Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Report from France

Sebastian reports from France on the state of the nation.

I wrote to him recently asking for his comments on Chirac's visit to and endorsement of Saudi Arabia. I aked if the French are as disgusted by Chirac as we here are by Bush, Clinton, Carter, Gore, and those who would pander to the Saudis for favors and cash and what have you.

Sebastian goes on to report more from France, ending with a note on a possible alternative to Chirac, Le Pen, and outright Islamic takeover and the Eurabification we fear is coming.


I have no comment to add about Chirac's visit to Saudi Arabia because no big deal was made about this. Of course this disgusts everyone as much as Americans are appalled when Bush the 'blue eyed slave' takes the hand of the Saudi Prince.

There is one thing that many feel here, and this that the grass roots resistance here appears is more advanced than elsewhere in Europe. The tragedy of Ilan tortured because he was Jewish, Raphel Clin because he was white
http://www.france-echos.com/actualite.php?cle=8643 , the cartoon jihad and the train attack on Jan the 1st has not left the country indifferent.

Here is a specific example of a resistance action. http://www.france-echos.com/actualite.php?cle=8652

In this example, an illegal mosque set up on a supermarket car park in a prefabricated building is catering for the religious needs of the Toulouse Muslims. If you look at the series of photographs you can see the prayer carpets round at the back.

The post at France-Echos details how to find the names and addresses of all those who live nearby. Readers from France Echos will then send a well researched tract to those people. The tract is a four pages printed half size on a double sided sheet of paper. You can see the format by clicking here

On Saturday afternoon, Claude Reichman is hosting yet another Blue Scarf protest. The anti dhimmi blogs are a little reluctant to completely identify with him because although he rightly castigates the media for their lies, he still remains on the sidelines when it comes to criticising Islam.

For the moment Philippe de Villiers with his outburst 'Islam est le terreau de l'islamisme...' (Islam is the compost in which islamism grows), remains the favourite anti dhimmi politician.

Hopefully I'll have more to report next week.

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MississippiMud said...


I have to tell you, impressive blog. There are millions of blogs around and in my opinion 90 percent of them are a waste of space. You are a definite 10 percenter. I put site in my fav list, will return as much as I can, and also give you a shout out.

Jeff Davis

dag said...

Thank you, Jeff. Much of the purpose here is to allow others to find friends with whom they may unite in public shows of solidarity against jihad and dhimmitude. We post here for a few days each week calls to join in public Blue Revolution meetings. Ours will come around Thursday from 7-9:00 pm at the Vancouver Public Lirary atrium. You will know us by our blue scarves.

I'll post further on this as the day ends.

Regards, Dag.

maccusgermanis said...


Did you notice the references to blue scarves in this article at JihadWatch?


A link in the article earlier today lead me a site which had printable flyers. Recently it isn't working. I suppose they are working on the site.

dag said...

Yes, I saw it, and it's run by Rebecca Bynum at jihadwatch. We would do well to join forces with her if it's possible. She and I are not in contact for various reasons; however, hers and ours are the same struggle, and I urge cooperation at all possible levels.

If we continue to promote our meetings and gather in those who are willing to meet in public we will in time join organically regardless.

In Vancouver, Canada we'll meet Thursday from 7-9:00 pm at the Vancouver Public Library atrium. I'll post further details this evening.

When that post is up please feel free to add your own location and time.