Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Message is Unclear?

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2006

Der Führer in Pakistan

Frauen demonstrieren am Mittwoch in der pakistanischen Hauptstadt Islamabad gegen die Mohammed-Karikaturen. Was genau sie mit dem Plakat sagen wollen, bleibt unklar.

(Foto: T.Mughal/dpa)

One must wonder about the conclusion stated above. "What the message is is unclear." How can one be so aggressively stupid and still manage to feed and dress oneself? But here we are, German state television produces such idiocies, and they are the powers that tell us what our public beliefs should be. The message is unclear? Then let's make it clear to the intelligentsia that the door is thatta way.


max said...

The ridiculous thing about it is that they are not Aryan. I am pure blodd teutonic ancestery. If I were a nazi way back then, I would put these inferior darkie sandcrawlers on the prioority list to the ovens.

They remind me of Herr Rohm who saluted "Herr Hitler!" just before the SS exceuted him..
The SS officer remarked "It was good drama"

Hey Islamics! Hilter welcomes you! As a descendent of the Teutonic race I welcome you to the ovens.

no no I am not predjudiced against any race or creed. Islam is not a religion, I leave the ovens open only for the gibbering and violently insane cult of Islam only.
I'm way ahead of history. We have to nuke Tehran, Mecca and Damascus. Do it now would be better. But I know they will do it eventually.
Just remember when it happens and you finlly realize you all liberals wake up and really really want to and need to , I told you so!
I told you so!

The Reality Show said...

The only unclear part is those that don't WANT to get it, that radical Islam is "Today's new Hitler with a Turban" - Michael Savage

The Reality Show

Anonymous said...

Hitler would burn this 'inferior race', no questions asked.

But Islamists kissing the enemies of Jews (that hate Arab Muslims too) was always a "sacred worship" by them since the infamous Mufti, his massacres on th Jews (before the "occupation" excuse was invented, of course) & his SS troops recruiting Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs in WW2.

What else is new in The Religion of "peace"?

dag said...

I've posted a number of times on this alliance between the Nazis and Islam. Most of what we do here is investigate the intellectual and particularly the philosophical history of what today is the Left, which I term Left dhimmi fascism. For those interested in some pretty unreadable texts, (I guess) you can search for the phrase (and look at whatever seems appealing.) I'll address this issue again in upcoming posts, (though it is sometimes a bit technical and perhaps for most kind of boring.) I'm hesitant to recommend much of what lays in the archives here because it could well be so unreadable for the lay person that no one will return. For those who enjoy German philosphy, it's just the ticket to paradise. and there is far more to come.

For an easier time of it I'll see if I can find and repost a piece on Hitler and Haj Amin, an enlightening and disgusting epidsode that plays out today with different names and faces.

Most of us realise that Islam is not a race, though many of our opponents use the "race card" as a battring ram, (to mix metaphors,) to smash any intelligent conversation into silence. That must stop. We must address Islam as a fascist poligion, a political ideology pretending to be a spiritual ethos. It is not, to my knowledge, anything other than a tribal code ritualised and ossified, a code of behaviour that in no significant way differs from the biography of any current dictator in the Middle East. Apply Qur'an, get Sadam or Bashir Assad or Nasr, or any of the lot. It has nothing to do with religion, nothing to do with race, and everything to do with Islam as a poligion and social blueprint for primitive fascism. No wonder Hitler loved it, and no wonder Muslims love Hitler.

The question for us today is, as always, "What is to be done?"

I'll be back!

Ouzian said...

bless hitler??

I didnt know these people didnt read history well... its obvious though. since their pride has surpassed knowledge too....

dag said...

History for the Muslim does not exist prior to Islamization. For the Muslim, history begins when an area and a people are converted to Islam, by whatever means. There is a word for this: jahaliyya. It means the time of ignorance, the period in the life of Men before they were given the revelation of the Qur'an. Anything before the time of Islam is worthless and meaningless to the Muslim, it being only ignorance, therefore not worth knowing, and even harmful to know about. That is the Muslim approach to life. There is Islam. There is a time of ignorance. There is Dar al Islam, the land of peace, so-called, where Islam rules, and there is Dar al Harb, the land of war, where Muslims are required by law to impose Islam. Yes, there is the land of truce, during which hudna or cease-fire is possible for ten to twenty year periods to allow Muslims to gain sufficient time to regroup, re-arm, and to try again. That would include Europe today where the war is starting to take place after years of hudna.

The point in relation to Hitler is that the Muslim has no need to understand history unless it is Islamic history. There is no truth other than Islamic truth. There are no people other than Muslims and the others to varying degrees, such as dhimmis.

There is no understanding of objective history, no clue of others as valid entities in themselves. We are dealing with primitive minds that we cannot deal with at a rational level. We are so entirely different from Muslims and they from us that nothing makes sense in any kind of dialogue. Thus, "Bless Hitler" is totally ordinary to the average Muslim because Hitler tried to destroy the Jews, one of Mohammed's target population in the Qur'an and ahadith and sira. They know nothing else, and they will accept nothing else. there's not any reason to be upset about them because of that. They, Muslims, are mentally incompetent.

Anonymous said...

The German media has been obsessively anti-American for many years, now it seems they have reached the point of being anti-Western as well. I'll start reading their drivel for laughs when they sink to the inevitable, anti-German mode.

Anonymous said...

Also... this story reminds me of the BCC report of the kidnapping of the American journalist Ms. Carrol in Iraq. EVERY news agency, incluing her Christian Sceince Monitor employers and the AP news wire reported that Carrol's driver had be shot twice in the head by the kidnappers during the abduction, according to a published police report. The dhimmie BBC said that the driver was, "fatally hurt".

I hate European news outlets.

dag said...

Our public intellectuals, and I very generously include media buffoons in that jumble, are disgraceful. I include too our religious leaders for good measure. We cannot trust them. They lie. They are preening cowards full of vanities and lies. If it weren't a matter of life and death I would silently despise them. Our problem is urgent. People are being murdered because of the permission and silence we see in the public sphere. The intelligentsia in the West give permission to Islamic murderers to continue, and they remain silent in the face ofourt outrage, often instead of condmnation of the outrages blaming the people for racist or "islamophobic" inflammation of the problem.

It is because of the complicitiy of the intelligentsia that in France the people are organising at a local leve to fight back, there in the form of the Revolution Bleue, and we elsewhere by forming our meetings at local McDonald's on Thursday evenings across the world. When it's unclear to our media what the message is that our fascist and insane Muslims are giving us it's time we take matters of public discussion to the public ourselves and make ourselves accountable.

As despicable and hateful as are our intelligentsia we are little better if we do not organise among ourselves to save ourselves.

To anyone who has concrete local details to add, please feel free to add them here, and I'll post them as I can.

max said...

Beware the falling man