Sunday, March 19, 2006

Race War in Europe

My Bosnian-Serb ex-girlfriend said that in school the authorities once sent out a questionnaire asking the students to answer which nationality they are. Like the maniac my girlfriend was and likely still is, she wrote "Jugoslavian." Some other idiot in her school wrote the same thing. Two of them were that stupid. And then the war came. Guess who didn't see it coming.

When we look at the unfolding situation on Islam in Europe we see smiling happy natives living in a multicultural world where everyone is deserving and where only Europeans actually get because they are privileged by virtue of race and past colonial and imperialist history. The Europeans, of course, are morally superior to the rest of us, and they are making amends hand over fist. Good for them. We should be sure that their efforts are well-received. OK, so they aren't. So the Third world hates them as much or more than the rest of us. So the Muslims are rampaging and destroying, raping and murdering at will. Europeans should say and do nothing about it because they are at fault for the sins of their ancestors who did terrible things to the dignities of howling savages and cannibals. Ooh, if not for nations, schools, railways, medicine, and science, then all would still be living at one with nature in a state of pristine nomadic oneness with the universe in a state of collective happiness.

The average age in Denmark, according to CIA census data, is 39 years. In Pakistan it is 18. In most Muslim countries the median age is younger than 18. In Europe, where the Muslim population is expanding from its current 10 percent in France to a projected 50 percent in 20 years we have a population of children who are not sentimental about the sins of their fathers. They are savages, and they steal, rape, and murder.
[Youths Attack French Students.]
The White Europeans don't seem to get it. No one else is buying their version of multicultural utopia. Racism? Not really. The Koreans do quite nicely wherever they go. No one buy the Black in Los Angeles hate them. And there we have it: there looms a race war in Europe, not one started or ended by raging nativist neo-Nazis, but one started, stoked, and inflamed by Asian and African Muslims. Like it or not, there aren't that many non-African or Asian Muslims in Europe. We are seeing a race war, one not accepted by the natives in Europe. They are all at one with nature and of the brotherhood of Man. Guess who doesn't see what's coming?

Before I end here I think it's only fair to mention that the girlfriend I wrote about above did have one good quality: she was an outrageous slut. I felt that I should try to find something good to write about her, even if it's hard to do sometimes. She had some pretty nasty scars on one arm, and I know how she got them, so I'll lay off. She'd washed up on some far share and kind of lived there. Her parent's house had grass growing in the livingroom, so it's not that she missed anything by being an exile. Oh, I'm being hard on the girl. She couldn't really get over the war without being drunk all the time. Well, if you knew what happened you might have some sympathy for her. I did for quite a while. And it's not like she and hers didn't try to save themselves from the horrors of Islam. She was a mess, and I couldn't take it. I don't care what she was like before the war. I could see what was coming. I'm glad I'm rid of her.

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