Friday, February 17, 2006

Blue Scarf Meeting

We not only survived, we met from 7:00 pm till midnight. I'll have more to post in the morning.


Baltic Waves said...

Dag - Sounds like you had a great meeting last night, wow, midnight!

We changed locations from the McDonald's in Cary, Illinois to another McDonald's , this time in Island Lake, Illinois.

The weather was not co-operating last night , as we had freezing rain, but we were there from 7-8 PM CST.

As you've stated before, these things take time to get going. We were the only ones there, but that's OK, we agread to try again next week.

Any other reports from the US? It does seem like we are a bit behind Canada and Europe on this one.

maccusgermanis said...

Sorry for the delay, my isp is down. Just pilgrim and myself, but the atmosphere was more friendly, perhaps some of the folks actually looked at the recomended websites. ( and've decided that we need to move forward with an idea that came up at "study of revenge" to auction original mohamhead cartoon art with proceeds going to victims of jihad.

truepeers said...

Good idea maccusgermanis.

dag said...

Good to see that things are picking up. I hearken back to the old days of athletics to see that this struggle is no different from any other challenge that we can meet if we continue in spite of the obstacles, and when we win we can cheer. I love the accomplishment. If it's too easy it's hardly worth the effort. Glad to see that it's coming along.