Sunday, February 26, 2006

News From France.

Have hope. The surge of Islamic madness that threatens to drown the French nation in misery and suffering is soon coming to a breaker, the French people united. Sebastian writes from France. Have hope.


Everyone seems to have a differing estimate of how many people were at the demontration last Friday evening.

My feeling is around 800 but I was very near to the front, so my perspective is not the most objective. We are all agreed however that the figure falls short of all our expectations and it is clear that we have very much more work to do.

The speakers however were brilliant and the crowd very enthusiatic and happy to be amonst find fellow human beings who are equally disgusted with this stupid religion.

Claude Reichman certainly has ambition, he plans a million man march against Islam along the Champs Elysees. I believe this is possible. But not today. A march on Sunday, in memory of Ilan Halani, killed by immigrant muslims because he was jewish has been hijacked by the usual anti racist organisations. Philippe de Villiers from the Movement Pour La France was 'expelled' from the march, because he is considered a racist. Philippe de Villiers is anti immigration and dislikes Islam but there is no racism that can be pinned on this man at all. How he was expelled is not clear, but I think that you can see the manipulation which has taken place.

I will however attempt to present Friday's meeting in a more postive light than some may have done on France Echos.

Popular disgust towards islam is relatively new phenomenom in the civilized world. Not being Copts or Maronites we have never really had any reason to make the intellectual effort to understand this religion.

Well here, in Paris on Friday evening, we had a crowd of hundreds. All knew and grasped the terms Dhimmi and Islamisation. All understand the dangers. Try to find another civilized nation who can reunite with such a large resistance in one place. You won't find this in the USA or the UK. So like it or not France is going to be a key player in our struggle. And for every person at this meeting there are hundreds who did not come for one reason or another but who are obsessively explaining to their friends and family about the perils of Islam. For an obsession it certainly is. We are all profoundly angry how this savage creed has suceeded in infecting every sector of society. I met a lady who came from Belgium, alone. There is no organised resistance there at all and their problems seem in many cases worst than ours.

That France has not had a cartoon jihad or an 9/11 declared against it yet it can mobilize this amount of people despite 30 years of Eurabian propaganda. I have many British friends and not one cares about the islamization of Europe. Plenty more in France do.

The next meeting is the Blue Scarf meeting on Saturday the 11th of March. For no one will have the excuse of being at work and we should expect a crowd numbering in the thousands and not the hundreds.

All the best


Our time is coming. The evil of Islam isn't contained in France, nor is the Left dhimmi fascist agenda isolated there. We all face these daemons. In time, and soon, our time will arrive and we must be ready to act to transform our nations. The French are leading the way.

Whatever the French do will enrage and embolden the Muslim world, and they will come next for us outside, to Denmark, to Belgium, to Britain, to South Africa and Trinidad, to America and Russia and India. We have to be ready. We have to prepare our friends and neighbours. Let them know that Islam is coming and behind them whipping up the frenzy are the Left dhimmi fascists who will fall to Islam the moment the Muslims are triumphant. Our time is coming. Have hope.


aisha's lost doll said...

British public opinion is rapidly catching up with France. When the 7/7 bombings occurred most people swallowed the MSM and police official story that it was only a tiny minority involved. But what really pissed people off was a couple of weeks ago when thousands of toonophobes hit the streets with placards celebrating the Tube train attacks and promising more. The result is that the majority of Brits now accept that long term conflict is inevitable. See the opinion poll in,,2087-2036533,00.html

aisha's lost doll said...

Just picked up this load of taqiyya from the BBC

No mention of the I-word or the M-word. Just your average petty criminals.

freedom said...

Kudos to you!
So glad to know that people are waking up.

Charles Henry said...

Thank you Sebastien, for the first-hand report, and thank you Dag for passing it along to us.

These personal accounts are so important to hear, we simply cannot rely only on the "official" media as our primary source of information anymore. It's become as critical to identify what is **not** being said to us, as that which is said, in the self-anointed gatekeeper media.

