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Some plain speaking on Islam

Question the sources as you will:

By J. Grant Swank Jr. (03/20/2006)

Islam is hell for women. This is what Islamic outspoken Ghada Jamshir repeats over and over again. She, a Muslim, speaks worldwide, seeking to change Islam regarding females in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. She proclaims that in particular Muslim females are imprisoned for life; therefore, if Muslims put her in jail, it will be no harsher fate that what Muslim females ISLAM FEMALE KICK-BUTT : GHADA JAMSHIR

Visit: Bahraini Women's Rights Activist Ghada Jamshir and Al-Arabiya TV (UAE): Bahraini Women's Rights.

Activist Ghada Jamshir Attacks Islamic Clerics for Fatwas Authorizing Sexual Abuse of Children, Dec. 21, 2005, 00:05:01, Via MEMRI

Ghada Jamshir has been put on trial, accused of defaming Sharia law and insulting an Islamic judge. She, leading her women's rights conclave, lobbied for a personal status law which would shift jurisdiction over family and women's affairs to civil courts.

When she went to court, she was accompanied by her women activist supporters.

The judge read out three charges against her: public defaming of Islamic judiciary through distribution of literature, insulting a judge and defaming him.

Of course Ghada Jamshir plead innocent.

"The charge of insulting a Sharia judge during a phone call is fabricated," she said.

"All these charges against me have been compiled since 2001 because of a vigil we [committee] organized two months ago, in which we demanded the resignation of the general prosecutor," she said, instigating a round of applause from the female audience in the courtroom.

Ghada Jamshir's group collected 1700 signatures demanding legislative and judicial reforms to family courts.

"I do not care if I go to prison, because we already live in a big prison. I will never stop, nor go silent nor give up my position," she said. She sought to ban Shairia judges from dealing with marriage contracts.

Ghada Janshir knows that in Muslim countries females are often hung for fending off Allah-devotee rapists. What Muslim rapists are doing in non-Muslim nations is daily violence against Islamic women in their own Muslim countries. For trying to escape from her Koran-adhering rapists, an adolescent Islamic is hung.

In Iran this 17 year old girl is sentenced to death by hanging, for the killing in self-defense of one of three of her alleged rapists. Visit: and

Female Muslim activist, Ghada Janshir, has one prime message: Muslim males must be informed that they cannot get by with raping women--Muslims and non-Muslims--anywhere any time.

For instance, Western females are not considered moral. Because they don't garb themselves from head to toe, they are asking for rape. And they get it—from Muslim males. There are Muslim male gangs now who are raping Western females as I type. These women are called "whores" by the gang members. Therefore, they deserve what they get.

Female Muslims who cover themselves are cursed with ten curses upon conception, according to Islamic legalists. One curse is lifted if the female marries. A curse is defined as exposing one's genitals in public. Therefore, Muslim females are considered worse than dung. If they get out of line, a Muslim male can beat or kill them.

Muslim females who disgrace the clan in any way can be slain via bullet in head or neck slit by Muslim male clan members. Saddam Hussein's soccer stadiums were used more for murdering Muslim females than athletics. Right now some Muslim woman is being caned because her ankles are showing or is being slaughtered for dishonoring her clan; this is called "honor killing."

But Western females appear to be far worse than even Muslim females. Western females are just waiting to be molested, raped and then tossed aside, according to Sharon Lapkin of

Is there any question as to the "reason" these Muslim males rape Western women? No. They quickly inform the non-Muslim why.

From 1998 until 2002, Muslim male gangs taunted Australian girls, particularly in Sydney. The females were labeled "sluts" and "Aussie pigs," therefore, they were bait for rape.

"In Australia's New South Wales Supreme Court in December 2005, a visiting Pakistani rapist testified that his victims had no right to say no, because they were not wearing a headscarf.

"And earlier this year Australians were outraged when Lebanese Sheik Faiz Mohammed gave a lecture in Sydney where he informed his audience that rape victims had no one to blame but themselves. Women, he said, who wore skimpy clothing, invited men to rape them."

As more and more Muslims move into Western nations, this gang rape will increase because it is part of the Muslim male killing cult, otherwise known as their "religion." It is all goes back to their cultic beliefs woven into their irrational, immoral folklore that has grown up with them.

