Saturday, February 18, 2006

Iran Cartoons Loom

A contest we might all enjoy.

Cartoonist Teases Ahmedinajad to 'Test' Iran

By Foreign News Desk, Istanbul
Published: Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Iranian newspaper that launched an international cartoon contest about the Holocaust as retaliation for the satirical drawings insulted of Mohammed will go through "a test of freedom of expression."

A Portuguese artist will take part in the contest of the Iranian paper Hamshahri with a caricature ridiculing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinajad. He is drawn as visiting a museum in the well-known concentration camp Auschwitz and says the only explanation to the deaths in this summer camp is bird flu.

The caricaturist, Augusto Cid, said he does not know whether his work "suits the spirit of the contest," but the real reason he will participate will be "to test the freedom of expression in Iran."

In the meantime, the organization of Journalists with No Boundaries asked the release of the seven journalists from Algeria, Syria, and Yemen who are still under arrest for publishing the cartoons. In Russia, a newspaper published in Volgograd was closed down for publishing cartoons of the three monotheistic religions and Buddha.

If you have Iran cartoons to post, please feel free to send your links here and I'll post what I can.


max said...

You can post or link my new Islamic Flag
or download and upload

Mahummed Roger

or direct lnk to picture
Mahummed Roger

Stogie said...

Great blog, I visit often.

Visit me sometime.

Stogie, Saber Point

Stogie said...

Here is my submission for the Iranian Cartoon Contest on the Holocaust.

dag said...

We're off to a good start. Thanks for the contributions.

JMJ said...


Your ideas are brilliant!!

We all have different roles. All are valuable and symbiotic for the overall good of the cause!

Impeccable work! Keep the creativity flowing! :)

dag said...

er. What makes this possible as a workable project with a definitive goal and a definitive positive outcome is that we are all in this as a unity of individuals, each symbiotically, indeed, working for our own best interests.

Those who act against their own best interests, for example, the Left dhimmi fascists, act against our culture and our Modernity. This is, in the final analysis, a better thing than if they were to act in their own best interests by opposing us in positive terms. In other words, by them jumping onto a sinking ship we'll no longer by burdened with these idiot losers. I, for one, do not rue the loss f any of them.

I don't spend any time trying to convert them. I feel, and I could be wrong in my emphasis, that those who are sensible and sensitive to reality will join us if they know they are protected from retaliation by the greater society, which they cannot be sure of today. My position is that with the public idea being that of multicultural relativism and such rubbish, that most people are afraid to speak their private opinions; and I believe that most people are self-interested enough, and smart enough, to abandon any further pretense of auto-destruct if only there is a protective wall of opinion that will protect them from job lose and social leprosy. I think that if we continue or Blue Revolution meetings that in time we will attract a mass of people that will be impenetrable and impervious to assault by the chimera of politically correct intimidation.

Such is my hope, and such letters as yours help sustain it. I thank you again.

Anonymous said...

The pic from Deviantart has been Deleted from that site!

I have already asked the artist who we need to write to in complaint.

Cate said...

I was disappointed also to see that the image 'The Religion of Peace is a lie' has been removed from Deviantart.

This work of art is stunning. It took my breath away with its power.

Anoneumouse said...

Fun and Mentalism

dag said...

There could be any of a large number of reasons why deviantart took the art work down. I don't like to jump at the first conclusion that comes to mind because there might be some other reason that's true rather than intuitive. Let's find out what the reason is, from the artist if possible. And then post it here, if you will. I get the mail direct from here and I'll make a note of it on the main page when it comes.

dag said...

I went to deviantart to see what I could, and I found no way to leave a message for the artist in question. I'll wait for further news.

max said...

"Nile Online)
Al Qahirah, Cairo, Egypt"

"(Saudinet Dialup Service) Ash Sharqiyah, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia"

"Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel"

"Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia"

I get some hits from the Middle East and World-wide viewing my flag and my cartoons.
Expatriates or Islamics, friend or foe whatever, though it be small I am of good cheer that I am being heard and the work is working.

It works no matter who hears it, so long as it is heard and read and viewed.
And let them know that we know and are ready for them and coming for them.

Let them feel their own terror.

dag said...

As Max points out, it's well past time to take the struggle to our enemies to make them feel some pain themselves-- and not the professional wrester's antics they're so happy to perform for the world's press.

