Saturday, March 25, 2006

Under Meat-eating Birds.

I would live for a thousand years, leaping naked from moon-cast shadows into the flame-lights of sacrifice to sway and stomp and howl and laugh in victory-dancing.

Triumphalism? We are such for because of because. No one else but us, and us alone. Going shameless into that good night, we fighting men, carrying on till forever is over. I would live for a thousand years and fight again.

"Lost? And what is there to lose? Is not the wheel of eternity mine?" G.E. Lessing, The Education of Humankind.

[T]his entry didn't have a negative POV; it's an entry about a negative THING. No one takes prides in her or her own 'triumphalism.' You can't link to any websites with advice about how to encourage more triumphalism in your own group. Those who truly believe in their own superiority call themselves 'superior,' not 'triumphalist.' Those who truly are or will be victorious call themselves 'triumphant,' not 'triumphalist.' When people want to talk about an attitude worthy of praise, they use terms like 'school spirit', 'pride', or 'confidence.' The term 'triumphalism' is used when you want connotations of over-confidence, hubris, or delusion.

I see: So warm. Eyes golden diamonds, skin cherry peaches: floating across the blue an arc of life's rubbies, a bridge uncrossed; to lay down hollow-eyed forever in search of the endless empty skies; to lay at rest under a quilt of meat-eating birds.


CD Baric said...

Ummm... pretty dark Dag.

You should get out and enjoy some sunshine.

Best regards,


dag said...

The comments above seem to be cryptic. The latter part refers to a girl being shot. I thought it was straight forward but what do I know? I know enough to explain when I'm told I'm cryptic. If there are any further questions or need for elaborations please feel free to ask.