Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blue Revolution: Let the world know.

We'll meet again to make our presence known as free people. We'll do so Thursday across the world. We'll shout! We don't have to remain silent and afraid that our politicians and our intellectuals are abandoning us in favor of their new-found Islamic buddies. We stand up for ourselves and take our own control of our own nations. No more Islamic triumphalism shoved down our throats, poured into our schools, dictating our public agendas, corrupting our media, shutting down our rights to speak, to criticise, to make our views known in public. Un uh.

Islam is evil. Beating up women is a crime. Mutilating children is deserving of the worst our laws provide for. Rioting and burning and bombing and killing are acts of war against us, and we do not have to respect those who commit those acts. They who do so are usually Muslims, and they are motivated by Islam.

If you will meet your friends and members of your communities, leave a location here so they can meet you. We'll be at McDonald's from 7-9:00 at Main and Terminal sts, Vancouver, Canada.

No more silence while fools jabber about islamophobia, while Islam continiues its endless campaign of murder and conquest. No more.

No more of these monstrous crimes, and no more excuses.


t-ham said...

Route 9W in West Haverstraw, NY.

12:30 or so until 2PM.

I will be the non-descript guy with the slightly crooked glasses. As a defender of a way of life, I'm pretty unimpressive, possibly laughable. I'm also too old to care. If you're afraid to come and speak out about what scares you, come on by for a laugh.

My truck with the "Defeat Jihad" sticker on the back door will be outside, right up front.

Tom Cunningham

maccusgermanis said...

Jim & Nick's Homewood, Al 7pm.

While in sympathy with Dag's globalization of the blue revolution, we (yeah both of us)are still keeping it relatively low key, and hopefully welcoming to unconvinced people that would like to discuss the religion of pieces, its crimes abroad, and its thinly veiled desire to be dominant over us. (that "us" refers to more than my brother pilgrim and I)

rafa said...

"Islam is evil"

Dag my friend,

I hope you meant to say, "Islamofascism is evil." As much as we are all disturbed by verses in the Koran, the Hadith and the Sharia that call for violence towards infidels, women and other marginalized groups, we cannot ignore that there are many benign verses in these texts as well. And let's not forget that there are many mild-mannered, educated and Western-loving Muslims. I know, personally, some Ismailis (whose leader is the pro-West Aga Khan) where women and men are equal. And let's not forget the good-natured and mystic Sufis who have contributed much to Middle Eastern culture.

maccusgermanis said...

I would think Dag, meant just what he said, "Islam is evil." Why do you assume that any of the "marginalized" infidels, such as we are, would be placated by the hypocracy or sophistry of muslims? The central texts of islam are overwhelmingly violent. The placation that benign verses, none of which do you site here, exist reminds me of a phrase I heard in a movie called "Heathers", "Well, F%@# me gently with a chain saw" However gentle you assume the laws of dhimmitude to be, we infidels still get bloodily F*%$ed.

dag said...

It's a late announcement here but we're locating to Starbuck's for the evening. We'll be at the Tinseltown building in the back. Look for us wearing blue scarves. coffee's on me.

Hellpig said...

Yeah I am going to have to go with FUCK THE CULT OF ISLAM,to date none of the so called moderate pro western loving muslims have spoken out in public about the Islamonazi's until then FUCK'EM ALL

truepeers said...

Women and men are not equal among the Ismailis I know. As for the Sufis, Dag says never cross them, or watch out...