Having made that point I want to distinguish between citizens and state: our struggle is agains Islam, our struggle as citizens; and the struggle agaist Muslims as individuals is a matter for our police. The difference is between us as people who call the legitimate authorities to fulfill their legal duties in protecting us and our world and the shit-bags who kidnapped and tortured and killed a man in France. There's no reason we can't do exactly the same to Muslims, tit for tat and far worse.

But we don't because we are civilized people who value our societies and each other more than we value our personal rage.

Yes, I wonder sometimes if it's worth it; but it is, we are not Furies, we live by the rule of legitimate law. We are not, and we must not become terrorists. If we were to become terrorists, we would far surpass anything our idiot opponents can perform. And because we are not terrorists, our task is to perform our lawful duties as citizens with the same kind of zeal and professionalism that we might otherwise apply to active and unlawful resistence. We can hurt our enemies very badly without leaving the comfort of our laws.

Our friend Shiva and I have both called numerous times for extra-parliamentary opposition, and though that has its origins in terrorism we feel that it need not be terroristic. We feel that EPO as a strategy is more effective in our Blue Scarf meetings, in our community orgainising, in our leaflet campaigns and other educational programmes.

Max and others who create imagery and sounds meant to antagonise and infuriate our opponents contribute to the war effort in ways far more effective than they and we would by physically harming individuals and property. The latter is the rightful domain of the legitimate authorities, to arrest and hang criminals and to seize their goods.

Thus, to my mind, no graphic is too harsh, no sound too offensive to refrain from using if it worsens our Muslims in our public view. Make Muslims a police matter to the point that Islam is unmistakably a social problem. We can do so by making Muslims criminalise themselves. And if it takes only so little as to post cartoons on the Internet, so much the better. But we must act on our own behalves. Muslims are a police problem; but Islam is our collective problem, and we must accept that we have a public duty to crush it or at least-- at the very least-- require that conditions do not allow for its continued current practice as it is.

For every demand our Muslim opponents make, it is our duty to make ten in oppostiion. And if we have one granted, then we come up with ten more, each more antagonistic than the others, more unreasonable and more outrageous, and so only because we must push to the furthest extremes to bring back our cultures to the golden mean of common sense from the swamps of idiocy wherein we find ourselves today.

More catroons, more meetings, more of all that we as private citizens can do to make a public atmosphere of overpowering hostility toward Islamic violence and hatred toward us, our cultures and our people. Two steps forward, and two steps more. Not an inch of retreat, not a hint of apology for the most grotesque outrage, only aggression and further demands.

For those who wish to create conditions of Islamic reform, this is what I suggest: make Islma as it is so unhappy in our lands that they plead with us to reform it themselves from within. And then we will say that it's not enough. We must always demand more.

More cartoons, more hostility, more aggression.

To the Max.

max said...

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The cartoon is stronger than the Koran.

Miss Piggy is more powerful than Mahummud.

max said...

And Miss Piggy look better too.

Which means Mahummed is uglier than a pig.

dag said...

Even at our most base and belligerant we still act in some semblance of rationality when we post graphics of Mohammed. We chose between one image or another, we sort through ideas and opt for the one we feel will be the most painful to our enemies, we decied that this is better than that with forethought. And that even at our worst and stupidest.

Muslims, because they are trained form birth through the whole of their lives, to accept Islam and nothing else, cannot make any distinctions beyond such. They cannot even weigh the difference between one insult and another, as we've seen demonstrated here so often. Muslims are the epitome of mindlessness. We can drive them to madness and self-destruction with cartoons because they are unable to articulate even the simplest rage. Instead they resort to extreme violence at the first object at hand. In Nigeria, for example, they beat to death the nearest Christian child.

Should we continue to provoke this Islmaic madness even if we know that by doing so children will die because of it?

Our actions here, however marginal they might be today, stand to further enrage the ummah in times to come that we cannot now foresee. Derek's graphic of Mohammed might well cause fury in the ummah that could cause the murder of millions. Where lies the responsibility?

max said...

Allah porked a pig and thus mahummud was born. Then Mahummud porked a pig and the muslims were born.

I guess the spoioled brats will have to do what everyone else in the world has to do... which is get used to what they are and wake up and smell the pigpen.

dag said...

Max, it's nice to see some anthropological creation myths here that really get to the heart of the matter.

Many people seem to have forgotten why they got into this in the first place, so I'm going to use the still from your site as a reminder. Then we'll see who's offended by Allah cartoons. It ain't me.