Friday, March 24, 2006

Blair Stoned, Bush Burning, Howard Forward; Pak Attacked.

Please excuse the mess I've made here of two stories below somehow cobbled together by sheer accident, I do declare. One is from Australia on the prime minister's reaction to Afghanis wanting to kill a man for insulting pig-allah; and the second is a news brief on Tony Blair's speech about how wonderful is Islam. I just don't know how I got the two pieces mixed up like this. Heckers! I write, being so angry with myself for this mess. I guess that's the end of the virgins for this guy, though Tony's maybe gonna get lucky.

Christian must die ~ clerics


KABUL - Muslim clerics are demanding an Afghan man on trial for converting from Islam to Christianity be executed, a move slammed as sickening by Prime Minister John Howard.

The Prime Minister [Tony Blair] during his speech "Not a clash between civilisations, but a clash about civilisation" spoke forcefully about the problems of terrorism.

The talk given to the Foreign Policy Centre and Reuters also included his praise of the Holy Qur'an.

Clerics have warned that if the Afghan Government caves into Western pressure and frees him, they will urge people to "pull him into pieces".

The case against Abdul Rahman, 41, has stirred international protests, including from Australia, and angered President George W. Bush.

Mr Howard said he would personally protest to the Afghan Government.

"This is appalling. When I saw the report about this, I felt sick, literally," Mr Howard said.

"We are putting the lives of Australian soldiers on the line. This is outrageous. The idea that a person could be punished because of their religious belief and the idea they might be executed is just beyond belief."

"The most remarkable thing about reading the Koran – in so far as it can be truly translated from the original Arabic - is to understand how progressive it is. [Says Tony Blair.}

But in Afghanistan even moderate clerics such as Abdul Raoulf have called for Mr Rahman's execution.

"I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements. But as an outsider, the Koran strikes me as a reforming book, trying to return Judaism and Christianity to their origins, rather as reformers attempted with the Christian Church centuries later. It is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance," he said.
[That would be yer Tony Blair again.]

The cleric who was jailed three times for opposing the hard-line Taliban said: "Rejecting Islam is insulting God. We will not allow God to be humiliated. This man must die."

He added that under the guidance of the Qur'an, the spread of Islam and its dominance over previously Christian or pagan lands was "breathtaking". [Uh huh. it's Tony.]

Diplomats have said the Afghan Government was searching for a way to drop the case, and on Thursday authorities said Mr Rahman was suspected of being mentally ill and would be psychologically examined to see if he was fit to stand trial.

"Over centuries it founded an Empire, leading the world in discovery, art and culture. We look back to the early Middle Ages, the standard bearers of tolerance at that time were far more likely to be found in Muslim lands than in Christian," he declared.

But three Sunni preachers and a Shiite from four popular Kabul mosques said they didn't believe Mr Rahman was insane.

"I speak with great diffidence and humility as a member of another faith. I am not qualified to make any judgements.

"He is not crazy. He went in front of the media and confessed to being a Christian," said Hamidullah, chief cleric at Haji Yacob Mosque.

Understand how progressive it is. Understand how progressive it is. Understand how progressive it is.

"The Government is scared of the international community. But the people will kill him if he is freed," he said.

Not a clash between civilisations. Not a clash between civilisations. Not a clash between civilisations.

Mr Raoulf, who is a member of the country's main Islamic organisation, the Afghan Ulama Council, agreed: "The Government are playing games. The people will not be fooled."

It is inclusive. It is inclusive. It is inclusive.

"Cut off his head!" he exclaimed, sitting in a courtyard outside Herati Mosque.

And way ahead of its time and way ahead of its time and way ahead of its time.

"We will call on the people to pull him into pieces so there's nothing left."

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Always On Watch said...

Tony Blair's dhimmitude is astounding--downright surreal. And because he is the PM, people are going to take him at his word.

Meanwhile, Islamic barbarians are holding fast to their beliefs.

maccusgermanis said...

These statments are so incredulous, I wonder if the dhimmi's Bush and Blair seek to placate the muslims or to incite literate citizens. The first is an unforgivable weakness of mind and the later is an equally appaling weakness of heart.

CD Baric said...

Are the Muslims holding a Tony Blair family member hostage? ? ?

