Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From May 1949 till today, neither a change of mind nor of underwear: Socialists Proclaim.

Below we read the real truth about the Right wing capitalist exploiters-of-the-poor fascists. We present this just so you'll know how evil you are. Really, without this piece you'll probably live your life in ignorance of it. Ah, thank me later.

In May 1949, Monthly Review began publication in New York City, as cold war hysteria gathered force in the United States. The first issue featured the lead article
"Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein. From the first, Monthly Review spoke for socialism and against U.S. imperialism and is still doing so today.

Politics as War by Other Means

by Lila Rajiva

Jyllands-Posten stood Clausewitz on his head. Its now infamous cartoons of Mohammed are not so much speech as acts. They are the latest round of politics as war by other means.

The cultural and political elite of Europe do not hesitate to suppress speech, in deference to the dominant group (as in the case of Zieler's Jesus cartoons) or with a view to upholding their pretense to anti-fascism (as in the case of prohibition of Holocaust denial).

Make no mistake. Jyllands-Posten is not in the business of promoting the freedom of speech. Nor are the European governments that rallied to its defense. What they claim is the license to injure the oppressed and marginalized.

The issue is not free speech. The issue is power. Who has it and who doesn't.

The powerless in Europe today are Arabs and Muslims, many of whom are immigrants, the chief target of the xenophobic European Right.

The European power elite's Cartoon-Krieg, like all propaganda, is an offensive directed against not only their enemies -- Arabs and Muslims at home and abroad -- but also "their own people," i.e. non-Arab and non-Muslim citizens of Europe. After all, a great majority of them opposed the Iraq War (if not the Afghanistan War), which put a brake on European warmongers.12 Can non-Arab and non-Muslim Europeans resist the blitzkrieg of Islamophobic incitement? If they succumb, Europe will resemble a fortress more than before, and the world is a step closer to sanctions -- eventually a war -- on Iran.

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