Friday, March 03, 2006

Muslim Gang in Denmark reportedly attempt "Visit" on Cartooonist's Daughter.

This story comes from a number of sites, though none of them provide enough clear detail to give a sense of factuality. I'm running it here because it's at least plausible. We can look at Salman Rushdie, at the indiscriminate murder of people across the world for over a thousand years, and we can see it clearly in our lives on a near daily basis. Muslim gangs, Muslim rapists, Mulsim woman-killers, Muslim child- rapists, Muslim child-killers, Muslim killers and Muslim rapists and Muslim gang-rapists. I can't verify this particular instance of Muslim behaviour. I can verify many others similar. I leave it to you.

Rohde: Daughter of Cartoonist sought out by 12 Men

A group of Moslem males have tried to get at the daughter of one of the 12 cartoonists who drew the cartoons of Muhammed at her school. The political spokesman of the Liberals, Jens Rohde, revealed this during an interview with TV-Avisen while explaining his and the Prime Minister's attack on the business community in Denmark, charging that they have put profits over Freedom of Speech.

Not at school

Rohde says that the 12 cartoonists have had their lives overturned and are now living in hiding, after receiving several death threats.

"And a daughter of one of cartoonist was sought out by 12 Moslem males - they were looking to get to her. Fortunately she wasn't at school," Jens Rohde said.

Meting with Cartoonists

Later Thursday night, Jens Rohde told Ritzaus Bureau that he was told of this incident during a meeting with the cartoonists.

The Police Intelligence Service did not wish to comment on this.

The Police Intelligence Service is the branch of the police that provides protection for citizens deemed to be in danger.

Update: But managed to get a comment from the Police Intelligence Service :

( En gruppe muslimske menn skal ha prøvd å få fatt i datteren til en av tegnerne bak de tolv karikaturene av profeten Muhammed som ble publisert i den danske avisen Jyllandsposten i fjor.

Det sier det danske partiet Venstres politiske leder Jens Rohde til dansk tv i kveld.

De tolv tegnerne skal ha fått snudd fullstendig opp ned på sine liv på grunn av raseriet tegningene deres har utløst. Rohde hevder 12 muslimske menn skal ha møtt opp på en skole for å få fatt i datteren til en av tegnerne.

- Heldgvis var hun ikke på skolen, sa Rohde til danske TV Avisen.

Venstre-lederen sier til nyhetsbyrået Ritzau at han fikk vite om episoden under et møte med noen karikaturtegnere. Dansk politi har ikke bekreftet opplysningene.

[more at link above.]

[Rhode continues in an interview on Danish television:] we have 12 cartoonists in this country who have to live in hiding under protection, have had their lives turned around. The daughter of one of the cartoonists was sought out by 12 Moslem males at her school - they wanted to get at her. Luckily, she wasn't there, and these people [ the 12 cartoonists] now live with fatwas over their head. And this is where I think that all of us ought to back these people up and say that we don't want to allow this kind of thing to happen to our cartoonists - we need to back up their right to exercise their profession.

From the comments section:

" The daughter of one of the cartoonists was sought out by 12 Moslem males at her school - they wanted to get at her."

Is there any verification of this account? Any eyewitness? The account as presented is not sufficient.

Comment by Patriot — March 3, 2006 @ 4:01 am

#23 Patriot

No, there is no verification. But Jens Rohde is a known politician who would lose greatly if he lied and the cartoonists are available for interview through the Police Intelligence Service, so I don't see how this could not be true.

Yeah, call me a dumbass for trusting politicians, but they don't lie when it's easy to check their facts.

Comment by Administrator — March 3, 2006 @ 4:10 am

There is no proof that they meant any harm to her. God is allowing the world to change to Islam. It remain me of might France stakeing in fear because moslim woman are wearing the hijab what abrunch of chichen shit the french are. Now Begium want to ban the moslim woman from wearing the burqa because the begium people are strakeing in fear when they see one old moslim woman walk down the street wearing the burqa with her cane to help her walk.
Posted by: DefenderofIslam [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 2, 2006 08:32 PM

If it's true, then what next? If it's not true, then what next? More of the same either way. So what next?


