dear friend, I do not expect you will be able to pschoanalyse this outpouring from the rain clouds that hover over a grey and wet British night, but I hope I have given some response to your musings.

dag said...

This is a concerted and legal coup d'etat on the part of European elitists that is not significantly different from what we see when looking at the gnostic/pagan intelligentsia of pre-war Germany.

This is the subversion of democracy by a gnostic elite dedicated to rule by chicanery and force of arms. This is the rise of the fascist counter-Enlightenment yet again. Votes? That is a thing of the past in Europe now. The elites will buy off and corrupt every vestige of democracy and voting to the point there is nothing left but the brave new world of fascism installed by and for gnostics. Right in front of our eyes we see a coup d'tat.

This is the most extraordinary thing I have witnessed in a long and strange life. I cannot be the only one who sees this.

Write to me, someone, that I am not alone. This is a coup d'tat in Europe. The fascists are moving as we write.

dag said...

I don't mean to suggest above that what we are seeing is a coup d'etat in the exact classical style as those carried out so efficiently as is usual in Central America or Africa; however, I argue that what we are witnessing is exactly a coup d'etat by a ruling and to rule junta of elitists and fascists who are moving quickly to crush any semblence of democracy left in Europe. No, not a lightning coup such as in Guatemala or Benin but a coup nonetheless.

The people have been dismissed and will be further ignored as militarization of the states unfolds.

I have predicted, and do so here again, an eruption of the next stage of the intifada in France by mid April. It will spread throughout Europe's Muslim areas, and by August we might well witness marital law and military dictatorships. This is a thin limb, to be sure, that I hang on, but if I'm right there is little time to prepare any resistence against it.

What is to be done? I urge that we know our enemy and recognize him for what he is: the gnostic variant of proto-Nazi Germany. We see the contempt the elites have for the welfare state resident and we see the supreme indifference the elites have for our concerns for our own lives. We have little time, in my view, to organise an effective resistence. I predict full-scale civil war by this time next year.

What is to be done? To understand the significance of our situations. To join in our respective communities with like-minded people to form affintiy gorups, cells of extra-parliamentary oppositionists, to compact and realise we are at war with our own.

The war on Terror? It is a war on us. It is a war on democracy as we have known and practiced it. in these evolving 250 years of Modernity. We stand to lose all of our gains and to be herded back to a new period of a coming Middle Ages. This is but another assault by the fascist force of the counter-Enlightenment that has not ceased since 1789.

Muslims, those low and primitive creatures, are an excuse to destroy democracy for the sake of the philosopher kings. This is only the latest move in an on-going war against Modernity that the fascists have waged against us for over 200 years, since the end of general serfdom in Europe. I cannot be the only one who sees this.

truepeers said...

Is destruction of the nation-state akin to a coup d'etat?

Maybe, maybe not. In any case, this is the real goal of this generation of Gnostic fantasists. And i would emphasize that last word, fantasy. Do you think a massive bureaucratic state ruling an aging, increasingly unproductive, welfare-dependent population has any hope of surviving long? The Gnostic always ends up beaten and humiliated by reality. Always. BUt until he is thoroughly beaten he is too blind to see the fool he is. That's the way it is, unfortunately.

But life has always been this way, and those who know it find real love for their humanity and thus the confidence to keep human reality alive while the vain do what they do...

bld should take heart that the humiliation of the elites is inevitable. The EU will last no longer than the Soviet state, and so he should prepare himself, spiritually and intellectually, for the collapse by forgetting his pc teachers/bureaucrats and rediscovering the real roots of his culture and civilization by digging in the library, on the net, wherever. THere is enough fundamental anthropological truth in the western tradition to sustain one through thick and thin.

Learn it. Then, just get on with life and don't let yourself get too bothered by the terrorists and the idiots. Be prepared to fight and die if need be; otherwise don't let them win useless battles (useless, because whatever their passing victories, the Gnostics can never defeat reality in the long run) by getting you down without a fight, without them having to confront reality, which they can never do for long. They can talk and dream and write laws to the cows come home, but when the crunch comes they will be as naked as, as.... a Burka wearing babe in China.

Pastorius said...

I agree with Dag that this is a form of coup. The elites are clearly attempting to subvert the Democratic decision of the electorate. They are treating them like children, and making them write their essay over, because they didn't agree with what the children said the first time.

But, my point is, they are doing it via the Democratic process. They are saying, look, we don't like what you said the first time, let's vote again.

I know that both Dag and TruePeers live in Canada. I wonder if they are aware of how many times the will of Californian voters has been subverted by our court systems.

Our elites do the same thing the Euro-elites are doing here, but they don't use the Democratic process to do it. They use the courts.

That is scarier, in my opinion.

In California, Arizona, and New Mexico, the people are fed up with illegal immigration, and we have voted and made our will known. It has been ignored and subverted time and again.

Now, of course, we have started to form militias. And, of course, we are told our militias are fascist.

No, they relfect the will of the people which is being systematically suppressed by the judicial system.

I don't write on this subject on CUANAS because I don't think it is as important a subject as the Jihad. When we win the war against Islamofascism, I might choose to spend my time on the anti-illegal immigration subject.

And, if any idiot wants to accuse me of being a racist, then he ought to know that I am married to a first-generation immigrant with brown-skin, and as a white-person, I am a distinct minority within my own family.

Wow, it seems like I got off on a tangent here, but the point is, Dag, that what you see happening in Europe is atrocius, but it happens here in the U.S., and what happens here is even worse, in my opinion.

What do you think?

eyesallaround said...

I think a few more Cartoon Intifadas and the left will start to "get it". For some reason, I'm not even worried about it anymore. We can't gain much ground against the Islamo-fascists and the left-fascists in their present unified form; however, with time they will destroy each other.