I can not believe Blair made those statements! His mumblings are contrary to everything known, acknowledged and practiced by the Muslim, both past and present.

How is it the west has re-elected such total dhimmis as Bush and Blair? Are the citizens of the United States and the United Kingdon really that stupid? Is it the word 'United' that bonds these leaders in ineptitude?

Both Bush and Blair are traitors to their sacred oathe of office! They should be treated the same way Islam treats apostates!

I would LOVE to have both leaders in an open debate with the like of Robert Spencer, who would intellectually puree these dhimmi posers.

As a Canadian royalist for most of my life, I am now advocating that Canada sever all extra-diplomatic links with the UK, including it's dhimmi Royal family members like Ugly Chuck et al. Britian is moving quickly into a sharia state where the minority Christian born citizens will assume a more conciliatory stature (bent over) towards their Muslim rulers.

Welcome to the new Englandostan!

Keep up the good work Dag.

Best regards,

CD 'Bar' Baric

Anonymous said...

Blair is no idiot. The whole thing is a piss-take (ironic speech for those who don't understand my dialect of English).

He's chosen to give these comments in the same week as an Afghan Christian is due to be executed for a thought-crime, and The Prince of Dhimmitude and His Veiled Concubine are visiting the roots of European Civilisation in such places as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Blair is a Christian. He comes to praise Mohammed not to bury him, but he praises him in such ironic terms that he will provoke the wish in his audience to bury the Pervert as a gardener might wish to cover an unseemly turd with soil.

CED Baric said...
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CD Baric said...

"Blair is no idiot."

I disagree!

"The whole thing is ... ironic speech"

Is it really.

"Blair is a Christian. He comes to praise Mohammed not to bury him, but he praises him in such ironic terms that he will provoke the wish in his audience to bury the Pervert as a gardener might wish to cover an unseemly turd with soil."

Blair has repeatedly demonstrated through speech and action that he is, fee-simple, in the ownership of his Muslim masters in Saudi Arabia.

Perhaps you would care to provide an instance where Blair is being a little less ironic and a little more forthright in his support of western freedoms and values. Perhaps something in support of Denmark's right to a free and unencumbered press. Yes, that would be nice.

Greetings to the citizens of Englandostan.

CD 'Bar' Baric

dag said...

Blair isn't taking the piss out of anyone but the people who listen to him and take him seriously. Blair and his dhimmi cohorts have blown through the 60s on a cloud of pot-smoke and the puggeries of multi-culti cliches, and today and all the days of their wasted lives they've lived in a self-perpetuated fog of cliches and half-understood half-truths. Today and all those days they have propounded idiocies based on first year university sociological and anthropologic myths, many of which we expose here for anyone who cares to wsade through this intellectual swamp.

Smart? Of course they're smart; and not a thinker among them. They play within the speech balloon of each other's collective ideas, none of which have anything to do with reality. And they are smug, they are self-righteous, they are moralistic and crude. Who can see them for what they are? Those among us who are critical and unimpressed by position and status; those of us who question authority, we Right wing religious bigots and racists and islamophobics and so on. Get a grip, mate. And stop being so damned ironic. It's wearisome.

dag said...

Tony Blair ttried sneaking in here under the name of CED Baric, but we caught him in time and tossed his arse out of here. That left room for the real CD Baric to leave an identical comment below him. We are vigilant and remorseless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dag,
My name is Susilo, and I'm a Muslim. it's just so happen that I came across your blog.

my first impression from reading your posts is: (probbly like most individuals who do not know Islam personally) you might have been victimised by the headline-news making-profit selling media. because what i see in your posts are all possible amplifications of negative news about Islam..or more precisely I should say "Muslims"..and from these sources you (believe) to have seen and understood "Islam" and voice your strong opinions on them.

