Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Islamophobiac Meeting

We meet again Thursday evening from 7-9:00 pm at the Vancouver Public Library atrium, Vancouver,Canada.

Spoiled French kids can pull out thousands of protestors and force the government to do as they demand. We have to take our approach to social change a little more slowly, but we must do something or have no say in our world. We will speak out.


dag said...

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truepeers said...

Those spoiled French kids are co-opting what began as an anti-immigrant protest by not-so-spoiled French kids.

As Thiberge at writes in a letter to Dennis Prager:

"Mr. Prager -

Your article does not tell the full story. Possibly your sources are incomplete. While I cannot give a first-hand account, the patriotic French websites I consult paint a slightly different picture of what happened.

Everything you say about socialism is true, but these riots were against affirmative action. The CPE (First-Job Contract), legislated by Dominique de Villepin, is the government's way of responding to the riots last November, the government's way of appeasing the millions of Muslims and blacks who fester in the suburban ghettoes. Many young white ethnic Frenchmen will be unemployed because of the CPE which will favor the immigrants. And so they protested.

However, the immigrants are also opposed to it for the reasons you stated - they do not want to be fired for any reason. It is not likely they will be. France is virtually under Sharia Law.

These two major factions - young French concerned about their future in an anti-French society, and violent immigrants determined to bleed the French state, clashed in the streets of French cities. The immigrants were joined by the left-wing groups such as ATTAC and the labor unions. In France today, the sacred right of demonstrating in the streets no longer exists, because when ethnic patriotic Frenchmen (of whatever party) attempt to demonstrate, they are overwhelmed by the immigrants, the multi-culti groups and the newly raised-from-the-ashes extreme left, such as the communists. The coalition of the left is now so huge that no patriotic movement will be able to stop it.

The Chirac government has proven itself, from the outset, to be totally mercenary, and eager to please the most violent elements in the country, i.e., the left-plus-immigrants. This leaves the white ethnic French out in the cold. They may feel entitled to socialistic benefits, and we may disparage their sense of entitlement, but this is about more than a job contract. The French, in fact, no longer feel entitled to be French.

See you tomorrow night, Dag

truepeers said...

That's Thiberge at Galliawatch, check out the link in my comment above. This is a new blog we should be supporting.

dag said...

All of us, regardless of our nations, face the same political games. We are all fighting for the same goals against the same Left dhimmi fascists. We have to fight back.