Thursday, March 23, 2006

Triumph of the Willing

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

We finished our eleventh meeting of the local chapter of the Revolution Bleu here in sunny Vancouver, Canada this evening. As always we went far into over-time, this time being swarmed by a mass of sports fans leaving an arena, pleased that the home team won after some long slump. A dozen or so players enthralled the city's sports fans, put joy in their black little hearts, and made the city a nicer place to live.

We, we happy few, sat at the library in the atrium and discussed Islam and our modern lives as citizens of the West under threat. We discussed numerous topics, all related to Islam and our values in oppostion to it. Our most interesting topic, I believe, is what we stand for as opposed to our opposition to Islam. What do we want from our world even if there were no Islamic threat?

In our group there are no socialists. We are solidly in favor of individual initiative and the benefits of capitalism, whether we share those benefits to the standards we believe we should receive or no. It's not that we are greedy and grasping, it is that we value freedom and independence as individuals within our social groups and nations. Because we value our own freedoms we value the freedoms of others. Yes, we even value the freedom of others to choose slavery if they so wish it.

To make our postive postion sensible in concrete terms we can look at a conversation we had in which we pondered the Oct.-Nov. riots in France last year: Muslim youths rampaged night after night burning cars, burning car show-rooms, smashing cars, and burning and smashing buses. They didn't go looting like normal criminals would do. We had to ask why they didn't steal disposable articles and why instead they simply burned cars.

Is it because of the strong and traditional Islamic prohibition against stealing? Not too likely, given that Muslim gangs steal from passers-by at random on commuter trains between Nice and Lyon, in Malmo, anywhere they happen to be. But grand and organised theft in the Fall riots was the least significant of the Muslim crimes committed. Why did they burn automobiles?

If the youths were poor, they would have stolen money and goods rather than simply burn cars. They did not loot grocery stores or the local Walmart. They weren't hungry. They didn't steal clothing or camping goods because they get sufficient from their state payments to cover such things. And they didn't steal cars because they don't have places to park them, money to insure them if they di, money for gas to keep them moving, money for repairs and so on. It might well be that they don't even have licences to drive them if they had the money to buy cars. But they burned cars by the thousands.

Cars represent two things Muslims will never have: mobility and stability. The car represents all the things the West has that Muslims cannot have by virtue of Islam: cars represent vast intellectual horizons and broad emotional vistas in that a car owner can move from one place to the other with relative ease from one location physical and emotional to another and back again. A car is independence for the driver, a machine under his own control, a thing of his own volition, things Muslims cannot have while being Muslim. To own a car is to move as one will. To own a car is to decide where one will go and when with no one telling the driver anything more about it than nothing at all. To the Muslim it must be a madness to be so free.

Yes, there are milions of wrecked and smoking cars in many Muslim megacities, nearly all of them converted to commercial use in some form or other. They are not instruments of freedom but tools to make money. They are not machines to provide access to new experiences and to give pleasure but means of transporting goods, like pack animals. The average Muslim automobile is akin to a donkey rather than to an Arabian horse.

There's another aspect to the automobile in France that seperates the French from the Muslim: The French produce automobiles. No Mulsim nation does so. at best they produce parts for other nation's manufacturers. Muslims do not have the initiative or the organisational skills or the mental horizons to create their own automobile industries. They can't even take care of the automobiles they buy form other nations. They wreck them badly in short order when they do manage to buy Ladas. Muslims do not have the attitude needed to be stable enough to maintain a car. What they don't understand they destroy.

Our enemy, Islam, is an embarrassment. Muslims are too stupid to do anything to harm us greatly. They can't even park cars on the street without smashing the headlamps. Muslims in the modern world are complete failures as people. In Muslim lands they are even worse because Modernists don't support them in the same style as they do with immigrants in Europe. Muslims, incapable of making cars, incapable of owning cars, incapable of maintaing cars, burn cars. These are the worthless losers we are at war against. And one must wonder if we will win.

We in the modern West do all that the greatest of men can do. Muslims burn cars and blow up their worthless selves. We do almost nothing to constrain them, making allowances for them, praising their evil behaviours, watching in silence as they mutilate and murder females, as they push and bully and demand ever more privilege from host nations, and slowly but effectively colonize our modern world. We make excuses for these embarrassingly inept and destructive parasites. We are slowly dying and feeling morally superiour to those among us who find that a problem.