In the BBC article linked above, there is a photo of the (aptly-named Barbarian) youssef fofana, that lives up to the axiom, "sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words". What more symbolic representation could we find, revealing how the west tries to hide the truth from itself..? Of all the possible ways to show the aggressor, look at how they've chosen to present him to their readers:
hidden from view under a blanket.

aisha's lost doll said...

Genetic Jihad - the great unmentionable.

Incest is a taboo subject, but it happens in Holland

It happens in Britain

Does it happen in France? My guess is you'll find exactly the same thing going on in the ghettos, but has anyone checked?

Islam appeals especially to nutcases and psychopaths (as in the BBC link above) and that's how it recruits so many new converts from jails. But it also has a homegrown supply of headbangers from within its own community. The majority of Eurobombheads are the product of first-cousin marriages, as were their Mom and Dad, and their Grandma and Grandad etc all the way back.

Now, remember that the royalty of Europe went barking mad through a few hundred years of second-cousin marriages, so its not surprising that the Bradford bombers were so loopy they'd believe any crap the local mullah told them, like 72 virgins who regain their virginity within 24 hours of being deflowered etc etc

And isn't the Shaheed supposed to be able to reserve 70-odd places for his relatives in paradise? So are the 72 virgins actually 72 cousins? If so, hadn't we better watch out for massive conversions to Islam in certain rural areas of the US ?

dag said...

Aisha's lost doll, you have some harsh sense of humor.

We have written about the incest habits in Islam, one piece, entitled "The Road to Oblivion," probably goes into some detail on the tribes in the Qattara Depression where one whole tribe is albino. The lot of them can't go into the light ever. This is the last generation of a whole people. They killed themselves off. And with their petty and stupid selves they've taken with them uncountable generations of people who could have been and who should have been had they the chance. And not just them: the whole of the Islamic world is committing suicide, killing themselves and the future. People who should have been now will not. My anger is boundless.

Why do we know these things? Why do we find out that which we were happy not to know and should not have to know? I came to this from poetry and Greek drama and philosophy. This horror is not of my choosing. And now that it's thrust on me and thrust on us, now we must take our places in this struggle we could not have known or wanted. I see it thus, that we are called and we who answer are blessed. Our privilege is boundless.

I don't want to know these things about incest and mutilating children. I was far happier with Aristophanes and his harsh sense of humor. Regardless of what I will, these I see clearly are Sophoclean times.

So, I will press a tampon to my concussion and dance.

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for posting this hopeful article! I feel less discouraged for having seen it.

For several weeks, I've been very discouraged, but I'm so glad to see that some of the West is rousing from its fatal slumber. What's been keeping me sane is that I work with politically-incorect homeschoolers. They "get it"!

PS: And thanks for your kind words at David's site. I was pleasantly surprised to see you there, too.

aisha's lost doll said...

"The whole of the Islamic world is comitting suicide". Dream on Dag. I don't mind the bombheads going into autodestruct mode in their own Islamic cesspool states. It's when they decide they've got to take everyone else with them that I get worried.

These people are massively disfunctional and unfortunately they cannot get to heaven by suicide alone.

They've gotta kill at least one Kaffir as well as themselves to get past the pearly gates and convince the Great Pedophile in the Sky that they are suitable persons to supervise 72 six year old girls (plus 24 eight year old boys in some versions of the prospectus).

I wish Evil did autodestruct. But history seems to show that someone else has got to plant the demolition charges.

Anonymous said...

A good piece by Victor Davis Hanson;

t-ham said...

Somehow the above post came up "anon". I was going to leave it, thinking the information was the important thing. Then it bothered me. I am not anonymous, I don't want to be. I want to be counted. I want people to know they can count on me to show up in the trenches. I am t-ham, Tom Cunningham, West Haverstraw, NY.

Just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear the British are starting to get fed up with Islam.

Here are a couple more links with photos and a video of the anti islam meeting last Friday evening.

dag said...

Tom, I'm Dag Walker, Vancouver, Canada. I'm pleased to meet you.