Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another Muslim Blow-up


Your own inflatable escort for your Hen Night adventures. Mustafa comes with his own penis. Blow him hard to inflate him and watch his 7 incher come to life.

Mustafa Shag Doll
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Muslims disgusted at sex doll insult to Islam


Muslims are disgusted by an adult toy on sale in Worcester because they say it disrespects the prophet Mohammed.

Adult store Ann Summers, in the High Street, is selling a blow-up male doll called Mustafa S**g.

The name of the novelty toy has outraged Muslims living in the city, who have said the name insults the Prophet Mohammed, who is also known by the title al-Mustafa.

Malik Mohammed Fayaz, chairman of the Worcester Muslim Welfare Association, based at Tallow Hill Mosque, said it was the gravest offence to insult any prophet.

He said all the Muslims in the city would share his disgust at the toy.

He said: "Every faith would be outraged if their prophet was insulted and their name used in this way.

"Although it is only a toy it should not have this name."

Mr Fayaz said it could interfere with relations between city faiths.

"The community of Islam has nothing except a desire for peaceful living. Unfortunately, in other parts of the world this is hijacked by groups with a different agenda, but in Worcester we are working hard for interfaith relations."

When the store, which sells lingerie and sex aids for men and women, opened in February 2004, former Mayor and Worcester City Councillor Gareth Jones said that the store's location, opposite the Grade I listed Guildhall and close to the historic Cathedral, was "inappropriate".

Jacqueline Gold, the owner of Ann Summers nationwide, said: "We don't want to offend anyone. This feels like political correctness gone mad.

"If anyone has a better name for a blow-up doll, please contact us."

The controversy follows worldwide uproar over cartoons, originally published in a Danish newspaper, that depicted the prophet as a terrorist.

We try to make up stuff but we can't even come close to this kind of reality.


Anonymous said...

I have a name suggestion. Why not "H*rd-on Allah?" That way we're not insulting the prophet. Or how about "The 12 Inch Imam and His Fifth Pillar of Forbidden Lust?" I've had it, I personally go out of my way to insult islam(never capitalized) every opportunity I get. The way I see it. It's like the word "F*ck." Language like that didn't apppear in feature films in the 40's and 50's. Its just a matter of conditioning. Give these repressed islamosluts a decade or so and they'll get used to it. The falling away from islam will come with the introduction of american culture thru the entertainment industry. Heck, it killed christianity in the US and the west.

dag said...

The problem with hoping that American pop culture will somehow ween the Muslim community away from jihad is that it won't.

Muslims are raised from birth to hate all infidels. It says so in the Qur'an, which some people refuse to accept even when we quote it, prrefering instead to say it doesn't mean anything literal and besides "Some of my best friends...."

Looking at the middleclass British born 7/7 bombers in London we see that one drove a BMW and loved soccer. Then he killed himself and a train full of civilians for the sake of 72 virgins in paradise. We can look at homegrown jihadis such as John Wlalker Lind from the California suburbs who fought with the Taliban. We can look at... well, it's a long and growing list.

We can look at marriage stats in Australia to find that all ethnic groups other than Muslims there are outtermarrying, marrying locals from different ethnic groups. No, not the Muslims. They import women from abroad and send their own back to Lebanon or Pakistan to marry their uncles.

And if we wait for Muslims to see the Hollywood lights it'll be too late for Europe because the birthrate is roughly 50/50 between the current large native population and the small Muslim communities: that Spain, for example is at 1.2 children per Spanish couple while the Muslims have roughly 7.0 children per couple. Time is running out before Europe becomes Eurabia. Then look to the delights of local sharia. Look to women being raped and beaten for being "sluts." It occures throughout Scandanavia witrh sickening frequency, and yet all but a very few are willing to speak out openly for fear of being called islamophobic.