When these street Muslim males get the academic support from professors, then all the more they consider themselves on a legitimate, Allah-ordained, Koran-sanctioned mission. This is the part of Islam world rule. This is to be. This is part of the overall program.

"A few months earlier, in Copenhagen, Islamic mufti and scholar, Shahid Mehdi created uproar when – like his peer in Australia – he stated that women who did not wear a headscarf were asking to be raped.

"And with haunting synchronicity in 2004, the London Telegraph reported that visiting Egyptian scholar Sheik Yusaf al-Qaradawi claimed female rape victims should be punished if they were dressed immodestly when they were raped. He added, 'For her to be absolved from guilt, a raped woman must have shown good conduct.'"

Consequently, one can follow the "reasoning" to its logical conclusion which is that if the street kids can get by with it, the supposed sophisticated, educated Muslim males can, also.

Therefore, for all this talk among Muslims about the West being decadent, the Muslim settlements themselves are rife with lust and mistreatment of females. It goes back to females cursed from conception. It would have been better for them if they had never been born. Earthly existence is imprisonment. It is hell.

So do the statistics show this increase trend of Muslim gang rape against Western females? Yes.

"In Norway and Sweden, journalist Fjordman warns of a rape epidemic. Police Inspector Gunnar Larsen stated that the steady increase of rape-cases and the link to ethnicity are clear, unmistakable trends. Two out of three persecutions for rape in Oslo are immigrants with a non-Western background and 80 percent of the victims are Norwegian women.

"In Sweden, according to translator for Jihad Watch, Ali Dashti, 'Gang rapes, usually involving Muslim immigrant males and native Swedish girls, have become commonplace.' A few weeks ago she said, 'Five Kurds brutally raped a 13-year-old Swedish girl.'"

Again, this is not considered crime. It is considered "meant to be." For some Muslim males, rape is an act of piety. It is following what Allah would want. Non-Muslims, after all, are infidels who should be enslaved or slain; therefore, what is wrong with rape if murder is better?

However, Western women are not the only victims. "In Indonesia, in 1998, human rights groups documented the testimony of over 100 Chinese women who were gang raped during the riots that preceded the fall of President Suharto. Many of them were told: 'You must be raped, because you are Chinese and non-Muslim.'"

Consequently, the Muslim male definition for a rape victim is not nationality but religion. If one is not Muslim, one is rape bait. Actually, again, it must be pointed out that Islam is not a religion among world religions. It is a killing cult. All other world religions tolerate those who do not agree with their tenets. Islam does not; death to those who do not convert to Islam.

"Christian Solidarity Worldwide reported that in April 2005, a 9-year-old Pakistani girl was raped, beaten with a cricket bat, hanged upside down from the ceiling, had spoonfuls of chillies poured into her mouth, and repeatedly bashed while handcuffed. Her Muslim neighbors told her they were taking revenge for the American bombing of Iraqi children and informed her they were doing it because she was an 'infidel and a Christian.'

"In Sudan – where Arab Muslims slaughter black Muslim and Christian Sudanese in an ongoing genocide – former Sudanese slave and now a human rights' activist Simon Deng says he witnessed girls and women being raped and that the Arab regime of Khartoum sends its soldiers to the field to rape and murder. In other reports, women who are captured by government forces are asked; 'Are you Christian or Muslim?' and those who answer Christian, are gang raped before having their breasts cut off."

Is there an outcry from the National Organization for Women? Not that I know of.

Is there a worldwide feminist rebuff of these Muslim rape gangs? What about Muslim women and men in Western countries who claim to be "moderate" Muslims? Do we hear from them in protesting this mistreatment of non-Muslim females? I have not heard a clamor.

Because NOW and like liberal organizations remain in the killing mode via their own agendas, they are hardly going to champion fighting Muslim rape gangs. NOW supports killing womb babies, including female babies, therefore, NOW is in no moral shape to complain about anything done by the Muslim males. NOW favors killing of morality,

Judeo-Christian ethics, the biblical definition of masculinity, femininity, marriage, family, and so forth. NOW is not life-focused. It is death-entrenched; therefore, it could not fight against Muslim mistreatment of females for NOW does the same.

To speak out against Muslim rape gangs is to take the risk of being called "racist." Today it is becoming posh to say nothing factually negative about Muslims. They can get by with anything, demand anything, and expect to get it for the liberal segments of nations are supporting them. No wonder the zealots believe that Islam world rule is on its way.

