Saturday, March 04, 2006

Every Girl's Dream


GJ Klaver said...

Nice pics. :(

I know what's in future for me, now.

I'm from the Netherlands [Holland] and we, like Denmark - with it's cartoons - have felt the evil of Islam for a long time, but our politicians are dhimmies already.

In Holland Theo van Gogh was murdered by a muslim because he made a movie about the abuse of muslim women. The writer of the film, a politician named Ayaan Hirsi Ali [European of the year and listed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influentual people of 2005] has been threatened to death and is in hiding.

She did, however, write a manifesto, together with Salmon Rushdie [also in hiding of Islam, because of the Fatwa on his head] and other writers, journalists and intellectuals.

You can read and/or sign the manifesto here:

Let's get rid of Islam.
GJ Klaver - the Netherlands.

dag said...

It might well be your future if men and women don't act to prevent it from being one of dhimmitude, bondage, rape, and murder.

The girl identified above as Linda was returning home with a girl friend when they were both raped and beaten by a gang of Mulsims. It common from Sweden to Australia.

Islam is a terror. Regardless of what others might say of you and us, we have to confront it as it is and not as we would wish it to be. The time for polite fictions of muliti-culti cliches is over. You've got to fight back or your future will be hell.

GJ Klaver said...

How to fight back?

I'm not in favor of new Nazi parties, or something like that.
I'm not a bigot. I don't care what color someone is.
I DO care - and object - to something like 'Islam'.
It's a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, female-hating and anti-semitic religion/cult/regime.

But I don't know HOW to fight it.

GJ Klaver

freedom said...


Thank you for raising the issue. We need to talk about this so much more.

GJ Klaver:

First, know your enemy. Read about Islam. If you like, you can find some links at my blog.

Second, spread the truth. The West is in this situation because of ignorance about Islam and dhimmitude of our leaders.
Islam is NOT the religion of peace. Whoever says so is either an ignorant or a liar and traitor of the West.

Moved Elsewhere said...

I have linked to your blog at Islamic Evil and drawn further attention to it in my Almost Daily Insight and Analysis section.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to copy the links section in my blog and paste it into your template before tailoring it any way you desire.

Reginald, a senior demon from the 7th circle of Hell, provides some entertaining anti-Islamic commentary. You can find it at

eyesallaround said...

Great post! I love the new Vogue magazine cover! LOL! Wouldn't the radical feminists just love that? The funny thing is, the liberals love the muslims, and they are the ones with the MOST to lose.

The Koran says to kill or convert the Infidels, but Christians and Jews are given the option of paying a tax instead of conversion, or death.

dag said...

Eyesallaround brings up the issues of jizyah and dhimmitude.

Jizyah is the payment in a condition of humiliation of a tax to Muslims in leiu of death. Briefly, the tax goes to the caliph, the successor to Mohammed, his due as leader of mauraders. If one surrenders to the Caliph, then he is due 20 per cent of all booty that would have come to him if the one surrendering had died and been looted after the fact. To live, one must then still pay the jizyah to remain alive under Muslim rule. And one must do so as a prisoner living by decree of the caliph, in a state of humiliation. That state of humiliation and protection by dint of payment of the jizyah is dhimmitude.

That's just the beginning of what could be a very upsetting history lesson for those who cry that Islam is a religion of peace and theat we are somehow the bad guys for being "islamophobic."

Look at the pictures above to make up your own mind of how good Islam is, and ask if that's the future we want for our children.

dag said...

GJ Klaver said...

I'm writing a brief reply to Gj Klaver as of now. I hope to post it this evening. Thanks for your patience.

eyesallaround said...

Yes the pictures speak volumes. Isn't it ironic though that the liberals who are so open to mussies are the ones who will die or convert? If they convert, they will be subjected to everything they hate. It's a no-win situation. Of course the Christians and Jews will be slaves, so that's not much better. I guess when you get right down to it, the mussies are all slaves too, except for the ones at the top of the totem pole.

Islam is not much different than Communism when you think of it.