In our discussion this evening we asked what we might do to revesrse our decline, what postive things we can do to unite our nations in confident progress toward greater good rather than a lessening and a wasting into dhimmitue and decay that is Islam. Suffice it to report that we are dealing with things as well as we are able, and that we will learn from our tasks done. Concretely we are beginning again to create leaflets for public distribution, and to do so with a goal in mind. Ours is a strategic and long-term plan rationally planned, unlike the smashing and burning rampages of our Muslim opponents. We will do socially and politically what automobile manufactures do industrially.

In looking at the quotation above I find myself disgusted by Margaret Mead. Her elitist and and gnostic view of people angers me. Unlike the local sports team competing with another team, Mead is determined to turn the spectators of the game into slaves rather than participants. Our group here act as men and women on behalf of others as equals, not as their babysitters. Yes, we will be a small group regardless of the numbers we reach in time; but we will be people who are people involved in our communities, not rulers and elites. We will build rather than destroy. We will change the world, not by our own hands but by the will of the people with us. Never doubt that we will triumph. No one else can.


Always On Watch said...

In our group there are no socialists.

I am not surprised at that fact.

I'm glad to know that you are having successful meetings. Maybe at the April 29th symposium here in the D.C. area, I can find like-minded people in my area. However, I've already heard from several people that they "can't" attend for fear of losing their government jobs.

dag said...

People who are afraid to meet others in public from fear of losing their government jobs are paying such a high price for their pay-cheques that they'd be better off mowing lawns and raking leaves for a living.

We don't need them. I understand them perfectly well, and we don't need them. There are millions of Ameircans and other modernist and decent people who will oin us if we give them a chance. It's one in a million who will defend Muslims from democracy and decency if only the people generally have a chance to honestly assess the situation and find that most people are just like them in that regard. People are bullied and afraid of a small minority of politically correct ideologues, and we have to give people the chance to break that sentimental phantasy and speak out and admit that this whole Left dhimmi game is rotten.

It'll take time. Most people will not venture into the public eye to be the ones to contradict the ruling powers of opinion. I do, but I'm willing to sleep in a ditch rather than live like a slave.

We don't have to go to either extreme to reassert our freedoms and our decency. All we have to do is meet for coffee and chat. I know the bully of public opinion is seeming strong, but I know he's hollow. Thump this bully's chest and you'll hear an echo of gongs.

CAIR, the NYT, Yale, ACLU, the loud and hateful, they intimidate us. There's no reason for us to put up with it. Yelling, sneering kids with sociology degrees and snotty attitudes have no business telling me or anyone else that my culture and my life are not as worthwhile as that of the homicide bombers of Islam. No, in fact, I rage right back. Who do these little pukes think they are?

I've tried for two years daily to get sued by CAIR. I put up pictures a naked Circassian woman and claimed she is Doug Hooper who'd been arrested in the Bowery for prostitution. Not a peep out of Hooper. Not one provokation has raised even a response from him and his. No becaause he doensn't know me, but because he does know me: it's because I don't care if he sues me, that I challenge him to sue me, and that I won't back down ever from him and his idiot terrorist friends. And yet he went after our friend Dale.

Hooper and his worthless terroist friends figured Dale was an easy target. They found out that's not so. Now they won't be so bold. They aren't. If CAIR is so tough, they can come after me any time. They won't because there's nothing to them. Like jackals and buzzards they'll only go for the easy pickings. We shame ourselves being afraid of creeps like them.

Yes, there is the mortgage payment to make. Yes, there is the fear of losing ones esteem in the community. And then there is unwarranted fear of the dark.

I hope we manage to meet later in our own conventions of local groups to laugh about the early days. It'll be good. We'll have a lot to be proud of, and we'll be proud and happy to meet each other.

truepeers said...

Lol Dag, just out of friendship I'm going to see if i can't get someone to sue you.

friendlysaviour said...

Dag, ..many thanks for the Gallic tips. I have just started sifting through some of the blogs.
Good luck, sir!

dag said...

A true peer indeed! Thank you. You too will hear from my lawyer.

dag said...

Our friends here in Vancouver are putting us on to the French blogs. Without them I'd be clueless indeed.

I'd like to thank our friend Sebastian in Paris for his contributions to this as well. Our mainstream media lie to us so blatantly that if not for civilians we'd be so far in the dark that even the shawdows of illusion wouldn't reach us.

I stronly encourage anyone in France who has any jounalistic skill to let us know here the direct truth, unmediated by the nouvelle flics, to make a bizarre pun.