"In Australia, when journalist Paul Sheehan reported honestly on the Sydney gang rapes, he was called a racist and accused of stirring up anti-Muslim hatred. And when he reported in his Sydney Morning Herald column that there was a high incidence of crime amongst Sydney's Lebanese community, fellow journalist, David Marr sent him an e-mail stating, "That is a disgraceful column that reflects poorly on us all at the Herald."

"Keysar Trad, vice-president of the Australian Lebanese Muslim Association said the gang rapes were a 'heinous' crime but complained it was 'rather unfair' that the ethnicity of the rapists had been reported.

"Journalist Miranda Devine reported during the same rape trials that all reference to ethnicity had been deleted from the victim impact statement because the prosecutors wanted to negotiate a plea bargain.

"So when Judge Megan Latham declared, 'There is no evidence before me of any racial element in the commission of these offences,' everyone believed her. And the court, the politicians and most of the press may as well have raped the girls again."

No one will use the "M" word when reporting news. "Muslim" cannot be used in the liberal newsfeeds for it smacks of prejudice, they say. But these killers are not merely "insurgents" and "terrorists." They are Muslim murderers global and Islamic killers international. That fact must be mentioned or those intent on Islam world rule will get their dream.

"According to The Guardian, during the recent French riots, a Saudi Prince with shares in News Corporation boasted to a conference in Dubai that he had phoned Rupert Murdoch and complained about Fox News describing the disturbances as 'Muslim riots.' Within half an hour he said, it was changed to 'civil riots.'"


Muslim men slit their females' throats if they have dishonored the clan; it is "honor killing."

Muslim men have several wives as well as "temporary wives" who are in fact prostitutes who live with their parents and receive no financial aid from the sex master.

Muslim men cane their wives, beat their wives, demean their wives by giving them no education, no profession, no freedom of movement, no communication with anyone but Muslims.

Muslim fathers cut with scissors and razors their daughters' genitals while the mothers strap them down.

Muslims commit no crime when their acts are for Allah; therefore, murder, robbery, rape, molestation, plundering, lying are pious acts, not crimes.

Muslims abide by the sharia--the "legal code" based on killing and maiming verses of the Koran.

Muslims offer their children as suicide offerings to Allah.

Muslims pray at mosques on Fridays in order for Allah to empower them for Islam world rule.

Muslim mosques are satanic covens, clerics are the devil's missionaries, the Koran has been scribed by demons, demented Mohammed was devil-possessed and the so-called "religion" is a killing cult like none other, presently worldwide.

Muslims cannot convert to another religion for they will be slain.

Muslims do not expect dialogue with non-Muslims; they expect compliance.

Muslims regard Jews as "Jew-pigs and monkeys."

Muslim regard Christians as the enemy in need of eternal hell fire.

Muslims punish their own by gouging out eyes, cutting off feet, hands, fingers, toes, noses.

Muslims flog and hang by the noose those suspected of offenses or committing the slightest offense.

Muslims burn churches and slaughter Christians daily throughout the world, e.g., Sudan, Koxovo, etc.


Copyright © 2006 by J. Grant Swank, Jr.


aisha's lost doll said...

When a Muzzie enjoys "contact with the thighs" as in

where does he get a kid that young from? Unless he's been on a razzia and brought her back as booty, presumably it will one of his relatives (kid sister, daughter, granddaughter). Is this counted as incest in Muzzieland, or just a normal part of happy family life?

Btw Dag, you're site seems very slow to download. Maybe just my ancient PC but could be some bandwidth-eating graphics need optimising.

American Crusader said...

great post dag...a lot of information and corresponding sources.
I did a post a while back about the 17-year-old Iranian girl. Amazing how by protecting yourself from being raped, the rapist becomes the victim.
Your post shows what would happen if Sharia law ever became the dominant law which the cofounder of CAIR says is Islam's goal.
Islamic women are treated barely better than property so you could imagine how not Islamic women would be treated.
Your first commenter mentioned "contact with the thighs".
We all know what this means but it has even been used when talking about prepubescent girls.
Let's be honest, if you were a rapist or a pedophile, which religion would you join?

Moved Elsewhere said...


Check out the new graphic in my daily news section. It might come in handy for a future post.