Monday, February 13, 2006

The Blue Revolution

Charles translated the following post from Claude Reichman, organiser of the Blue Revolution in France.

"What's the point of the Blue Revolution?"

I'm often asked this question and the answer is simple:

The Blue Revolution wants to liberate speech for the many French who desire to peacefully express their profound rejection of the ruling political class which is increasingly
disconnected from the realities and the aspirations of a people desiring to live freely and in peace,and who find themselves today marginalized before so many aggressions on the part of Statesmen."

"As I see things, I would (scheme? Separate?) these aggressions along 4 axis which could of course be subdivided further along multiple aspects:

1) Aggressions against our nation and our identity:
Immigration-invasion, permanent repentance, praise of multiculturalism;

2) Economic Aggressions:
Taxes, fees, Nanny-State, rigidity of work codes, privileges of those in civil service;

3) Freedom-killing aggressions in daily life:
Discrimination laws, homophobia laws, reduction of freedom of expression;

4) Aggressions against essential values:
Depraved justice where the guilty are treated as the victims; we must retrieve notions of personal responsibility, merit, respect for life, respect for private property, democratic rights.

The Blue Revolution therefore intends upon liberating the speech of the people on these subjects/themes.

The revolution takes place outside the political parties that members may belong to, so that it can better propose a program that we hope will carry forward the wishes of the Blue Revolution for profound changes, thereby allowing our nation to avoid succumbing [to these aggressions]."


dag said...

"Open your eyes."

Moron99 said...

yo dude, you like sarcasm?
pbuh (and death to the infidels)

HeatherRae said...

Awsome, dag. When I get more time, I'm going to read that site in-depth (yay for being able to speak French!).


dag said...

I love sarcasm, he said with a wry grin, and I'm going to grab the piece M99 posted on Mediocrites.

My French is limited to reading rather than speaking. I get by slowly so the conversations leave me bewildered but the texts are usually palin enough when I have time to think s-l-o-w-l-y.

maccusgermanis said...

I do plan to be at the Hooter's Brook Highland 7pm Thurs. Still looks like it will only be me and pilgrim. Oh well, if anyone is in Bham, please come.

dag said...

Things are picking up in France. It goes fairly well in Canada. America won't be far behind for long.

We'll keep working at this til we trun the tide. Good luck

We'll be at McDonald's on Thursday from 7-9:00 pm at Main and Terminal st, Vancouver, Canada. We'll wear blue scarves. Can't miss us.

Post your locations here.

Good luck.