Dear Dag, I would not blame you. Because If I do not know Islam as I do now myself, I would have hated that religion too! (BIG TIME) I mean, think about it; bombing, wars, holy wars, doctrinations, killing people of other religions (and many other forms as the media have delivered it). But I do not hate Islam. because I know, and I study the Qur'an (Koran) for what the true meaning of Islam is. Well why do you think Islam is still the largest religion in the World? and one of the fastest growing religion in (even) the U.S. and also recently Europe? The statistic even increases after the 9-11 - please research why Dag ?

well probably most of them have done what Tony Blair (in this particular case) had done: instead of swallowing blindly the info that the media have offered - they search to discover the true meaning of the religion back to its original form - the teachings that is all written in the Qur'an.

you see Dag, all muslims believe with their heart that the Holy Qur'an is the guidance to all knowledge (yes all) for this life and the hereafter. you will be happy to know that many english translated Al-Qur'an have been provided to date.

and truly (without exagguration) this scripture is amazing. almost everything you can find in it. If you open the surah An-nisa (which means Women) - yes that's right Daq, women. we have a chapter in the Qur'an that is named as women (not men) which content specialised in how women should be delivered for their rights and justice-in marriage,in how many percent they must get from wills left by their parents,and the noble appreciation to Maryam-Jesus's mother. Yes, that right Jesus. Islam recognises Jesus (or as we call it Prophet Isa), but not as God as Christian perceive him, but as a Prophet-who's teaching is passed,and completed and so perfected by the last, and closure of the prophets-Muhammad: who served the same God as Isa did. and thats is why-as Muslims-we are obliged to death to keep the purity and the originality of the Qur'an. we believe Qur'an is the scripture of all time that does not die with time.and we are not to (and the worst sin to) change the content even a single dot- dot, not words of the Qur'an.

Truly Daq, there's a lot more, and you will be surprised for what you can find in the Qur'an; from how to run a state; to how man is created (scientifically).

well of course the media, and I dont know why, some journalists, just picked the verse that says "ok to kill the jews" when the verse is actually a small part that describes an ancient war situation between the muslims and the non-believers after the muslims have been tortured so much but they dont fight back. and why didn't they pick the verse after that, that says even though muslims are at war-they are not to kill women and children, not to burn / kill crops and domesticated animal, not even a single branch (yes its written branch not tree). I guess like it always is; they just want to sell what sells.

you see Dag, I see the world of Islam totally different from how you see it.

It makes me really sad to see that when people see what a minority of "muslims" do in some part of the world-they perceive; oh, thats what Islam do. No! thats not true! Islam has its core values - but muslims often confused themselves b/n the religion and their own culture.

well this is a real life example: I come from Indonesia which is the biggest muslim populated country in the world. almost 90% of our citizens are muslim. and do we deprive our women from driving? Education? NO. women here are equal to man in all activities. even in Padang (the highest concentrated muslim population state-almost 100%)-the women stands as the leader of the family-they decide on family expenses, what to buy, what to give, and they are socially much stronger than men-or their husbands. kind a different from what weve been hearing from the middle east right Daq?

If some Arab thinks it's Okay to beat/kill a woman- it is in their culture! and not in Islam.

people often confused b/n the Religion of Islam-Muslim-and their Culture. and it is not wrong to say for the muslims themselves-who do not study their religion correctly.

this is what we believe as muslims: the Prophet Muhammad was sent as the rectifier of act for mankind. it is mentioned in the Qur'an, that before the prophet came-the jahilliyah (translated to english:dark/astrayed) Arab-note jahilliyah arabs in context of that time-NOT Arabs in general. used to mary and slaved their own daughters/mothers. beat/kill their women. burn and burried their baby daughters.

and Prophet Muhammad came for one purpose: rectifying humankind's moral. including (as mentioned in the Qur'an)- liberating slaves, and give rights to women. Thats why the verse says: you can have more than one wife = that is if you feel you can be JUST. yes the verse sounds. and the wifes were given rights to reject and release their husband if they mind as written there.

so, I dont know how much of these pre-historic habits that was fought to be erased by Islam is left in the Middle Eastern culture today? but surely, I believe culture cannot just be eliminated 'just like that'. and prbbly, what the Saudi Government do in preventing women to go alone, or to drive alone- is in fact TO PROTECT WOMEN. I believe their own people understand their culture better.

