Thursday, February 16, 2006

Burning Man Festival, Not Mohammed, no Qur'ans.

Burning Man Festival Aug. 28- Sept. 4, 2006.
Blackrock City, Nevada, USA

We are pleased to announce that this year's annual Burning Man Festival in Blackrock City, Nevada will not feature a replica of Mohammed, and we will not be fueling the fire with Qur'ans. Please disregard any suggestions that this is not the case. The figure for this year's festival is not Mohammed. We will not burn Qur'ans.



Anonymous said...

You may not burn a replica of Mohammed, but you can certainly burn effigies of the Iranian president, Hamas terrorists, Saddam Hussein or other Islamonazis!

dag said...

Ah, you see, there's a difference between "may" and "can." You write that I may not burn a replica of Mohammed. In fact, I do not require anyone's permission to burn a replica of Mohammed if I choose to do so. More likely is the question of can I burn a replica of Mohammed. That's a matter of practical logistics. It's not then whether I have unneeded permission, it's a matter of whether I can build and then burn one. If I build the replica of Mohammed with the intention of burning it, then very likely I will do so because if I can build it, which requires some skill, then I can easily burn it, that requiring no skill to speak of. Really then, the matter of import is whether I build it and want to burn it. If I do, I both may and can. I point this out to make plain tht that is a matter of right and volition, a matter of personal freedom to do with my life, my time, my labour and my resources as I choose without regard for the permission of others.

I'm thinking you'll have a hard time with right and volition but I will return to clarify anything that you feel you would like to understand better. I am sometimes patient.

Anonymous said...

Well of course, I know the difference between "may" and "can." Perhaps I should have said, "you MAY certainly burn effigies of the Iranian president, Hamas terrorists, Saddam Hussein or other Islamonazis!" I am not really interested in semantics, epistemology, semiotics or etymology as I am in burning effigies of the enemies of democracy and Western values.

dag said...

Greetings, friend.