Ateist said...

While it's true that the 12 cartoonists are keeping a low profile - and some are living underground - the story of the 12 Jihadists is not true: The twelve men were girls

freedom said...

The story appears to have been wildy exaggerated. Besides the link that ateist gives, there is also an article in Danish on the Jyllands Posten

Agora said...

That story has been updated. See here.

Four weeks ago, 6-8 Moslem girls showed up at the school of the daughter of one of the cartoonists, asking for "the daughter of the cartoonist who had insulted their prophet". They were turned away at the door.

Someone poopooed big time.


dag said...

Here we see the strength of the West in plain view: We are self-correcting and in constant pursuit of the truth.

Not all of us are professional journalists, not all of us being trained in the subtleties of interviewing and research and fact-checking. but heere we see some professional work that outshines the MSM: we see people presenting the thread of a story and then a follow up that gives us more and more details till we can finally walk away satisfied with the way it is. Dan Rather could take a lesson from this.

I'll continue to run this kind of story even if I think it's a bit shakey when I first see it. I do so because I know that the truth wil come out and we'll learn from it and do better next time; and that by knowing that one can come to Agora's site and others that if the story is fuzzy at first, or if it's worng, nevermind, we will make it known so that you can trust us to give the best information possible. That's the pursuit of truth.

I thank all involved in making this story clear to our readers. Great work. I think we can all be proud of it.

Regards, Dag.

freedom said...

Very well put Dag! :)

There is an Italian saying that goes "Lies have short legs". Meaning that the truth shall prevail.

I'm trying to do my part.

eyesallaround said...

The point is, the cartoonists are in hiding because there is a bounty on them (and I'm sure their families). The mussies are worthless.

Always On Watch said...

So, the story was in error. Nevertheless, those who know what Islam really is were not surprised that such a threat was issued.

Eyes is right: The point is, the cartoonists are in hiding because there is a bounty on them (and I'm sure their families). The mussies are worthless.

dag said...

They have a worth as Human beings. We all realise that. However, there comes a time when their lives are a menace to ours, when they become a direct threat to the existence of others. Then we must legitimately and justly go to war to protect ourselves and our children. If only six or eight girls went to find the Danish girl, that's not much beter than a dozen boys; the problem remains that the girl is in danger from Islamically motivated haters. That part we can't afford to ignore. Nor can we pretend that her father won't end up like Theo van Gogh or any number of others slain for reasons only interesting to Muslims.

We must be able to rely on our law enforcement officials to do the job of enforcing order or we are in a state of Jugoslavia. Been there, seen that. I see it coming west. It is Islam. We have to stop it.

eyesallaround said...

Dag, Are you sure they're human? I'm thinking some DNA work needs to be done to answer this question. Humans have done evil things throughout history, but the general populations were never in such agreement over the validity of the evil deeds. People usually are repulsed by the murder of children (for example), but lions are not.

Do you have any doubt that if we were in an all-out war with the mussies they wouldn't kill every single "POW" that they captured? Even the Japanese didn't do that in WWII, and as I recall they had not signed the Geneva Convention.

As an example, when Timothy McVeigh was put to death, I was not happy about it. It was just and had to be done, and in that sense I was glad justice was carried out, but I wasn't happy. My thoughts were "Sad. Why did he have to do it? What a waste."

The mussies are actually happy about seeing innocents die. They revel in it. They pass out candy to celebrate the carnage. IMHO that's not a human reaction. And it's not just Westerners and Israelis that they enjoy watching die. They love watching each other die. Heck they love watching their own children die! They're in love with death.

I do wonder if they are some sort of "missing link" or their DNA has been damaged in some way. If so, then there might some kind of therapy they could have to make them better.

eyesallaround said...

Actually, I just thought of another group of people who really enjoyed watching people die... The Romans. I don't know if they liked watching their own kids die though...