Saturday, February 18, 2006

IBA Cartoon Winners

Check the link for all the winners.
"David and Mohammed."


HeatherRae said...

Have you seen this bullshit?

I want to smack Bush. *sigh*

rafa said...

I love this David and Mohammed cartoon. Great symbolism for the righteous minority triumphing over the misguided majority.

dag said...

I've been hoping to find an iconic image for all time of Mohammed, and I think that a simplified version of the head David holds is it. Think, for example, of Che, of the smoker on a pack of ZigZag papers, of a cross, an anhk, a swastika: each is very simple and yet permanently engraved in our minds as the one thing that comes to mind immediately when we think of the associated ideolgies, rites and life-styles associated with them. In time it could well be that Mo.head will come to be the first image in mind when people think of Islam in the same way that ones first impression of Nazis is a swastika. It's also deflating, which makes it pretty well the best image I've seen so far.

I like the "po-mo" irony of it too. Unfortunately, I couldn't bribe enough judges to make it win first prize. But I will have it tattooed on my chest.

dag said...

Heatherrae posts on the fiasco of Muslims taking charge of American ports.

We are huddling here at the fortress to come up with some response to our own confusion about this whole idea that Islam is a religion of peace, a mantra for the deliberately stupid. We'd better come up with a winning explanation that takes off pretty soon and captures the world's attention or we're all going to die at the hands of maniacs, theirs or ours, what's the difference?