I dont know how much I've written here. probably too much..and If that is how you feel, I apologize. It's just things has not been going well for Islam. there were once a time, where Islam-is leading the world of science, medical, statemenship and astronomy-with more than million of contributions to humankind.long time ago,,1728032,00.html

but Islam nowadays is far from that. somehow the Muslims got lost after the fall and burnt-down of Ottoman Empire and Andalucia (the Greatest Islam Capital-and used to the World), never ending wars, famine, and some were stagnant in condition of war (like the middle east), and many were stagnant in economic depriviation (the rest of Africa and Asia).,,1728032,00.html

What we need is understanding. to help build a better humankind. and a better world for all of us. Probably youd think why many of the muslims (in the middle east) are so violence? bomber war thirsty? well I cant answer that Dag.

What I do know is; muslims are human too-with emotions and weaknesses. and muslims are not just those in the middle east. There are many other muslims in other part of the world who lives alongside peacefully with non-muslims, and believe war is never the best solution to anything.

As for me, this is what I believe: War exist because there is Injustice. And who is pretty much leading the world now?

you see Dag. Not all Muslims are evil. and I hope you can consider my points. It is my biggest dream that people can understand and judge Islam for its true teachings-from the Qur'an-and not just by the act of "a few Muslims". and hopefully then we can go back to the age where muslims and christians and other believers are living peacefully as neighbours, with respects to each other faiths and beliefs.


maccusgermanis said...

Islam is not the largest nor fastest growing religion in the world. Increases after 9-11 you say? Did it also increase after Beslan?

Wow, An-nisa even gives guidance on how a woman is to be inherited.

4:19 O ye who believe! It is not lawful for you forcibly to inherit the women (of your deceased kinsmen), nor (that) ye should put constraint upon them that ye may take away a part of that which ye have given them, unless they be guilty of flagrant lewdness. But consort with them in kindness, for if ye hate them it may happen that ye hate a thing wherein Allah hath placed much good.

You claim to recognise Jesus. Do you also recognise that Jesus never killed anyone? Do you believe in the miracles of healing? Do you believe that he said, in regards to an adulterous woman, "let he that hath no sin cast the first stone" In case you don't understand the Bible assumes that "all have sinned" so put down your rocks already.

The science in the koran is laughable plagery.

You attempt to invite infidels into a racist scape goating of Arabs. Did some Arabs sneak into Indonesia to behead school girls? If so, who invited them?

You said "once a time, where Islam-is leading the world of science, medical, statemenship and astronomy-with more than million of contributions to humankind"

I'll speak slowly, B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T
Name one of the "more that million".

Of course muslims are humans, infected with ideas that would be quaintly silly, if not so shockingly violent. I don't believe muslims are evil, rather I think they are fools that serve evil. Islam is evil.

rafa said...

Susilo -

Please visit the following sites:

Islam is "growing" only because:

1. Muslims multiply like rabbits
2. Many males in U.S. prisons convert to Islam
3. Many non-Muslims are converted by FORCE and by THREATS
4. Many Muslims are Muslims in name only; otherwise their lifestyle is anti-Islamic and pro-Western.

And for every person who converts to Islam, two or three Muslims are killed by fellow Muslims (such as the sectarian war between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq).

dag said...

That race-baiting attempt was pretty laughable, and equal to the rest of the taqqiyah above.

The writer is obviously part of a team of writers who go round to blogs sowing doubt among the nervous. They can't do much with those of us who actually have read the Qur'an, ahadith, and sira; less with those of us who've done the secondary readings of the histories of the world conquered by the Isalmic Invasions; and nothing at all with those of us who have lived in Muslim countries for some years and know the whole of it organically.

To make my own experience clearer, I have lived in Muslim countries in Africa, Asia, the Balkans, and the Caucasus. I've done the reading to a larger extent than most Mulsims living today, though not to the extent many of our scholars have done in the West; however, I am not naive, uninformed, or reliant on newspaper headlines. I am, in fact, the proud author of a 600 page glossary of Islamic terms, not yet revised for publication. None of that matters a whit: the matter is the nature of Islam as it is canonically, and what it is practically and throughout history till today and as it mut be as it is. The patronising letter above is more piffle meant not for me and others who know the details but is meant for those who do not know. Those who can be and will be swayed, I have no regard for them, they being those who wil sway back and forth with the winds of opinion.

For those who wish for more than the poisoned honey of the writer above we suggest one turn to My title for first-hand accounts and reports from south-east Asia. For the rest of us we continue to plan for war, knowing form our readings of the Quran that, as Mohammed says, "War is deceit."