Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blue Revoluton Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

It just keeps getting better. We had our meeting this evening and our final resolution is that next week we'll meet at the Vancouver city public library atrium. We can't get much more public than that.

What radical and revolutionary things do we do at these meetings, you ask? We sit in public places and speak openly about our opinions of Islam. We say such things as "Murder is a bad thing." We say that even if it's a good thing according to Islam it's a bad thing objectively, and we aren't going to remain silent. "Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them," is a nasty and disgusting thing for any work of fiction to include, and for a so-called religious text to demand that its adherents carry it out is more than bad, it's evil. We say that in public. In this country that brings us close to criminality. We say that's a bad thing too.

One of our members spoke this evening on the nature of homicide bombers. forget the cliches of the poor and oppressed striking out at injustice in any desperate way they can. Our speaker explained that they acqquire great benefit from murdering others, benefit to themselves in terms of legacy, of promised rewards, in financial rewards for their families, in prestige for their families. And far from being poor and oppressed, these evil monsters are generally afluent and "educated." These evil monsters gain personally, however twisted their internal and cultural logic might be to sane people. We say these things in public. these are not heroes, not martyrs, not freedom fighters, not noble men and women sacrificing themselves for the good of others; these are people twisted into monsters because their soicieties are psychotic, and in that psychosis they feel that they are gaining personally by committing murder. They are garbage. We say so in public.

We sat for hours and discussed more things about Islam and the state of our nations. We talked about these meetings held around the world that are becoming more popular as people realise we are not alone and not to be silenced any longer. Next week we take this to a new level of publicity. No hiding, no fear, no more silence.

I'll return tomorrow to fill in further details.

2 comments: said...

Is anybody from Seattle going up to Vancouver from the Seattle area for Thursday? I'd like to go. I'll chip in for gas.

dag said...

That would be wonderful!

I don't know of anyone so far who would be on the way up here, but we have time to organise it. If it doesn't happen this time, how about making your own meeting in Seattle? Contact friends and associates there to meet at the city library on Thursday from 7-9 in the concourse there, wear a blue scarf so people know who you are at a glance, and then sit for a few hours talking about your concerns.

We here in Vancouver don't have a planned agenda for our meetings. We meet, we talk, we discover new ideas and get information that clarifies old ideas. We have occasional guest speakers to give us input we won't otherwise have, and we do one thing that no one else does:

We meet in public.

There are only a few of us for now. The fact that there is anyone sitting publicly in defiance of Islam and dhimmitude is remarkable. We here are closing in on our second month of public gatherings. We aren't many but we are here and we won't go away. Others will join us. They'll join you too. And that will be more of us, giving courage to those who would come if they knew they could.

This is not an easy task. Some of us sit week after week alone waiting for other to join us and to simply talk in public about the things that deeply concern us all. It's tough to be alone in this struggle. It's hard to be the one person who is willing to stand up and face the mass of indifferent and even the hostile. Tom Cunningham does it alone. But Tom is not alone. We around the world are with him. In time his community will come to him. In time his community will be a community again, which it is not so far. It's a mess of indifferent and apathetic and demoralised people.

Plant the seeds, and in time the flowers of mystery will blossom. We will spread everywhere, and freedom will take root again where today there is barrenness and despair.

I cheer!

Gather up your friends for an evening of talk. Sit in public and let the world know you're not afraid to be known as a free person.

If you are alone for long, then I will go to Seattle myself. You will see me, and we two will be a movement toward freedom.

On Tuesday evening I'll start again posting on our meetings. I'll continue on through Thursday. We can use this space and time to arrange and to organise. We have far to go, and it's hard. But we are further along now and each step is easier.

This is excellent. One way or another, we'll meet.

Regards, Dag.